Totally random legacy chapter 1.1


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Totally random legacy chapter 1.1

  1. 1. Hi and welcome back! In the last chapter, Derek’s fiancée Regina broke up with him because shepreferred to play the field instead of settle down. He moved out and after wandering aroundtown, found a small house for sale, which he purchased. Derek discovered a crystal ball whichproduced five potential soul mates, and you all voted for his future wife. Let’s see who won, shallwe?
  2. 2. After work, Derek phoned up his future wife. He was nervous as he dialed the number.“Hey, it’s Derek. How’s it going? Umm….I was wondering if you could come over for somepizza or something….you would? Great! See you in an hour!”He was nervous. His past experience started to haunt him, but he pushed it into the back ofhis mind as he went to go freshen up.
  3. 3. As soon as Holly walked up to the door, he rushed out and greeted her with a hug.“Thanks for coming. I really wanted us to get to know each other better.”“Yea, no problem. I’m glad you called. I was wondering if I won the contest. Looks like I did.”Derek smiled. “Come on in. Pizza’s waiting.”
  4. 4. Instead of going in though, Derek stopped and faced Holly. He stared at her for a moment.“I just want to let you know how lovely you look. I…I really think you are beautiful.”Holly blushed. “Thanks. I don’t get compliments very often, except for when one of the jocks oncampus wants me to write their term papers for them.”
  5. 5. They spent most of the evening eating pizza and talking about their interests. Holly really likedtalking about riding her dirt bike on winding trails in the woods near her dorm. Derek likedthe fact that she was an active person.She’s definitely different from Regina, he thought as he listened to her tell him a story about ridinginto a giant spider web.
  6. 6. “What about cooking? I’m not much of a cook, but I can at least make mac and cheese on a goodday.”Holly grinned. “I’m not much of a cook either, but I don’t mind learning. I have always wanted tolearn how to make lasagna.”‘I love lasagna!”“Me too!”
  7. 7. “Thanks for inviting me, Derek. I had a wonderful time.”“No, thank you for coming. I honestly thought you would have said something along the lines ofbuzz off.” He laughed and snuck in a kiss on her cheek. Holly smiled. She really thought he was asweet person. Her family oriented side made her hope he was the one. She kissed him goodnightand got into the taxi that was waiting for her outside.
  8. 8. The days went by quickly for Derek. He worked hard to make sure he got at least one promotionbefore the week was out. He was happy that his life was getting back to normal.
  9. 9. Unfortunately, his past relationship still haunted him from time to time, ruining his day andmaking him cranky for the rest of the evening. On those days he made sure not to call Hollyfor fear he would snap at her for no reason.
  10. 10. To take his mind off of the past, he invited Holly over for a game of chess. Neither of them were thatgood at it, but they had fun anyway. Most of his workdays ended in Holly’s company, and as thedays went by, they became closer. One part of him was scared of being rejected and hurt, but anotherpart of him was encouraging him to move forward.
  11. 11. Their evenings usually resulted in a lot of flirting and suggesting things they wouldn’tmind doing with each other in the future. Holly really liked the fact that, even thoughDerek wasn’t a Family sim, he was still interested in talking about starting a family.
  12. 12. A week later, Derek met up with Holly at a restaurant in Downtown Veronaville. She huggedhim, excited to see him again.“So, what’s the name of this place again?” She asked, grinning.“Chez Nom Nom.”Holly giggled. “I don’t know who named this place, but they must really have a sense ofhumor.”
  13. 13. The rain started to pour just as they were seated.“We have good timing, huh? Those clouds came rolling in pretty quickly,” Derek said as theylooked over the menu.“Yes, definitely.” Holly felt her stomach flutter all over the place as she watched him smile andnod. He’s definitely the one, she thought as she smiled back at him.
  14. 14. After lunch they walked over to the park to spend some alone time with each other. They didn’tdo much talking, which was fine for the both of them. Derek was sure that Holly was the one hewas meant to be with, and he decided to totally be himself with her completely.
  15. 15. They lost track of time, which he noticed when they came up for air and heard cricketschirping.“Umm…wanna go back to my house?”Holly blushed. “Yea, sure why not.” The flutters returned as he took her hand and walked tothe curb where a taxi was parked.
  16. 16. “I wish I didn’t have to leave,” Holly said in a small voice. She held onto him tighter and rubbed hisback.He felt the same way too, but he wasn’t so sure if she thought he was rushing into things.“Do you mean that?” He said, uncertain.“Of course! I don’t want to be in Uni forever! And..and well…I really think we would be good foreach other. What do you think?”Derek smiled. “I think you should stay here with me. I want you to.”
