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Ultra tech end user training 10 6-11-spill response only
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Ultra tech end user training 10 6-11-spill response only


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  • 1. UltraTech International, Inc. Environmental Training 2011
  • 2. Who is UltraTech?• UltraTech provides more spill containment, construction compliance and stormwater management products than any other company.• UltraTech is considered the ―premier offering‖ in the market based on its innovations and patents, unique features and benefits, product quality and premium price. The other suppliers compete with each other based on lower price and fewer features and benefits.• UltraTech’s founders started the spill containment market in 1984, have developed over 400 products, have over 60 patents and develop approximately 20 new products per year. They entered the Stormwater / Construction Compliance market in 1997 and now have the largest product offering in the industry.
  • 3. Who is UltraTech?• Spill Containment• Spill Response• Stormwater Management• Facility Protection Products• Oil Spill Response Products• Microbes
  • 4. A sample of the Industries that use Spill Containment products• Construction • Agriculture• Environmental • Golf Course• Mining & • Oil & Gas, Refineries Aggregates & Pipelines• Industrial & • Semiconductors & Manufacturing Electronics• Cities • Transportation• Utilities • Marine• Fire Hazmat • Military
  • 5. What type of position has interest in Spill Containment?• Safety Manager• EH&S Manager• Maintenance Manager• Facilities Manager• Public Works manager• Stormwater Manager• Construction Manager
  • 7. Spill Response
  • 8. Ultra-Drain Seals• Reinforced mesh is "sandwiched" between layers of polyurethane• BOTH sides will quickly seal drains• Optional Ultra-Drain Seal Wall Mount Units allow quick response• Flexible, non-absorbing material
  • 9. Ultra-Drain Seal, Clear Model• Clear Drain Protection Allows Responders to See Spills Are Being Stopped• Reinforcing mesh is ―sandwiched‖ between layers of polyurethane — increases durability and resistance to tearing.• Urethane construction allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains — temporarily ―seals‖ to smooth surfaces.
  • 10. Ultra-Drain Seal Plus• Urethane bottom• Rugged, reinforced PVC top layer
  • 11. Ultra-Spill Berm• Standard 10 foot sections can be cut to various lengths to meet custom needs.• ―Weeps" into small cracks and crevices.• Non-absorbing.
  • 12. Ultra-Pop Up Pools• 400, 250, 150, 100, 66 and 20 gallon sizes.• Sprung Steel and Economy Models• Unique, Patented Design —• Compact folded size.• Excellent chemical resistance.
  • 13. Ultra-Pop Up Pool Plus• Spill Response Pool Folds Into Compact Package Until Needed - Quickly Opens and Bladder Unfurls to Capture Large Spills Ultra-Pop Up Pool Plus is available in 150, 66 and 20 gallon sizes. Simply unfold the Pool and open the Bladder Compartment — the Bladder will automatically expand/unfurl as the liquid level in the pool rises.
  • 14. Ultra-Oil Mop• Fast-wicking pads.• Polypropylene ‖oil only‖ sorbent pads are cut to fit.• Foam core allows mop head to float on top of the water.• Floating design and pivoting handle.• Aluminum handle telescopes from 30‖ to 52‖.
  • 15. Ultra-Dispenser• Holds up to 50 lbs. (wheeled, 25 lbs wall mounted)• Heavy-duty steel construction.• Sloped interior.• Solid rubber wheels.• Easy operation dispensing gate.• Quart-sized application cup included.• Optional Shovel Kit.• Granular Sorbents or Rock Salt CLICK FOR VIDEO
  • 16. Ultra- Oil Stain Remover• Completely Remove Oil Stains from asphalt, concrete and untreated concrete.• Remove stains caused by oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, food grease and other oil based materials.• Available in two sizes – 32 oz bottle for frequent use areas or industrial applications & a smaller 16 oz bottle for smaller stains. Add to any spill kit.• Environmentally-Friendly-citrus based, biodegradable & Phosphate-free.• 32oz bottle treats an area of approx 5-7 sq ft. 16 oz bottle treats an area approx 1 ½ - 3 sq/feet
  • 17. Ultra-Tanker Tourniquet• Accidents, punctures and corrosion are facts of life. With a Tanker Tourniquet, however, you can minimize environmental damage, protect lives and save the load.• These simple devices expand a chemical- resistant, flexible bladder to quickly stop potentially dangerous and costly spills.
  • 18. Ultra-Drum Tourniquet• Two Models available …• Magnetic for Steel & other Nonferrous metals• Universal for steel, poly and fiber drums
  • 19. Ultra-Repair Putty• Adheres to steel, glass, masonry and most plastics• Hardens like steel in one hour
  • 20. Ultra-Overpacks• 95, 55, 30, & 20 Gallon Overpacks• 95 & 65 Gallon Plus models (X-Rated)• Uses: – Overpacking of damaged or leaking packages – Collection / transport of soiled sorbents – Clean up of contaminated sites – Emergency response – Use as spill kits
  • 21. Additional Overpack Models
  • 22. Ultra-Decon Decks• Decontamination Decks Keep Personnel Above toxic material• Replaces conventional containment 1 pools - contaminated water is captured in Deck sump and attached 66-gallon bladder• Quick and easy set-up. 2• Use for chemical, biological, and/or radiological response.• Replacement Bladders available• 1 – Tactical Model 2- Hospital Model 3 3- Non-Ambulatory Model
  • 23. Applicable Markets
  • 24. Environmental Market• Industrial waste disposal• Industrial Cleaning & Services• Environmental waste & site cleanup such as remediation or soil cleanup• SPCC Plans and response• Marine spill response
  • 25. Mining and Aggregate• Spill control and response applications.• Chemical delivery by railroad.• Chemical storage.• Battery charging stations / containment.
  • 26. Industrial and Mfg.• Chemical Storage inside and outside• Dispensing chemicals in Production• Spill kits / response kits• Forklift or fleet maintenance area• Loading areas chemicals?• Facility Maintenance products / chemical use and storage
  • 27. Municipalities• Water treatment plants … containment & stormwater• Street maintenance of city storm drains• Fleet and maintenance facilities• Portable generators• Dewatering … example: water main break• Flushing of fire hydrants
  • 28. Utilities• Fleet maintenance facilities• Leaking transformers containment / cleanup• Vault maintenance pump out• Secondary containment for chemicals• Power Plant applications
  • 29. Fire Hazmat• Spill Response / Hazmat Response• Containment for chainsaw oils / fuels• Decontamination products
  • 30. Oil & Gas, Refineries and Pipelines• Secondary Containment for chemicals• Stormwater runoff applications• Dewatering bags for flushing pipelines and tanks• Ultra X-Tex fence for protecting sites from oil runoff / Pipeline oil runoff• Spill response products
  • 31. Semiconductors & Electronics• Secondary Containment for chemicals• Lab area containment for small containers• Storm water applications for large campuses• Spill response products
  • 32. Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals• Secondary Containment for chemicals• Lab area containment for small containers• Storm water applications for large campuses• Spill response products
  • 33. Transportation (air, truck, & rail)• Track pans for loading / off loading• Containment & response products for maintenance facilities• Spill response for accidents - pop up pools and drain seals & spill berms• Storm water applications
  • 34. Marine Market• Spill Containment applications• Spill response and cleanup• Storm water management applications• Smoke stops … Buoy & Lighthouse
  • 35. Military Market• Containment berms for vehicles and generators• Indoor and outdoor containment• Spill response products• Facilities maintenance products