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Ultra tech end user training 10 6-11-spillcontainment only

Ultra tech end user training 10 6-11-spillcontainment only



Ultra Tech - Environmental Training

Ultra Tech - Environmental Training



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    Ultra tech end user training 10 6-11-spillcontainment only Ultra tech end user training 10 6-11-spillcontainment only Presentation Transcript

    • UltraTech International, Inc. Environmental Training 2011
    • Who is UltraTech?• UltraTech provides more spill containment, construction compliance and stormwater management products than any other company.• UltraTech is considered the “premier offering” in the market based on its innovations and patents, unique features and benefits, product quality and premium price. The other suppliers compete with each other based on lower price and fewer features and benefits.• UltraTech’s founders started the spill containment market in 1984, have developed over 400 products, have over 60 patents and develop approximately 20 new products per year. They entered the Stormwater / Construction Compliance market in 1997 and now have the largest product offering in the industry.
    • Who is UltraTech?• Spill Containment• Spill Response• Stormwater Management• Facility Protection Products• Oil Spill Response Products• Microbes
    • A sample of the Industries that use Spill Containment products• Construction • Agriculture• Environmental • Golf Course• Mining & • Oil & Gas, Refineries Aggregates & Pipelines• Industrial & • Semiconductors & Manufacturing Electronics• Cities • Transportation• Utilities • Marine• Fire Hazmat • Military
    • What type of position has interest in Spill Containment?• Safety Manager• EH&S Manager• Maintenance Manager• Facilities Manager• Public Works manager• Stormwater Manager• Construction Manager
    • Secondary Containment (prevention)
    • Key abbreviations• SPCC – Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures• EPA – Environmental Protection Agency• IBC – Intermediary Bulk Containment• RCRA – Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (EPA Controls Hazardous Waste from “Cradle to Grave”)• UFC – Uniform Fire Code
    • Spill Containment – Who Enforces?• Federal EPA• Regional EPA• Fire Department• State Environmental Agencies• Local Environmental Agencies
    • Spill ContainmentWhy have Secondary Containment?- It allows compliance with EPA, SPCC and Stormwater regulations.- Makes clean up easier in the case of a spill / Recycle non-contaminated chemical or oil.- Prevent contamination and expensive clean up costs.
    • EPA Spill Containment Regs• What are the Regulations?• EPA 40 CFR 264.175.• The secondary containment must have sufficient capacity to contain the single largest container in the grouping OR 10% of the total volume of all containers, whichever is greater.• Must be compatible, sloped, crack free.
    • Uniform Fire Code• Uniform Fire Code for spill pallets requires 66 gallons of containment.• Compatible with the chemical.• If outdoors, a roof or cover to avoid rain water.
    • SPCC Regulations• 1320 gallons or more of oils and chemicals on site or more than 42,000 gallons buried storage capacity.• You must have a plan, response kits and a map submitted to EPA.• Rule applies to owners or operators of facilities that drill, produce, gather, store, use, process, refine, transfer, distributor or consume oil or oil products and chemicals.• Key accountable person onsite.
    • SPCC Regulations• Regulated materials include but are not limited to:• Animal oils, fats and greases (including oils from fish or marine mammals), asphalt, aviation gasoline, bunker fuel, crude oil, cutting oil / machine coolants, dielectric fluid, diesel fuel, heating oil, gasoline, greases, hydraulic oil, jet fuel, lubricating oil, mineral spirits, motor oil, naptha, natural gas condensate, oil refuse, oily wastes (other than oil mixed with dredged soil), solvent, synthetic oils, tall oil, turpentine, residual fuels, used oil, vegetable oils.
    • What is Eco-Smart?• Eco-Friendly – Made with up to 100% of recycled resin for environmentally smart and friendly production.• Eco-Nomical – Made with cost- effective method and recycled material for smart savings.• Eco-Logical – Logically blending proper amounts of virgin and recycled resin for safety, quality and integrity.
    • Spill Containment Questions?• What chemical / product do you want to contain?• How much do you want to contain, containers & volume?• Where will it be stored, indoors or outdoors?• Drain or no drain … pump out or drain out?
    • Regulation Example Spill Containment • Example … • 2 Drums on a pallet • Single largest container is 55 gallons • Total is 110 gallons so 10% is 11 gallons • 55 Gallons is required
    • Applications of Spill Containment examples :• Construction … concrete cure, other chemicals• Agriculture … animal waste / pesticide• Mining … chemicals used in process• Mfging/Industrial … Hydraulic fluids• Transportation … various chemicals• Water treatment … chlorine apps• Semiconductor … various chemicals
    • Ultra-Spill Deck Bladder Systems• Compact footprint• Small spills and leaks are captured in sump.• Large, catastrophic leaks flow into the bladder through a bulkhead fitting.• Rugged, double layer polyethylene bladder. If you have 5 drums or less, Use the Spill Deck Bladder System. CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra-Spill Decks• Available in 1, 2 and 4-drum modules.• All polyethylene construction.• Low profile designs 5¾" height.• Applications include hazardous waste collection, storage of virgin chemicals, drum dispensing and battery storage.• Optional Loading Ramp.
