Mariano Legacy Chapter 3.0


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College days for the Mariano clan, and lots of surprises are in store.

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Mariano Legacy Chapter 3.0

  1. 1. Howdy and welcome back to the Mariano Legacy. I do apologize for the long wait, but I hope this chapter will make up for it. The last time we visited casa de Mariano, Judy and Joanne became teens and Judy decided to be a vegetarian. Orson‟s addiction took over and he started doing bad in school. Spencer got abducted, earning him yet another scholarship, and Betty got her groove on by flirting with one of the boys she brought home from school. Makoto elderfied, but took his wife out on the town before that happened, and all six kids went to Uni. Now lets see what the kids are up to now…..
  2. 2. The Mariano clan arrived in a somewhat deserted area of the La Fiesta Tech campus, which kind of looked their own neighborhood. “Spencer, our outfits are horrible! Who chose these?” *minusminus* “I dunno, but they need to be shot.” *double minus*
  3. 3. Gene wasn‟t so happy with the game‟s random choice of clothes either. “I don‟t know what kind of clothes these are, but I hate them with a capital H. My dignity is all gone. Gone I tell you!”
  4. 4. “I think we should go out and find a restaurant to eat at. I am starving man, like, I could eat a horse or something.” “You are always hungry Orie. I am surprised that you haven‟t blown up like a balloon already.” “You‟re just jealous because I have good genes.”
  5. 5. This was the house that they decided to move into, courtesy of the La Fiesta Tech scholarship fund. They all brought a total of over 12,000 simoleons so why not? And yes, it will be a legacy greek house. Sorry about my bad building…I suck at making houses.
  6. 6. Betty had the right idea when she started talking to Spencer. “So, how about we go shopping for some new threads? I can‟t make a good impression on the college boys if I look like a complete bum!” “Yea sure, we got enough money left. I think the shopping center is a couple of blocks away.” “I knew you would see things my way, big bro!” “Uhmmm…ok…”
  7. 7. And so they all made their way to the store, pushing each other out of the way in a mad dash to the clothing that was awaiting them. Who do you think has the worst outfit?
  8. 8. Betty went first, taking about two hours and trying on the entire store before settling on this dress, which really does suit her. “Hmm…does this dress make my butt look fat? I hope so!”
  9. 9. Orson on the other hand, decided to convert to hippie-ism and put on the official tie die/peace sign combination outfit. It looks good on him I think. “Wow look at all the pretty colours! I wonder how they put the rainbow on a circle?”
  10. 10. Joanne decided for a more neutral outfit, and did her hair up into an afro. It fits her more than long hair does, and she is rocking it big time.
  11. 11. „Ewww….this public toilet is just crawling with diseases! Must…scrub…them…off!!!” This is exactly what Ginger did when she went to the recreation center in the first chapter. I guess it‟s genetic.
  12. 12. Back at the future greek house, Judy selected her major, and wrote a letter to her parents. Dear mom and dad, We have finally settled in to the house. Thanks for the furniture, we got it this morning. I was certain that we would be putting blankets on the floor tonight, since we spent all of our money on new clothes. I know you may not like that, but we grew up in hideous clothes so it was necessary. Please give my love to my high school friends. I hope to see you all soon. Peace and love, Judy P.S. please make me heir, please please please???
  13. 13. Spencer‟s fist offical Uni activity was doing homework. Yes, he is truly a Knowledge sim. “Man, this assignment is more difficult than I thought!” “Yea, like, the man is tryin‟ to tell you somethin‟, *munchmunch* prolly that you are not as smart as you thought.” “Orie, don‟t say that. Besides, who is this “man” that you keep talking about?” “The Man, man! You know…the government.” “Ooook, bro, whatever you say.” *rolls eyes*
  14. 14. Ginger came uninvited, perhaps to check up on her kids. She didn‟t want them doing anything immoral after all, even though they haven‟t been in Uni for a full day yet. “Oh my sweet boy, how are you? It‟s been so long!” “Uh, Mom, it‟s only been a few hours.” “Well a second without my lovely children is way too long.” Awwwwwwww :D
  15. 15. “Now, make sure you do your homework, and study hard. I don‟t want any of you to drop out. That would be very embarrassing.” “Of course, I will definitely study. I can‟t speak for everyone else though.” “Just do your best to help your siblings and I am sure everything will be fine.” Ginger was worried more about Betty than any of the others, because Betty‟s head was only in one place most of the time.
