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Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
Parent Tutorial
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Parent Tutorial


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  • 1. Parent Tutorial How to use this website
  • 2. Instructions
    • First, read the slides for each activity.
    • Then, perform the practice activity.
  • 3. General Ideas
    • Check the website often (at least once a week.)
      • Assignments change often, and grades are updated frequently.
      • To stay on top of your student’s progress, checking often is necessary.
  • 4. General Ideas cont.
    • Click on each tab above to be familiar with what this site has to offer.
    • Provide me with feedback in order to help me improve the site.
    • Contact me if you have any questions or issues. I cannot anticipate every issue, and I appreciate all the help I can get!
  • 5. Warning!
    • The following slides are for those who are not very comfortable with interactive web tools.
    • If you are very familiar with using blogs, wikis, or other Web 2.0 tools, feel free to stop now and start using the site!
  • 6. How to post a comment
    • Posting a comment or question is just as easy as writing an email.
    • First, write your name in the name line.
    • Then, write your email so that I can reply. No one else will see it.
    • Finally, in the large box, put your comment or questions.
  • 7. Feedback Activity
    • To practice posting and giving me feedback:
      • Click on Feedback
      • Follow the directions to leave a piece of feedback
      • Navigate back here.
  • 8. How to reply to a comment
    • Sometimes you will want to reply to a question or comment from another parent.
    • This can be done similar to making your own comment.
  • 9. Reply Activity
    • First, go to the parent’s page and click on communication.
    • Then, scroll down and find the question I have asked..
    • Finally, click reply and comment like you normally would.
  • 10. The End!
    • Thank you for using this mini-tutorial!
    • If there is any other mini-lesson you think is necessary, please let me know in the feedback area!
    • Thanks and enjoy! -Mr. Dobbs