  17. 17. The next day, Derek called Holly to see if she needed any help packing. He was so nervous to besharing his house with a woman again, and he seriously hoped that it wouldn’t be like it was withhis ex.“No I’m fine. I just have this one gym bag full of clothes. Gotta go though, the taxi is waiting for me.”“Can’t wait to see you.”“Me too!”
  18. 18. As soon as she was out of the taxi, Derek ran over to her and gave her a big hug, causing herto drop her gym bag on the sidewalk.“Hey calm down sweetie! We just saw each other yesterday!”He stepped back and smoothed her clothes a bit. “Sorry, I’m just excited that we are going tothe next level. I never thought it would happen for me, especially since-”Holly looked at him. “Since what?”“Oh nothing, don’t worry. Let’s go inside.”Holly shrugged and followed him into the house.
  19. 19. Holly Wilkie (soon to be Manning)Aspiration: FamilyLTW: Reach golden anniversaryTurn ons/offs: Good cooks that wears full face makeup/Black hairPersonality: 4-4-4-7-6
  20. 20. Their first night together made Derek a bit nervous and restless. Holly fell asleepimmediately, since she was much more comfortable, and she didn’t have the thoughtsthat he had running around her head. He didn’t get much sleep that night. Having Hollythere made him feel much better though.
  21. 21. After Derek left for work, Holly wandered out to the front yard to look around. Just as she wasgoing back inside, she felt something brushing up against her leg. She looked down and saw acute white cat peering up at her.“Oh hey there kitty! Aren’t you so cute! I bet Derek wouldn’t mind if I took you in. Wannacome live with me?”The cat meowed in response.
  22. 22. “How about I name you Poochka? I think it fits since it sounds fancy and silly at the same time.”Poochka swished his tail and purred. He was just happy to get some attention. Holly carried himinside, then went into town to buy the things he was going to need.
  23. 23. As soon as she got back, she spotted another cat laying in front of the door. Holly had a softspot for cats, so she decided to take this one in too. She named the female kitty Izzie. Izzieseemed very playful and nice.“I just hope you get along with Poochka. Who knows, maybe there will be kittens one day!”
  24. 24. Apparently Poochka didn’t like the fact that he had a new neighbor, so he took it out on theold futon instead of the scratching post that Holly brought back from town.
  25. 25. He then sat next to the mess he made and pretended nothing happened. He even watchedsome TV.
  26. 26. A few months had passed, and things were really getting serious between Derek and Holly. Hereally wanted to make things official, but that nagging memory kept popping up every time hegathered up the courage. Today was going to be different. He wanted it to be different.“How was work?” Holly asked in between bites of her soup.“Ah, same thing different day. My boss is having us build these wife, a dog and 2.5 kids typehouses all over town. I don’t like them at all! There is no creativity in the design. Each house looksexactly alike.”“Kinda like in that movie we watched last night? What was it called..oh Jonesville!”“Yep exactly.”They were both silent for a little while. Derek sighed. This is it, he thought.
  27. 27. He quietly slid the small black box towards Holly. His palms started to sweat as he tried to findthe right words. Holly’s eyes just grew big with excitement.“Umm…you er, well, you are very special to me, and I love you very much. I can’t picturespending the rest of my life without you in it. Holly, will you marry me?”Holly let out the breath she was holding and just grinned. For awhile Derek thought she hadfrozen in place because she held her hands up to her face for what seemed like forever.
  28. 28. Finally, she opened the box and took the ring out. The smile just grew as Derek got more and morenervous.“I’m sorry this isn’t as romantic as the movies and all, maybe I should try-”“Don’t be silly, sweetie. This is extremely romantic. And yes, I will marry you!”“Really?”“Definitely!”
  29. 29. They invited a few close friends to witness their wedding. Holly wanted it to be an eveningaffair so that more people could come. Plus she thought it was more romantic.
  30. 30. Regina wasn’t invited, but she heard about the wedding from her neighbors. She couldn’tbelieve it so she came over to see for herself. She quickly took a seat in the very back so shewouldn’t be seen.
  31. 31. Everything went smoothly. Derek even thought it would be funny to spread cake all over his newwife’s face. She was surprised but went with it. Holly even took some of her cake and spread it on hisface, which made the guests laugh.
