FTI Newsletter: Dec 2009


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Quarterly newsletter printed by FTI showcasing our latest developments and accomplishments. See what new products and services we now provide and review our projects completed throughout the year.

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FTI Newsletter: Dec 2009

  1. 1. December 2009 Volume 3, Issue 6 FOUNDATION NEWS FAIL-SAFE Your Phone Service With PRI in the SKY™! “Fail-Safe”: Incorporating some feature for automatically counteracting the effect of an anticipated source of failure. WHEN a telephone outage occurs at any point in the telephone system and for any reason (man-made or natural disasters), PRI in the Sky™ automatically and instantaneously re-routes all calls to and from your location around the point of failure via the FTI satellite service until the normal telephone service is restored. The point of failure could be the main line into the city, central office, local telco lines or the telephone switch on premise. This new service supplements the present FTI Backup Internet offering that provides automatic load balancing and Internet service redundancy providing a total Fail-Safe telecommunications option to schools, businesses, police, fire and hospitals where there can be no acceptable failure of often times “life critical” telecommunications services. PRI in the Sky™ is compatible with Avaya, Nortel, Lucent, Cisco, NEC, 3COM, Alcatel, Mitel and any other system using PRI/ISDN for carrier connections. A single satellite antenna can support a virtually unlimited number of concurrent calls in multiple formats (PRI, analog, E & M trunks) and simultaneously provide backup internet service. The basic level of service provides up to ninety-two (92) concurrent calls with additional capacity as needed. INSIDE THIS ISSUE  Rapidly restores control of calls during New SCOLA Channel Launch ............. 2 outages or disasters. Glenwood WIFI Anniversary ............... 2  Professionally recover all your existing FTI’s Network Monitoring Service ..... 3 numbers, including DID’s Broadband Stimulus Application.......... 3  No hardware, No software, No change of carriers President’s Corner ................................. 4  Scalable for enterprise, affordable for Contact Information .............................. 4 small business  Satisfies compliance requirements in all industries Features Included to Assist During Recovery: SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST  Mass notification (voice, SMS/text, email)  FTI’s New Service PRI in the  Toll-Free Emergency Info Hotline SKY™  Network Monitoring Service  Conferencing, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, and more Now Available! FTI provides the service under a proprietary license agreement with Telcom Recovery based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  2. 2. SCOLA Announces Launch of 8th Channel FTI is proud to announce the launch of the 8th SCOLA broadcast channel. Founded over twenty-three (23) years ago in 1986, SCOLA is a non-profit educational organi- zation that receives and re-transmits digital television programming from around the world in native languages to an estimated 41 million viewers via satellite and has announced the launch of “SCOLA Eight Eurasia”. The eighth channel is the most recent addition to the SCOLA channel line-up which includes: Channel One - Europe Channel Five - Africa Channel Two - Spanish & Portuguese Channel Six - Middle East & Near Channel Three - The Confucius Insti- Channel Seven - Far East (South Asia) tute Channel—Mandarin Chinese Channel Four - Asia Channel Eight - Eurasia “SCOLA has always been very proud to be the near sole-source provider for the Less Commonly Taught and Virtually never Taught Languages.” —Francis Lajba, SCOLA President & CEO. SCOLA’s eight satellite channels broadcast 24 hours a day seven days a week from 115 coun- tries in more than 100 languages. That is over 70,000 hours of programming a year broadcast to approximately 41 million viewers. This adds another level of excellence to this premier pro- vider of foreign language training and cultural Glenwood WIFI Celebrates awareness providing educational programming First Anniversary of Service! to Universities, Colleges, K-12 schools, cable systems, government language schools and indi- Glenwood is a small rural Indiana viduals. SCOLA is the best source for Satellite community with a population of provided content for current foreign language approximately 200. Like many small news, language study and cultural enhancement. rural and remote towns, Glenwood previously had no other access to “SCOLA has always been very proud to be the the Internet besides the dial-up near sole-source provider for the Less Com- phone. monly Taught and Virtually Never Taught lan- guages,” said Francis Lajba, SCOLA President A little over a year ago, Foundation and CEO. “We are the go-to network for in- Telecommunications Inc. set out to credibly hard to get countries and languages.” provide the citizens of Glenwood, Indiana with a faster and more af- SCOLA emphasizes the importance and effec- fordable wireless internet connec- tiveness of modern information technology as a tion recognizing that there may only tool in overcoming barriers to global under- be up to six subscribers at any given standing and will remain at the forefront of its time, FTI installed a low cost satel- applications. FTI is honored to be the sole pro- vider of satellite related hardware and technical lite system with applicable band- support to the SCOLA organization. width and two wireless Internet repeaters strategically installed in Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. has been the small community. providing SCOLA uninterrupted satellite net- work technical and operational support for over Today, the nine subscribers enjoy fifteen (15) years and anticipates many more high-speed Internet that they can years as the network continues to grow and purchase by the day, week or month evolve technically. as they need the service. For more information about SCOLA and their broadcasts visit http://www.scola.org. 2