  16. 16. Spencer invited his parents in after they expressed the need to talk. After all of the kids gathered around, Ginger started to speak. “As you all know, this is a legacy family, even though we haven‟t spoke about it much. Your father and I are getting on in years, and one of you have to take over the family and continue the bloodline.”
  17. 17. Makoto took over. “So we had an heir election to see which of you would be most capable of this important task. There was a tie between Betty and Spencer, so we had sorted out this issue for ourselves. Betty, we love you very much, and we feel that your confidence is quite rare in a young lady in this day and age, but you also do not display any interest in the family. We do not fault you for this, but we need someone that can successfully take the family‟s affairs to heart and make it a priority.”
  18. 18. “So Spencer, we chose you. Congratulations.” “But why me? I‟m not cool or anything like Orie is, or Betty. All I want to do is skill.” “You see son, we believe you are a better choice for heir because of your advanced skills and also because your heart is with the family. Even though you may not think we noticed, but you were always there to help with the younger ones when they were toddlers.” “Well, I am proud to be heir. Thanks mom and dad.”
  19. 19. After the heir decision was final, Betty pulled Gene aside. “Just between you and me, I think I would have been a better choice.” “Sis, you know you would have had to get married and have kids. You know that‟s not your style.” “Yea, you got a point. I still got to get married anyways so mom can be perma- plat, but the kids thing is not in my vocabulary.”
  20. 20. Orson retreated into the bedroom, relieved that he wasn‟t heir. He was too concerned with cannabis to be trying to carry on anything. “Hmm…How to Grow Cannabis in 3 Days…I can‟t believe this book was in the University library.”
  21. 21. Looks like Spencer is still hung up on nanny Kendal. And his idea hat definitely agrees. “I wonder if she would be interested in me now that I am grown and I am heir. No one can resist an heir.” “Don‟t get your hopes up. She may have moved on by now. Besides, why would you want the nanny? There‟s lots of cute girls right here at Uni.”
  22. 22. Talking about which, nanny Kendal came by, stalking the house, totally uninvited by the way. She was stalking the same way a person does when they bring flowers after a date. “If Spencer really is heir, this would be my chance to finally be known for more than the nanny that sets houses on fire, which is totally untrue. So what if I left a toaster pastry in the oven for two hours. I was giving it character!. Ehem…focus Kendal, focus. I must get his attention.”
  23. 23. But Kendal stalked away just as quick as she had come, probably because Orson and Judy decided to have a nice game of midnight football. They did this just about everyday until the day the graduated.
  24. 24. Betty was already trying to mark her territory, starting with one of her professors. The want to kissing and woohoo dominated her thoughts, and she felt compelled to follow her desires. “Professor Gerard, I just couldn‟t help but ask you out. I know it‟s taboo for a student to date a teacher but I think you are so handsome!” “Betty, just call me Gerard. As long as we keep this between us, everything will be ok.”
  25. 25. “Of course. I love secrets. *winks* By the way, I found this rose that had your name written all over it on the way to class today. It‟s as beautiful as your eyes.” “Oh…wow…I don‟t know what to say! *sniffsniff* Sucker ehehehehe.
  26. 26. They took their date inside, and soon she became attached to the Professor. She hadn‟t planned on it, but his unique looks got her attention, and she felt like she wanted to be with him even more. “You sure do know how to dance Betty. Very talented.” “Thanks. I had a lot of practice growing up.” “I wonder what else you have a lot of practice in.” *grins*
  27. 27. Joanne decided to stay out of the way and earn a creativity point for school. “I shall call this painting, Red Rain Removing Roaches. Yes, that‟s a good title.”
  28. 28. “Hello? Yea ma I;m fine how are you?” Hi, Gene I‟m doing fine. Just working on another promotion. How‟s everything going at uni? Have you applied for a greek charter yet?” “No not yet ma. We are waiting to get some financial aid money first. We are kind of low on funds at the moment.”
  29. 29. But there‟s too much to study here at uni ma! It‟s making my head hurt! I don‟t understand why I agreed to come here anyways. Besides, I can‟t have any puppies here either. This really reeks.” Don‟t worry, sweetie. It will be over before you know it, and you will be able to settle down in your own house and have as many puppies as you want.” “Thanks ma. You always know the right things to say.”