  32. 32. Derek bumped into Regina on the way back inside. He was shocked to see her there.“What are you doing here? We didn’t invite you!”Regina gave him an evil glare. “I know. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.Looks like nothing special to me.”“Stay away from me and my wife. It’s bad enough we broke up on bad terms, but havingyou around would just make things worse.”“Oh don’t you worry. I wouldn’t dare come around you and your precious wife. My time istoo valuable.”And with that, she turned around and left. Derek watched her until she went around thecorner.
  33. 33. Inside, Holly had to deal with a sore loser.“I can’t believe he chose you over me! You have nothing, whereas I am magical and I could havemade all of his dreams come true.”“You will not ruin my day because of your jealousy! If you don’t like it you can leave!”Emmy smiled. “Oh! Well I will stay because you invited me. But do not fear, I will not ruin yourspecial day. Congrats.” She said sarcastically.
  34. 34. Everyone had a good time all in all, and the newlywed couple were very happy. Derek finally relaxedas they danced for the first time as husband and wife.“I love you, Holly. Thank you for marrying me.”She smiled and rubbed his shoulders gently. “You don’t have to thank me, silly! I love you so verymuch. That’s why I married you. I just hope I can make you happy.”“You already have.”
  35. 35. ********************************************
  36. 36. Derek had to go to work early, so Holly cleaned up the house. She hummed as she did the dishes.Her dreams of growing old with the love her life was coming true. Thoughts of having childrenand being happy ran through her head as she finished cleaning up.
  37. 37. Unfortunately, Regina came in the early hours of the morning and knocked over their trashcan.Roaches roamed all over the front yard, which pissed off Holly to no end. She had no ideaabout Derek’s ex, so she thought maybe some crazy teens did it on a dare.
  38. 38. Her thoughts wandered to their wedding night.I’m a family sim. But, I don’t feel any different. Maybe I am pregnant but I just don’t know it yet….Wellsometimes it doesn’t happen on the first try….it will happen though, right? Right?
  39. 39. As the weeks went past, nothing happened. Holly was beginning to wonder if she was evencapable of having children. She kept a happy face on for Derek, but when he wasn’t around shebroke down in tears. The cats kept her company, and she loved them dearly, but having fur-babies wasn’t really her idea of a family.
  40. 40. Her sadness never kept her from being excited about trying though.
  41. 41. Two days later, Holly finally felt different from usual. She was really hopeful, but wasn’t so sure.She shared her feelings with her husband.“How are you feeling?” Derek asked. His job kept him up late studying, so he was pretty tired andnot up for conversation. But, he did his best with small talk since he knew Holly didn’t like quietmeals.“I’m not for sure, but I think I may be pregnant.” Holly fiddled with her fingers under the table.“I hope that’s the case,” Derek said, smiling. “I would love to have a child with you.”He took her hand and squeezed it. Holly really hoped she was pregnant. They had been trying fora very long time.
  42. 42. The constant vomiting that soon followed breakfast confirmed her suspicions.
  43. 43. Her pregnancy progressed without any problems. She did feel more exhausted than shethought she was supposed to, and she read the baby books for advice. Derek assured her thatit was normal to be tired, and he made her rest while he took over the cooking and cleaning.
  44. 44. Holly spent most of her time napping on the couch. Poochka didn’t mind, he liked having anapping partner.
  45. 45. Derek invited his co-workers over for chess and movies since Holly was too tired to doanything other than eat, sleep and shower. He didn’t mind though.
  46. 46. “Derek! The baby is coming!” Holly yelled through clenched teeth. “This is not a glamorous placeto give birth!!!”The labour pains ripped through her back and stomach.“Derek!!! What’s taking you so long!”
  47. 47. “There’s not enough space in there for me! I will support you from here.” He replied, frustrated. Inall honesty, he was scared to death of witnessing the birth of his first child with his own eyes. So hestayed by the refrigerator the whole time and coached her on.
  48. 48. An hour later, she carried her newborn son Chance to the nursery her husband built. She was soimpressed with how much he looked like his father.“This room belongs to you now. Your father made it with his own hands,” she said in a half whisper.
  49. 49. Derek came into the nursery a moment later with Carson. Carson was a tiny bit lighter than his brotherand had his father’s eyes.“Twins….how are we going to manage?” Derek said. He was proud of his two boys, but he wasn’tprepared for having two the first time around.“I’m sure we will do fine. Trust me.”“I hope so.”
  50. 50. The random button was kind enough to not give me quads in generation one, but who says itwon’t happen next time? I will leave you all with a lovely picture of Izzie and Poochka fightingwhile Holly watched. It’s funny how they fight one moment then play with each otherimmediately afterwards. I guess it’s a love-hate relationship. Thanks for reading and look out forthe next chapter!