    • Ultra-Inline Spill Decks• 3-drum, 4-drum, 5-drum and configurations.• Narrow 25 7/8" depth• Pre-drilled• The bulkhead fittings "lock" connected modules together• Additional Spill Deck modules can be easily connected to an existing Inline configuration If you have 6 drums ormore, use a Spill Deck System CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra-Spill Deck Plus Models• Rated for loads up to 10,000 lbs. per square foot.• 2 and 4-drum modules can be connected together with bulkhead
    • Ultra-Spill Deck P6 and P8• Available in 6-drum and 8- drum models.• One-piece, molded sump.• Polyethylene grates feature slip resistant, ”diamond plate” surface design.• Optional Loading Ramp.
    • Ultra-Spill Pallet Plus Models• Low 8 ¾” profile.• Large sump capacities.• Forkliftable, all-polyethylene construction.• Removable grates feature a non-slip surface.• Superior weight capacity of the 4-drum model also allows use with IBCs CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra-Spill Pallets & Economy Spill Pallets• 2-drum and 4-drum configurations.• Applications include satellite waste collection and storage of virgin chemicals.• Removable grating• Meets SPCC, EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC Spill Containment Regulations. CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra-Spill Pallet – Nestable• 4-drum model• 66 gallon sump• 100% rugged poly- ethylene construction• Low profile – 10” high• 2 way forklift entry CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra-Spill King• Rugged polyethylene construction• 6,500 lb Static Load• The drums sit on a removable drum pallet with safety rings to allow movement of drums
    • Ultra-Rack Sump• 66-gallon sump.• Holds up to (4) 55-gallon drums on a standard wooden shipping pallet.• Low profile design.• Allows direct forklift access to wooden pallet.• Nestable design. CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra Drum Rack Containment Systems •Drum Rack Models tilt drums slightly forward allowing for maximum drainage.
    • Ultra-Hard Top P1 Plus• Convenient “roll top” cover slides up and out of the way• 100% polyethylene construction• Safe Handling• Lightweight, yet rugged• Optional dolly
    • Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus• Tall 23 3/4" head• Low profile (8 3/4") containment pallet• 100% Polyethylene construction• "Swing out" lower doors• Optional ramp available• Lockable• Forkliftable CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra-Hard Top P4 Plus• Roll-top covers can be easily lifted from waist height• Forkliftable• Lockable• All-polyethylene construction• Helps meet new Stormwater Management Regulations - NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26• Front doors swing wide• Optional polyethylene ramp (p/n 0676)
    • Ultra-Hard Top Plus Models• Available in 8, 12, 16 and 20- drum models.• All polyethylene construction• Multiple "4-drum compartments”• Ship partially unassembled.• Swing-out doors• Rugged, 9000 lb. uniformly distributed load (UDL)• Separate, lockable compartments feature a unique "2-way" entry system CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Safety Cabinet Bladder System• Retrofits drum safety cabinets and provides 110% containment.• Works with one or two drum cabinets
    • Ultra-Containment Trays• Low Profile, 16.5 gallon sump, perfect for 5 gallon buckets, batteries, safety cans, machine parts.• Optional 2’x4’ heavy – duty polyethylene grating elevates containers from spilled liquids.
    • Ultra-Utility Trays Rigid Models• 6 different sizes from 12’ x 48” to 40” x 48”• Polyethylene Construction• Nestable• Indestructable
    • Ultra-Utility Trays Flexible Models• 6 sizes from 12’ x 12” to 48” x 48”• Flexible design –unit rolls up for storage• Comes with a tie hook• Rugged PVC construction
    • Ultra-Rack Containment Trays• Low-profile (2 ¾”).• Black, all-polyethylene construction.• Multiple tray systems available.• Additional trays and/or connectors may be added.
    • Ultra-Funnels
    • Ultra-Spill Collectors• Mobile secondary container• Applications include satellite waste collection, general storage of chemical drums and portable drum pumping stations.• Fork Lift model & Flat bottom for optional dolly
    • Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus• Low profile, 28” overall height• All polyethylene construction• Forkliftable• Large 52" x 52" deck.• Small footprint - 62” x 62”• 360-gallon sump capacity• Four inner polyethylene columns support.• Optional Bucket Shelf available. CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Ultra-Modular IBC Spill Pallets• 2-tank, 3-tank, 4-tank and 5- tank indoor and outdoor models.• 65-gallon capacity Expansion Tank(s)• Any number of the modular spill pallets can be connected .• Optional Extender Kits available.• Constructed of 100% polyethylene.
    • Ultra-IBC Hard Top• Safely stores an IBC tank with maximum dimensions of 52" x 52" x 61".• Low profile (28" height), 360 gallon containment sump.• Forkliftable, lockable, all- polyethylene design
    • Ultra-Containment Sumps• Eliminate costly spills• Rugged, all-polyethylene construction• Use with optional Ultra- Self Bailer (Part # 9935)• Available in 250, 500 & 1000 gallon capacity