  30. 30. Oh goodness, looks like Orson overdosed on one of his joints. Notice Grim slowly making his way to the scene. “Omgomgomg Orson wake up! Grimmy‟s coming! Oh wake up for the love of Plumbbob!” This was totally unintentional…I turned around when I heard crying and realized that Orson died.
  31. 31. Spencer rushed over to Grim before he could sweep Orson away into the Great Unknown. Notice Betty and her new boyfriend didn‟t even bother to stop eating and pay attention to what was going on. “Oh Mr. Grim! Please spare my brother. He‟s my only twin, and I love him very much. I will do anything you want if you spare him!”
  33. 33. PAY ATTENTION MORTAL. I WILL ONLY SAY THIS ONCE. IN ONE OF MY HANDS WILL BE THE SOUL OF YOUR BROTHER. CHOOSE THE CORRECT HAND, AND HE LIVES. CHOOSE THE WRONG ONE, AND HE WILL REMAIN DEAD. UNDERSTAND? “Yes. I understand.” Grim shuffled his hands behind his back for a moment. NOW PICK. Spencer thought for a moment, then nervously pointed at a bony hand.
  34. 34. “Ummmm….I choooooose….that one over there.” HMM. ALRIGHT. LET‟S SEE IF YOU ARE CORRECT.
  35. 35. YOU CHOSE CORRECTLY MORTAL. YOUR BROTHER WILL LIVE, FOR NOW. Darn it, there goes my future drug supply. “YES! I am the Man! Woot! I am the champion, you are the looooosaa cuz I am the champion of the world!”
  36. 36. “Dude! Thanks for saving my life man! I thought I was going to be toast!” “No problem, bro. That‟s what we are supposed to do as family.” “Just don‟t tell mom and dad ok? They will have a coronary.” “Yea I know.” “Orson, why did you die? I mean, what did you do to kill yourself?” “I dunno.” orson lied. “I guess Grim confused me with some old fart.” Spencer didn‟t buy it, but kept silent.
  37. 37. A little while later, Spencer pinned his brother inside the bedroom. “Bro, tell me the truth. What really happened?” “What are you talkin‟ about man? Nothing happened.” “Look, I am not dense. You did something to make yourself die. Grim doesn‟t just come for people just because he feels like it. You realize there was a chance of me losing against him, don‟t you?” “I know. But…you gotta believe me. I didn‟t do anything.”
  38. 38. “I will find out what happened. I can see right through you bro. Just remember that.” “There is nothing to find out, so drop it! Stop trying to be Captain Hero and leave me alone!” “Fine!” “Fine!!”
  39. 39. Spencer decided to distract himself with skilling and making friends with the cow. Surprisingly, the Cow actually chatted with him. “You know that idea hat of yours makes your head look big.” “Uhhh…..yea…I guess so. But that‟s ok because it does the job for skilling.” “You think I could try it sometime?” “Yea sure why not.”
  40. 40. The Cow made his rounds and found that Judy was quite taken with him. “Ooohwwweeee baby! You are hothothot!” “Yea? You think so? C‟mon and give me some sugar then, you sexy bovine you!” They actually have two bolts. Go figure.
  41. 41. But yet she thinks he is repulsive. Make up your mind girl! “He‟s a cow though! And I am a vegetarian! It would be totally odd.”
  42. 42. And who is this fine specimen? And why is he chatting up Joanne? It‟s the cow of course. It figures that the meanest person on campus is a total hottie. “Yea so…your crazy sister didn‟t find me attractive because of my glorious cowness,so what about you?” “Oh, well I think you are quite stunning!” “Really? We should talk…..”
  43. 43. “So like…Orson could have been a ghost! Then we could have had a famous haunted greek house!” “…..” “Well that is interesting right? Right??” “Judy, I thought you were vegetarian.” “This isn‟t tofu steak?? Gene tricked me!” *gags*
  44. 44. Looks like Orson didn‟t learn his lesson the first time around. Right after class he headed into the bedroom and lit up. “Aaaaaah….I feel better already. That literature class bored me to tears.” *puffpuffpuff*
  45. 45. Spencer walked in and caught him in the act. Instead of freaking out though, he calmly looked at his brother. “I knew I would find out eventually. I can‟t believe you have a drug habit. How long this been going on?” “Don‟t worry about it bro,” Orson slurred out. I have to worry about though. You could die again, I am sure that marijuana isn‟t the only thing in there.” “I‟m fine, you just worry about bein‟ heir and all that stuff man. I‟m fine.” “I‟m keeping an eye on you, like it or not.”
