Residential trip photos


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Oxford Prince's Trust residential trip to the New Forest, UK

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Residential trip photos

  1. 1. Residential Trip To the New Forest
  2. 2. Meaning of life Game Two tribes share the meaning of life (a pen) between each other. The gap between the tribes gets bigger every time the pen is passed.
  3. 3. Meaning of life Game This is an attempt for the record length the meaning of life has been passed to between the opposite tribes. On this attempt we failed but we beat the record a few tries later.
  4. 4. Stepping Stone Game The object of the game is to get everyone from one point to another whilst only stepping on the stones. There are less amount of stones than people. If no one is touching a stone then it gets taken away.
  5. 5. Cooking These are the ingredients for the Chinese food we made during the first night of the trip. We made chicken chow mein, beef in black bean sauce and sweet and sour chicken. We each took it in turns to cook, wash up and clean.
  6. 6. Wall Climbing The wall climbing instructor tom, is securing Ross’ harness ready for him to climb the wall
  7. 7. Wall Climbing The group watching someone climbing the wall and helping by tightening the rope
  8. 8. Crate Stacking Harness being secured ready for crate stacking .
  9. 9. Crate Stacking Ross and Cara struggling on top of the crates. This game involves standing on crates and keeping adding them to see how high you can get before the crates topple over
  10. 10. Crates Stacking Bradley and Rachel falling off their crate stack, sending it crashing to the ground.
  11. 11. First Aid Corrina practicing bandaging Chris. The red tape across Chris’ face represents a cut.
  12. 12. First Aid Steph and Ross showing off their new bandages
  13. 13. Camp Fire Bradley and Steph roasting marshmallows by the fire we made earlier. They then put the roasted marshmallows between two chocolate biscuits to make it into smores
  14. 14. Egg Game The object of the game is to get an egg from one point to another without it cracking. By only using guttering and bamboo sticks.
  15. 15. Egg Game A practice run through using a ping pong ball, before attempting with the real egg. The bamboo stick is used to control the speed of the ball.
  16. 16. Egg This is Jamie the egg that got cracked during the egg game. But there was a lot of replacements.
  17. 17. Archery Ross aiming the arrow at the target. Ready, Aim, Fire
  18. 18. Archery Game to pop each balloon on the target
  19. 19. Archery The whole gang with their bows
  20. 20. Assault Course Going around the assault course obstacles as a team helping everyone along the obstacles
  21. 21. Rocket The last activity of the trip sending the surviving egg vlad up into the air. Unfortunately he came back down and cracked
  22. 22. The Group A whole group photo including Tom the wall climbing instructor and vlad the egg strapped into his rocket before he crashed