John Activity 5


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John Activity 5

  1. 1. How I Attracted/Addressed My Audience
  2. 2. <ul><li>For my title I used a dark blue and then gave it an out glow and lines through the word itself. This made it stand out on the page and this would attract my audience to pick up the magazine. Also the name ‘unsigned’ is quite a rock term and relates to being free and able to make more choices of your own because you are not signed by a company who tells you what to do and how much money you can spend. </li></ul>This tagline situated underneath the title is directed at the audience and talking to them. It is telling them that this magazine is bring them as an individual the best new unsigned acts. It gives a more personal feel. This will attract the audience to pick up the magazine and find out if it really does give them what it said it will.
  3. 3. <ul><li>My band name Are We There Yet? is quite a punk pop name and this is the audience I am going for. I used an out glow on this text like I did on the title to bring as much attention to it as the title because it is one of the most important things on the front cover. I have also added this glow to the tagline beneath the band name to make the connection between these to pieces of text. ‘coming to a town near you’ makes the audience want to find out where this band is touring and is creates a sense of excitement among the audience. </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>My main band picture on the front cover is one of the main focuses of the audience. I have shown the band smiling and being very informal instead of a very sensible formal picture. The reason I choose more of an informal look is because the group of boys are young and enjoying themselves. this will attract the audience to read the article about them and find out more about this new band who seem very laid back and are not all serious. </li></ul>I used these boys because they have a very stereotypical look to them. They have the long hair and the two at the front of the picture both have band tops visible and. The lead singer in the pink has a very typical front man image. He has the dyed fringe and the ‘snake bite’ piercings on his lip. This is the sort of band that the audience would listen to and be attracted to.
  5. 5. <ul><li>I have used band names that are popular among the audience I am aiming for. This is to attract these this audience to pick up the magazine and find out what we have to say about their favourite band. I have also given a small description of what each article is about to entice the reader to want to find out more or help them find an area of interest. For example ’24….bring me the horizon, new 2010 tour dates with a surprise special guest’ this creates a sense of excitement firstly for fans of this band to find out where the band is touring and secondly who the special guest is that will be touring with them. Also I have used Blink 182 on this page which is a huge hook to use in magazines at the moment since this year they announced their reunion. Any magazine that has information about this band will attract a big audience because they are such a big name in the rock scene. </li></ul>
  6. 6. <ul><li>The model is used for the contents page is playing the lead singer and front man in the band. He has a very stereotypical look that is common among the audience that I aiming for. He has long dyed hair with the fringe over his face and the ‘snake bite’ piercings on his bottom lip which is very common across this audience. Because of this stereotypical look I used him as my front man and a ‘pretty boy’ who will make ‘boys want to be like him and girls want to go out with’ sort of image. A good looking stereotypical front man in a band like this always attracts attention to the band and is usually has pictures of him posing without the band. This is the effect I have used on the contents page with a solo picture of him. </li></ul>
  7. 7. <ul><li>I used this quote above the lead singers head to create build upon the tagline beneath the band name on the front cover. I used this quote because it is fun and the audience are at the age where they are going out with mates or to parties and drinking therefore the audience can relate to this band and the quote and it will create that personal feel and involvement that the tagline of ‘bringing you the bets new unsigned artists’ did on the front cover. It is a very informal quote that adds a sense of fun that is shown on the front cover by the band. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>This is a good example of how I used informal speech to relate to the young audience I am aiming at. It is quite an informal question about embarrassing experiences which this sort of audience want to hear about but an older audience may not be interested in. The members of the band talk informally to the audience and talk about drinking again to relate to the audience. In another question I asked how the band find touring in the UK and this creates a great deal of connection with the audience as the magazine would be UK based. The band then go on to say that they love the energy from the UK crowd and this also creates a lot of connection as the audience of this magazine will go to gigs and know what its like to be in the crowd. </li></ul>
  9. 9. <ul><li>This picture on the double page spread is more formal than the picture on the front cover and shows more of the band and what they are wearing. It also shows the hierarchy that a lot of bands have among the members. This hierarchy shows the lead singer standing at the front with the two guitarists behind him and the bassist and drummer behind them. The lead singer is the most stereotypical out of all the members with the dyed hair and piercings. The lead singer and the two guitarists all have band tops on that are bright and have images on them that are typical images for the audience. </li></ul>