  46. 46. Looks like Orson has found his future mate. He was heartfarting over her ever since she came by. Spencer invited her over, but realized they had no chemistry at all. So Orson took over.
  47. 47. “You are like, so beautiful and stuff man. Your back hair is shiny like the sun kind of and stuff.” “Awww how cute! You are rambling. Keep talking though.” Her name is Elise btw..I seem to have a million Elises in my game.
  48. 48. “I heard you had five bffs, that‟s impressive. You must really be popular.” “Yea, I sure am. I love meeting new people.” At least 4 of his bffs are his parents and siblings lol.
  49. 49. And this is the end of the Freshmen year and everyone passed, even weed-head Orson. The money racked up, which allowed them to add a few more things to their house. And yes, Joanne went to her final exam in her PJ‟s.
  50. 50. “Hello, Greek Charter Association? This is Spencer Mariano and I would like to start a greek house….yes we have a house…..yes we have utilities….of course we like pizza…ok great thanks!” And so, Lambda Pi Cham was born, with the nickname of Jungle House at Betty‟s suggestion.
  51. 51. As time went by, the Cow made his visits to Joanne more frequent, terrorizing her siblings to look good for her. He is quite the messy eater though. “So I thought we could go for a walk in the park later on. I would love to see more of the campus, and it would be better to do it with you sweetums.” “Yup, sounds good.” *munchgobbleslurp*
  52. 52. Kendal decided to be more aggressive and came by to see Spencer. “Hey there! Long time no see Spencer.” “Oomph! Good to see you too….can you let go you are hurting me.” “Oh, so sorry. I am just happy to see you. Did you make heir?” “Uh…yea. Why?” “ reason. Just confirming the rumours.”
  53. 53. “Hey Spencer, I bought this new perfume last night. Could you tell me if it smells good?” “Sure.” *sniffsniff* “Umm…I don‟t smell anything…” “Keep sniffing. I put it close to my back.” Sneaky nanny Kendal. Trying to take over.
  54. 54. Just giving Gene some face time. I love how he looks serious just about all day. “Yes. I am excited about school.” ++ Yes, very serious indeed.
  55. 55. This nice lady wandered by so Gene decided to greet her. They had instant chemistry. Her name is Meadow. She‟s one of those earthy hug type of people. “Hi, I‟m Gene. What is your name?” “Meadow. Nice to meet you too. Mind if I give you a hug?” “But we just met.” “That‟s ok though. Hugs know each other very well.” “…..”
  56. 56. So after openly displaying his hearfarts in front of Meadow, he decided to give her a chance.
  57. 57. “Aaaaah….isn‟t that so refreshing? Hugs are lovely!” “Mmmmhmmm…yes very….you smell live lavender.” “Why thank you. You can let go now.” “Just…one more second….you smell so nice…” “Ermm…”
  58. 58. Nanny Kendal decided to crash their first toga party, and Spencer chose to be fully covered. I didn‟t know that they could do that. Kendal spotted some younger competition and decided to detour her away from Spencer. “You know, I wouldn‟t go after Spencer if I were you. He plans on blowing up like a sumo wrestler after college. He always talked about being 600 pounds.” “Oh…really? Wow…that‟s um, interesting. I guess.”
  59. 59. The music and dancy hobby leader decided to use her expertise on judging the dancing of the party. Spencer joined in.
  60. 60. Spencer followed the mysterious redhead all around the house, even heartfarting her while nanny Kendal tried to turn her off of the heir. She wanted Spencer to herself, and she was going to make sure that happened. “Wow…she is so beautiful!”
  61. 61. Orson didn‟t really like the Cow, especially after he found out that Joanne was dating him. “Stay away from my sister you square!” *pokepokepoke* “Hey man, chill out! You can‟t poke the Cow! I‟m supposed to do the poking around here!” Joanne wasn‟t looking very pleased with her brother‟s behavior, especially since she was on a date with the Cow.