  3. 3. FTI Proposes to Bring Broadband to Rural America Earlier this year the Federal Government announced a Broadband Stimulus package that includes $7.2 billion dollars for broadband projects in the US expressly targeting rural and underserved communities as prime benefactors of the funding. Government statistics indicate that 19,000 communities across the nation currently don’t enjoy broadband connectivity and that over 40 percent of U.S. households currently are without access to high-speed Internet. That rate rises to 60 percent among low-income and rural geographically isolated sectors of the population. The FTI goal is to help eliminate this technological gap in society through an innovative application of leading edge satellite and wireless technologies. FTI’s NMS Screenshot: Fault Management & Network Availability Tools [Color coded interactive map also available] Accordingly, FTI has applied in the first round of grant funding scheduled to be Product Spotlight: announced towards the end of 2009. FTI Network Monitoring Service The application to provide 110 small communities in 10 states using the FTI standard two-way high-speed satellite Available to customers for pennies a day, FTI’s NPM enables customers to quickly detect, hybrid system with service provision diagnose, and resolve network outages and performance issues. It offers at-a-glance in- directly to the end users via a 802.11x sight into networks, ensuring access to critical information needed to keep the network in wireless network. tip-top shape; and FTI’s NPM is the easiest product of its kind to use and maintain, mean- ing more time actually managing networks. Given their geographic isolation, it is  Monitor network performance indicators, such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, unlikely that the designated latency, errors, discards, and quality of service for any SNMP-enabled devices communities will ever be bundled with a towns miles away as part of a larger  Monitor disk space, CPU load, and memory utilization on network devices telcom based proposal. As such,  Conduct detailed performance monitoring and analysis of network elements communities that continue to be  Hover over a network object to see additional details about the object including overlooked by traditional providers of status, IP address, machine type, and percent loss. High-Speed Broadband/Internet FTI’s Network Performance Monitor (NPM) provides comprehensive performance, fault services may be provided access to management and network availability tools to ensure that the network is always running these services by virtue of this at peak performance. Via a cutting-edge, customizable web interface, FTI’s NPM provides Broadband Initiative together with the a unified view into the performance of thousands of nodes and interfaces on the cus- proven innovative technological tomer’s network, all from a single web page where the operator can drill into any element solution offered by Foundation to see exactly what's happening. Telecommunications, Inc. featuring: FTI’s NPM’s web interface provides real-time views of network performance and availabil- Lowest Cost Reliable ity statistics, as well as detailed monitoring and analysis of data from routers, switches, servers and any other SNMP-enabled devices. This performance monitoring data alerts Highest Speed Flexible for poor network conditions like slow traffic, loss of packets, or impaired devices. The Sustainable Complete: 2010 result is a comprehensive view of how the network is performing, providing the informa- tion needed to quickly isolate, diagnose, and repair problems before end users realize that a network issue has developed. For more information regarding the Broadband Stimulus visit: With FTI’s NPM, customers can also automatically monitor and set alerts on disk space, CPU load and memory utilization for network devices. With out-of-the-box support for www.broadbandusa.gov many vendors and operating systems, including Cisco®, Foundry®, Extreme Networks®, www.usda.gov/rus/ Motorola®, ARRIS®, Linux, Solaris®, HP-UX®, AIX®, Windows® 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP devices, FTI’s NPM ensures that customers can easily collect and alert www.ntia.doc.gov on conditions that could potentially cause a network outage or performance degradation. www.recovery.gov www.connectednation.org For additional information and a demonstration call or contact Lamar Bostic at lbos- tic@ftionline.com 3
  4. 4. President’s Corner 2009 is a benchmark year for Foundation Telecommunications, Inc. with much to look back on since its original incorporation in 1979. Thirty years of continuously providing telecommunica- tions solutions through innovative applications of leading edge satellite and wireless technologies has served both the company and its clients well over the years. Some of those include:  15 years of continuous engineering support for SCOLA, a non-profit institution now serv- ing over 41 million viewers with foreign language programming  17 years of providing continuous uninterrupted two-way high-speed satellite Internet to extremely rural geographically isolated K-12 schools in the Wyoming Equality Network  17 years of providing two-way high-speed Internet and secured VPN services via satellite technology to schools, businesses, government agencies, cable television companies, Inter- net Service Providers and others The next decade promises to include the development of even more impressive telecommunica- tions technologies that will allow higher data rates at lower power requirements providing wire- less services direct to end users over wider distances more reliably than ever before. “Thirty years of continuously providing telecommunications solutions through innovative applications of leading edge satellite and wireless tech- nologies.” For more Information on any FTI Product or Service, Call or Email: Lisa Hunt-Tolan, Sales & Support Email: lhunt@ftionline.com Lamar Bostic, IT Systems Manager Email: lbostic@ftionline.com Mike Durgin, Satellite Systems Manager Email: mdurgin@ftionline.com George Livergood, President & CEO Email: glivergood@ftionline.com FOUNDATION TELECOMMUNICATIONS, INC. 9379 Technology Drive, Rogers, Arkansas 72756 Phone: 800-833-3353 Fax: (479) 636-8997 4