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Have you ever received something addressed by hand and NOT opened it? It’s hard to say the same thing about emails. The “throwback” technique of sending a personal note could be the new innovative approach you’ve been looking for.

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Personal Notes

  1. 1. The pen is mighty Have you ever received something addressed by hand and NOT opened it? It’s hard to say the same thing about emails. The “throwback” technique of sending a personal note could be the new innovative approach you’ve been looking for.
  2. 2. Personal notes are effective marketing tools and a smart business practice. They can build relationships, raise your visibility and distinguish you from your competitors. Add the writing of a note or two into your daily business routine and make a habit of cutting out articles that may interest your clients and referral sources. Personal notes can be written for lots of reasons: 1. Short and concise notes are the most effective. 2. Write the way you speak – conversationally, not formally. 3. Handwritten notes are the most effective, but type them if your handwriting is unreadable. And be sure to sign it. 4. Humor is risky—what’s funny to you may not be funny to the recipient. It’s safer to avoid it. 5. Be specific. Instead of saying “Thank you for your help,” spell it out: “Thank you for helping to get me on the agenda at the fall conference.” 6. Use what you know about the recipient to personalize the note: “Thank you so much for the referral on Friday. I really appreciate it. And P.S. – How about those Red Sox?!” 7. Send clippings about something they are interested in: “You mentioned an upcoming trip to New Orleans. I just came across this article about a fabulous new restaurant on Bourbon Street.” 8. When they are in the media, cut out and enclose the clipping: “Congrats! Thought you might want an extra copy.” 9. Consider using quotes. For example, if someone has just closed a big deal, received a promotion or won an award: “There’s no place where success comes before work except in the dictionary.’ (Donald Kimball, Chair of PepsiCo in 1986) Congrats!” 10. Use statistics relevant to the recipient’s job, company or interests: “I just read that the foreclosure rate has doubled in Vermont. Perhaps we should get together and talk. How about coffee?” 11. Use common, all purpose lines: “I was delighted to hear of your promotion. Best of luck.” Or “I wish you much success in your new role.” 12. Set aside 20-30 minutes every week for the purpose of note writing. The following is a list of tips, techniques and examples designed to help make the writing of personal notes effortless and quick.
  3. 3. Resources Follow Up “I enjoyed meeting you at the Chamber Business After Hours event last Friday. Hopefully we can have coffee one day soon.” “I thought you might find this article about recent changes in the manufacturing sector relevant to your new business venture. It was a pleasure sitting with you at the United Way fundraiser on Thursday.” Thanks for Your Business “I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your business and your confidence in me. Don’t hesitate to call at any time with questions.” “Thanks for referring Jim Smith to me. I will take good care of him, and thank you for thinking of me.” “Thanks for the introduction to Megan Jones. It looks like we’ll be working together in the near future.” Staying in Touch If someone is into a particular sports team, send a clipping and a note: “I had no idea that the UConn Huskies were ranked number 2 by the AP Poll. You must be thrilled.” If someone is into wine, send a recommendation: “Last weekend I tried Chilean wine for the first time and thought you might like it.” If the person mentioned they were looking for something, cut it out of a catalog. “I just found this kayak at Sierra Trading Post and thought it might be just what you were looking for.” Want to know more? Contact Pat Sears (, Julia Andrews ( or Ken Millman ( at 802.951.1700. Awards/Achievements “Congratulations on your award from the SBA. What a remarkable accomplishment.” Birthdays “Happy Birthday. I wish you many more years of health and happiness.” “As Pablo Picasso said, ‘We don’t grow older, we grow riper.’ Enjoy your birthday.” Holidays At Thanksgiving: “During Thanksgiving I’m reminded of the things I am thankful for and I thought of you.” At Rosh Hashanah: “Thinking of you at this time of contemplation and celebration.” Examples of Personal Notes