  62. 62. Despite all of the poking, Joanne managed to get her first kiss. “Wow! That was intense!” *pulls fuzzies out of her mouth* “Yea I know. I am good like that babe.” “But this is your first kiss too.” “Uh..yea…I know. I‟m a natural is what I meant.”
  63. 63. “Hey you heifer! Didn‟t I tell you to stay away from Joanne? We don‟t mix with bovines you know.” “Dude! I thought I told you not to poke. The. Cow!” Orson seriously did this the entire night.
  64. 64. And no toga party would be complete without the neighborhood streaker. Hobby lady: I think you could do with a lot of makeup to hide that crazy face of yours. If it wasn‟t for your assets I would have told you to give it up already. Streaker: I know you like it. Don‟t resist it. *boingboingwabbleboing*
  65. 65. Awwwww look at that. Berjes the Cow brought Joanne roses. I knew he had a soft side to him. “Hey I got to act tough so people can take me seriously. “ *le sigh*
  66. 66. A few weeks later Joanne decided to pop the question. “Berjes, I know we have only been seeing each other for a month, but I feel like we have known each other for ages.”
  67. 67. “Berjes, would you do the honor of marrying me and loving me for ever and ever?” “….of course Jo-Jo! I love you too. Just don‟t tell anybody I said that because then people will think I‟m a wuss.” “Oh of course not honey.”
  68. 68. And with a giant hug they were engaged to be married. This is the beginning of a long line of engagements and soon to be weddings.
  69. 69. “Hey Cow! You don‟t learn do you? Who told you to get engaged to my sister?!” *slapslapslap*
  70. 70. “Nobody. Slaps.The.Cow! Got it you dead head?” *slapslapslap* “Frammit! What are those hooves made out of? Steel?” “Maybe.” *giantslap*
  71. 71. I can‟t believe he broke down and cried. Cows never cry!!! I think he is very much a softie on the inside.
  72. 72. At yet another toga party, since everyone keeps rolling the want for one, even Spencer the skilling machine. Betty decided she wanted to settle down with her long time beau, even though they were both romance sims and they would probably have a nervous breakdown after it was all said and done. “Gerard, make me the happiest woman and the world and be my husband so that we can practice free love together.” “Wow of course! This is going to be fun!” Orson watched protectively in the background.
  73. 73. Two blue rings??? Seriously?? This is strange. Both of them are romance sims and they are actually happy to be engaged! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But something is about to go down in the background…ut oh…..
  74. 74. “Ok…I light the match and it‟s supposed to go poof right?” “Judy, take this cookie bag and wrap it around the cake in case the flames catch your clothes on fire.” “Uh…thanks for the vote of confidence mom.” “Anytime dear.” *sigh*
  75. 75. And totally autonomously, Orson attacked the Cow. “I am so going to make you into mince meat man!” “I‟d like to see you try it-Ooommph!” The professor cheered Orson on while Joanne looked confused. She wasn‟t so sure who to root for.
  76. 76. “Ha! I told you no one messes with the Cow. I beat your butt big time! Who‟s the man now huh? Huh?” “Man…..that was not fair. You totally cheated and stuff man.” “Good job Berjes….no offense Orson, but he is my fiance.”
  77. 77. “I love you, I love you, I love yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!” “Awww that‟s so sweet!” *swoons*
  78. 78. Then, another fight broke out. I don‟t know who started it, but before I could find out who won………>
  79. 79. A fire broke out!! Who did this??? And the whole time I tried to get someone to call the fire station, tey kept running back to the fire and panicking. I had a feeling this legacy was going to be at an end.
  80. 80. Finally I managed to get one of them to call the fire department, but they lost a stove in the process. Now I will never know what caused the fire. Bummer.
  81. 81. “Exercise is good, exercise is great! Exercise until you lose that weight! Gerbits Gerbits Vo gerbits!” “Llama…get…away…from…me.”
  82. 82. Spencer spent most of his free time skilling so he could become permaplat. He was happy as he gained his latest skill.
  83. 83. And become perma-plat! Yaaay!!! Now he can do whatever he wants for the remainder of the time he is there at uni. Of course he still wants to do term papers so that‟s ok. Now he wants to become an Education Minister, which suits him since he knows everything there is to know.
