How to de stress at the office and the home office


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For those of us that work in front of a computer, we spend the majority of our days sitting. And we’re not just sitting at our desks all day. We are sitting in our cars (I think car seats are terribly designed in regards to healthy posture), we are sitting at meals, we sit in front of the TV. Think of how much time is spent moving versus sitting! For many of us, it’s not a healthy ratio.

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How to de stress at the office and the home office

  1. 1. How to De-Stress at the Office and the Home OfficeBREATHE For those of us that work in front of a computer,When the pressure is mounting we spend the majority of our days sitting. Andand your to-do list seems endless, we’re not just sitting at our desks all day. We arevery often your breathing will sitting in our cars (I think car seats are terriblysuffer. When you are not breathing designed in regards to healthy posture), we areproperly, your body isn’t getting the sitting at meals, we sit in front of the TV. Think ofoxygen it needs, and you will start how much time is spent moving versus sitting!to feel unwell. When you are in a For many of us, it’s not a healthy ratio.stressful situation, take fiveminutes to focus on breathing Too Much Sitting Can Kill Youdeeply. Flush out your lungs andtake even, deep breaths for some Need motivation to get your butt out of that chair? You have probably by now comeneeded stress relief. This will calm across the articles about how sitting can kill you by significantly shortening youryour mind and body and give you a lifespan. The University of Sydney conducted a study and findings concluded thatfresh outlook. adults who sat 11 or more hours per day had a 40 percent increased risk of dying in the next three years compared with those who sat for four hours or fewer each day.MEDITATE Physical activity, weight, and health status were all taken into account for the studySometimes you simply aren’t able which included more than 200,000 people. (Study is published in the Archives ofto block off a larger chunk of time Internal Medicine.)to do something relaxing. Perhapsdeadlines are looming or you’re Get Out of Your Chair and Get Movingfacing an especially busy season.Meditation can bring immediate Even if you aren’t one of the 40% with an increased risk of dying in the next threestress relief, and can be an years and whether or not you believe in the validity of this study, too much sittinginvaluable tool in long-term stress still isn’t healthy for you. Our bodies adapt to how we use – or more importantly,management. Practicing don’t use them. In front of the computer, shoulders forward, head often forward,meditation will help you to quickly hips flexed, everything is closed off. Our sitting posture in prolonged periods leadsclear your mind of negative to muscle tightness, shortened hip flexors and hamstrings, shallow breathing, andstressors as you slip into a state of slowed circulation, all of which lead to even bigger health concerns over time.relaxation and peace. Learning Extended sitting also slows fat and cholesterol metabolism.effective meditation does take timeand discipline, but it is a proven So, get up and get moving! Five to ten minute increments several times throughoutstress-buster for anyone who the day is a small commitment that can make a big difference.masters it. Healing Arts
  2. 2. But, I’m in the middle of a big project, I don’t have time! Actually, this is the best time to take a break. A little stretching and breathing or a 5 minute walk will both calm and refresh the body and the mind. You will come back clearer and may even have a few new insights on the project.EXERCISEYou don’t have to schedule a full Take a Walkworkout at the gym every day toreap the stress relieving benefits of A five minute walk around the building or around the block provides a mental,exercise. Even a ten minute walk physical and emotional boost and is an excellent after lunch habit to develop. Walksin the fresh air and sunshine can improve respiration and circulation, and some fresh air and sunshine is ando wonders for you. The change of invigorating bonus. Walking after lunch can also aid digestion and have a positivescenery gets your mind off the effect on blood sugar for a time and the exercisewill help you to breathe deeply. Power Nap Instead of a CoffeeWhile it’s great if you can getvigorous exercise regularly or This is one of my personal favorites. When I worked at my first corporate job, Isome bodybuilding workouts, just a often had that after lunch slump. I would find a spot for a 10-20 minute nap –small amount of exercise daily can glorious! (If it’s an on-going occurrence, it is important to take a closer look at diet,bring a great amount of stress but that is a discussion for another time.) A quick nap can reduce stress andrelief. increase focus and creativity. One to three in the afternoon is an optimal time and if you can find a dark room or cover your eyes, it helps you fall asleep faster. IfEAT RIGHT napping just isn’t an option, the walk outside is the next best bet. If you need toWhen your work is overwhelming, convince your boss of how an afternoon nap can help you be more productive,it can be very tempting to neglect there are numerous studies and tons of evidence readily available.yourself – especially in areas likenutrition. Substituting a quick A Quick Break at Your Desksnack or soda for a meal mightsave you some time immediately, Here is an 8-10 minute sequence you can do at your desk – standing of course –but in the long run it will hurt your that is relaxing and rejuvenating. These breathing and stretching exercises openhealth and make you even more the hips and shoulders, stretch the muscles, and increase circulation in the bodysusceptible to the effects of stress. and the brain. Ideally, do this several times throughout the day in addition toA healthy diet will bring overall walking around the block for some fresh air or that awesome power nap. To beginphysical and emotional wellness. with, work it in twice a day at least. Set an alarm on your phone or computer as a reminder. Read below or follow along in the De-Stress at Your Desk Video. Healing Arts
  3. 3. 1. Stand up and stretch. 2. Take several deep breaths, sighing on the exhale. 3. T Stretch – Stand with arms out in a T – rotate the arms back in the inhale andPLAY! forward on the exhale.When your to-do list seems a milelong, playing may be the last thing 4. Wrist Stretch – Pull the fingers back towards the top of the arm, repeat on theyou feel like doing. It might seem other wrist.frivolous or like a waste of timeinitially, but taking time to relax with 5. Shoulder Opener – Interlace the fingers behind back and squeeze the elbowsfamily or friends can be some of together to open the shoulders and the chest.the best stress relief therapy.Laughter releases tension and 6. L Stretch – Place both hands on the edge of the desk or back of the chair andprovides a better outlook. Simple walk back, folding to make an L, feeling the stretch in the hamstrings and uppergames and creative hobbies are body.proven stress-relievers as theyrelax you and bring overall peace 7. Side Stretch – stand with the right hip next to the chair or desk, holding withto both mind and body. right hand then extend the left arm overhead for a side stretch. Repeat on the other side.For more information on any of ourservices please visit us on the 8. Twist – from side to side, initiating movement from the pelvis, allowing the armsWeb at: to trail freely. 9. Figure 4 Stretch – (can be done sitting or standing) Place the right ankle on the left knee, keeping the foot flexed and bend the left knee as if sitting down in a chair, holding on to the desk for support. Lower until you feel a stretch in the right hip. Repeat on the other side. CLICK HERE - To learn more about breathing and other ways to relieve stress and improve your quality of living at Healing Arts