Team seven residential


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Team seven residential

  1. 1. Prince’s Trust - Team 7 Residential
  2. 2. Rock ClimbingHere are Benny and Ollie, twoteam members braving the topof the rock climbing wall. DON’T LOOK DOWN GUYS!
  3. 3. Krissy gets ready to go up aswell. Preparing herself in thebest way she knows how.By smiling about it.
  4. 4. Benny on his way down the wall.Getting ready to land a lot more gracefullythan most of us did.
  5. 5. A group photo of Sarah, Ollie, Lee and Nigel.
  6. 6. Tasks This particular task involved making long slides out of plastic guttering and sending down an egg, the group whose egg didn’t break won the task.
  7. 7. This task had the whole team tied to a ring,supporting a ball, the aim of the task was to getthe ball across the woods, going under and over obstacles without dropping it.
  8. 8. Crate StackingBrendon and Benny on the cratestack whilst Krissy and Sarahassist them.The challenge was to get as highas you could without falling offor knocking the tower of cratesover.
  9. 9. Archery Actually trickier than it looks but a lot of fun! After a while of just aimingfor the centre of the targets we then had to try and shoot and burst balloons with our arrows.
  10. 10. Sarah gets ready to score herself a bull’s eye!
  11. 11. Free TimeIn the mornings, in between tasksand challenges and in theevenings we had a fair amount oftime to just do what we wantedto; which was usually exploring,relaxing and general chatter.Here’s a rather sneakily takenphoto of me and Nigel justhanging out.Word of advice to any future maleparticipants of the teamprogramme:BRING SHAVING EQIPMENT!I looked like a caveman by thetime I got home.
  12. 12. Domestic Tasks During residential we formed small groups to take on tasks such as cooking, cleaning and setting the tables for meal times. Here are Brendon Benny and Sarah preparing some Chinese style chicken.
  13. 13. First Aid Though a few of us already has first aid knowledge, we did some first aid training. This involved learning CPR, applying bandages and sterilizing wounds.
  14. 14. Wooden StructuresUsing the knowledge we hadgained about knot tying, wewere to make a woodenstructure that would support allof our weight using only woodand rope.It worked but it was ratherwobbly.
  15. 15. We then had to build two smallerstructures, tie them to each other withrope and cross from one to the other.The structures weren’t as stable as wewould have liked but we managed.
  16. 16. Fire!What better way to spend your last night in the forest than sat around a fire? A fire started using steel and flint may I add.