  84. 84. Another toga party, another fight. Seems like no matter how hard I try to prevent the Cow from coming over, he comes anyways, mainly to see Joanne, but to also kick Orson‟s butt. But this time, it‟s a fight between the cheerleader and the Cow, so this should be interesting.
  85. 85. Judy and her teacher loves to gossip, especially about orson. “Hey, did you hear about what happened to my brother?” “No, I sure didn‟t. What happened?” “Well….*whisperwhisperwhisper*
  86. 86. “…and then he went to private school! Isn‟t that a hoot?” “But didn‟t you go to private school too, Judy?” “Yea, but that‟s different. Orson going to private school is just odd.” “Ah…I see…I guess…”
  87. 87. “Time to wake up, time to brush your teeth! Time to get dressed and face the day! Gerbits gerbits Vo gerbits!” *grumblemumblegrumble*
  88. 88. “Time to wake up, time to brush your teeth! Time to-” “For frammit‟s sake, get out of my room! Can‟t a girl have some sleep around here? Shoo! Shoo!”
  89. 89. Judy finally found the love of her life in a walk-by student named Weldon. Kind of strange for her to be thinking about her brother when she is kissing for the first time.
  90. 90. “Darling, ever since I first laid my eyes on you, I just knew you were the one for me. You are constantly in my thoughts and dreams, and I can‟t live without you. Will you marry me and be my wife?” “I thought you would never ask! Of course I will Spencer!” I wonder who the mystery bride to be is…..
  91. 91. Who is that naked person entering the greek house hot tub? Don‟t they have any manners???
  92. 92. It‟s Berjes the Cow of course. And no, he doesn‟t have any manners at all. If he did he would have to become a Llama. At least he‟s not beating up on anyone.
  93. 93. Betty was about to go into aspiration failure, so she called up the professor for a date, and maybe even more. “So…what do you say you come over for a date? Of course it will be at my house, I remember you want to keep this a secret…..ok I will be waiting for you. Bye!”
  94. 94. The Cow decided to ruin Betty‟s date by flirting with the professor. Luckily Joanne was in class. But for some odd reason, Betty slapped the cow instead! Gene: Maaaaaan this is soooo bad! Professor: Oh crap I got caught cheating even though I didn‟t know that person!”
  95. 95. “Oh darling! I am so sorry for what happened! Will you forgive me?” “Of course. Remember, this is an open relationship. But not that open.” And with the flick of a wrist, Betty produced another smooth talking rose and all was forgiven. I didn‟t realize those roses could fix furiousness.
  96. 96. “How about we go inside and make out-I mean make up some more.” *winkwink* “I would love to Betty!”
  97. 97. They made up alright. Her first woohoo was a make-up one lol.
  98. 98. Several hours later….. “That was the best woohoo I ever had, Betty. I….love you. Very much.” “Mmmmmhmmm…loveyoutoozzzzzz”
  99. 99. The date would not have been complete without the hot tub woohoo. It‟s funny how the aspiration finger is pointing at the legs ahahahaha.
  100. 100. Judy decided to make cabbage wraps again, but cajun style this time. “Ewwww…what on earth is this? It tastes like the back end of a truck!” *gags*
  101. 101. “Oh goodness me, Spencer must not find out about my secret plot to make an army of puppies and teddy bears, and then make a movie about it!”
  102. 102. Looks like Gene is getting in on the action. For whatever reason. “I don‟t like you Cow. I don‟t know why but I don‟t. So you better watch your back!” “Uh…whatever shrimp. I will squash you with my hoof.” *gulp*
  103. 103. “So you better watch your back before I turn you into roadkill. Got it?” “Uh, yea sure man, whatever you say.”
  104. 104. Gene and Berjes got into a fight anyway, and Berjes got owned! I‟m not sure who Joanne is rooting for, but it‟s funny anyway. Never fight with a man that spends most of his day on the exercise bike.
  105. 105. “Anybody else want a piece of me?? Huh?? That‟s what I thought!”
  106. 106. Looks like an embarassing moment for the professor. Actually, collin came in and joy buzzered him, and he didn‟t like that at all. Plus, people came running in and caught him in his fruity underpants. Double embarassing.