    • Ultra-Self Bailer• Simple installation• Hydrocarbon "sheens" and modest spills are captured - clean stormwater drains through the outflow port.• “Auto-shutoff" mechanism.• Manual shutoff• Filters are quickly and easily replaced. CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Containment Berms• Custom Sizes available in PVC, Co- Polymer 2000 and XR5. Co-Polymer 2000 is standard• PVC - Economical recommended for water with minimal chemicals. Not recommended for cold weather applications• Co-Polymer 2000 - Standard product and great for moderate chemicals• XR5 - Extreme chemicals
    • Ultra-Containment Berm Ultimate Model• Entry and exit walls are supported every 12" with a patented "living hinge".• Walls automatically spring back to their vertical position.• Both long sidewalls are held upright by PVC sidewall assemblies.
    • Ultra-Containment Berm Rapid Rise Model• Sidewalls remain down during normal operations.• In the case of a spill, the foam ring around the top perimeter of the Containment Berm rises with the level of spilled liquid.• Custom sizes available.
    • Ultra-Containment Berm Compact Model• Compact, lightweight, portable design• Sidewalls lower quickly.• Custom Sizes Available!
    • Ultra-Containment Berm Collapsible Wall Model• Rugged PVC sidewall assemblies for sidewall support.• Custom sizes available.
    • Ultra-Containment Berm Stake Wall Model• Unique design allows sidewalls to collapse in either direction and spring back automatically to their upright position!• No set-up required• Custom sizes available.• Vertical sidewall supports located every 12".
    • Ultra-Containment Berm Economy Model• L-shaped aluminum brackets provide sturdy sidewall support• Easy assembly• No frames, components or excess material outside of sidewalls• Custom sizes available.
    • Containment Berm Access.• Track Mats• Ground Tarps• Add a drain• Ultra-Self Bailer• Ultra-Hose Stand
    • Ultra-Track Pans• Available in virtually any length.• Modular Design• All-polyethylene Construction.• Operating temperature range: -40°F to +140°F• Sealed System• Trucks and other vehicles can drive over Track Pans with grates in place* CLICK FOR VIDEO
    • Track Pan Applications• Railroad Maintenance Shops• Rail Spurs for Chemical Companies or users of chemicals (such as oil / gas distribution, chemical manufacturing, and mining applications)• Local Train and Transit Maintenance Shops (such as BART, Amtrak, etc …)
    • Ultra-Drum Truck• Can be used with 30 or 55 gallon drums• Large 10”wheels• Allows mobility and containment.
    • Ultra-Utility Box• Versatile Utility Box for Spill Kits, Storage Bins, Tool Boxes and more.• 15 cubic foot capacity• Various options for casters• Various colors• Lockable and rain proof
    • Applicable Markets
    • Environmental Market• Industrial waste disposal• Industrial Cleaning & Services• Storm water plans – SWPPP preparation• Environmental waste & site cleanup such as remediation or soil cleanup• SPCC Plans and response• Marine spill response
    • Mining and Aggregate• Spill control and response applications.• Chemical delivery by railroad.• Chemical storage.• Battery charging stations / containment.• Stormwater applications, such as Phosphate mining which has heavy metal runoff as an example.
    • Industrial and Mfg.• Chemical Storage inside and outside• Dispensing chemicals in Production• Spill kits / response kits• Forklift or fleet maintenance area• Loading areas chemicals?• Facility Maintenance products / chemical use and storage• Stormwater management - ie: parking lots
    • Municipalities• Water treatment plants … containment & stormwater• Street maintenance of city storm drains• Fleet and maintenance facilities• Portable generators• Dewatering … example: water main break• Flushing of fire hydrants
    • Utilities• Fleet maintenance facilities• Leaking transformers containment / cleanup• Vault maintenance pump out• Secondary containment for chemicals• Stormwater applications• Power Plant applications
    • Fire Hazmat• Spill Response / Hazmat Response• Containment for chainsaw oils / fuels• Decontamination products
    • Agriculture• Storm water products for fertilizer runoff.• Secondary containment for fuel tanks.• Secondary containment for chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.• Erosion control … Snake Bags & Filter Socks.
    • Golf Courses• Storm water products drains / runoff• Containment for fertilizers, pesticides, and fuel• Erosion control - Snake Bags & Filter Socks
    • Oil & Gas, Refineries and Pipelines• Secondary Containment for chemicals• Stormwater runoff applications• Dewatering bags for flushing pipelines and tanks• Ultra X-Tex fence for protecting sites from oil runoff / Pipeline oil runoff• Spill response products
    • Semiconductors & Electronics• Secondary Containment for chemicals• Lab area containment for small containers• Storm water applications for large campuses• Spill response products
    • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals• Secondary Containment for chemicals• Lab area containment for small containers• Storm water applications for large campuses• Spill response products
    • Transportation (air, truck, & rail)• Track pans for loading / off loading• Containment & response products for maintenance facilities• Spill response for accidents - pop up pools and drain seals & spill berms• Storm water applications
    • Marine Market• Spill Containment applications• Spill response and cleanup• Storm water management applications• Smoke stops … Buoy & Lighthouse
    • Military Market• Containment berms for vehicles and generators• Indoor and outdoor containment• Spill response products• Facilities maintenance products
    • Thank you for your time.