  107. 107. A proud Ginger looked on as Orson proposed to his girlfriend Elise. They had a very solid relationship, even though I didn‟t take too many pictures. “I am so proud of my kids. They are all grown up and soon to be married.” *snifflesniffle* “Mooooom! You‟re ruining the moment!”
  108. 108. Simultaneous mm mm goodness. Judy was cooking up another vegetarian dish that she picked up from the library cookbooks.
  109. 109. As a gift for good grades, I bought orson a bong. A BIG bong. Now he can share his cannabis with his fiance. Collin made a beeline for it as soon as I placed it on the deck.
  110. 110. “Hey dude‟s save some for me!” “There‟s plenty Collin, hurry up though before it runs out.” *gigglegigglegiggle*
  111. 111. Even conservative Joanne joined in. “Hey man..I can like, fly and stuff!” “Keep on puffing so you can stay high!”
  112. 112. Yes. They did it. Big time. She couldn‟t resist with him hopping in there naked like that.
  113. 113. Orson and Elise gets cozy in the rain….they love each other so much. Awwwwww.
  114. 114. “Hey hey Orson guess what? I saw the Cow one day and he was really mad right? So he…*whisperwhisperwhisper*
  115. 115. “…and then he got his but kicked!” “Hahahahaha…..wait. That‟s your fiance. Why are you gossiping about that??” Silence.
  116. 116. Many moons later, the Mariano clan entered the senior year. They all chose Judy to pick someone as placeholder. So she made a few calls, and soon found the perfect person.
  117. 117. You may not recognize her, but she was the cheerleader that beat the pants off of the Cow. She cleans up nicely.
  118. 118. “Gimme an L! Gimme an A! Gimme an-” “Please for sake of Pumbob stop singing! You are making my brain cells hurt!” She looked so sad when he rejected her cheer. Made me sad even lol.
  119. 119. “Hmmm…this pizza has a unique flavour….almost tangy and bitter. Very nice though…I think.” Gene got food poisoning of course and spread the sickness all over the bathroom. Yuck.
  120. 120. “Man, this is some good stuff. When we move out of here we should get one too.” “Yes that‟s a good idea. It is natural after all. I just don‟t want us to wind up in prison over it.” “Babe, don‟t worry. That will never happen.”
  121. 121. Lightening struck the light for some reason or another, and Spencer used his fire safety skills to put it out. “Man..we coulda like…died and stuff. That‟s heavy.” “Orie, shut up man.”
  122. 122. Then the next one caught on fire but it burnt out before Captain hero could come and save the day again.
  123. 123. Soon it was time for graduation. Since Spencer was the heir, and I didn‟t want to throw six graduation parties, I let Spencer have one. “One more game of red hands for the road bro?” “Yea man, of course!” *glows*
  124. 124. “I am so proud of you for graduating.” “Thanks mom and dad.” “I love you.” “Love you too. Now stop getting all mushy on me.”
  125. 125. Spencer spent the rest of his party on the exercise bike. Even though he doesn‟t need it. Good grief. Regardless, the party was a success.
  126. 126. *Smustle faces mini-spam* *Spam over* Told ya it was mini :D
  127. 127. Spencer grew up in a hideous sweatsuit. “Ugh….this is nasty! I need a change of clothes STAT!”
  128. 128. Gene ran after Spencer to bid him farewell. “Driver, move fast. I don‟t want to be seen in this outfit.” “Whatever you say, kid.”
  129. 129. Gene grew up next, changing into a wife beater and cowboy jeans….and not so much hair. That hair actually fits him so he‟s keeping it. He actually seemed pleased with his odd clothing.
  130. 130. Betty actually has a cute outfit, but it doesn‟t fit in the era so its getting changed. “Aww but whyyyy??It‟s sexy!”
  131. 131. Joanne is still pretty, and grows up in one of my favourite H &M dresses. I‟m not sure if it will fit into the era though….we will see.
  132. 132. “Orie, what kind of outfit is that?” “I dunno man, but I need to get my tie die back. This shirt is too depressing.”
  133. 133. Last but not least, Judy grows up in a librarian‟s uniform and leaves the greek house forever, the placeholder trying to work off the extra pizza before the next generation arrives. And this is where I will leave you. Next time there will be lots and lots of weddings so stay tuned! As always, thanks to the creators of all the CC from all of the random websites.