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What does your body need to heal? @


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What does your body need to heal? How do you know you are need of better health and how do you make that happen?

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What does your body need to heal? @

  1. 1. sarahspiegelhof f .com Photo Credit: Photo Credit: by Art of Wellness June 20, 2013 What does you body need to heal? What does your body need to heal? This is a question that Lissa Rankin asks us that I think is important f or all of us to ask ourselves today. Working at a wellness center, I continue to f ind clients who come to me looking f or immediate f ixes. Many of these clients will ask about medications, believing that their emotional and physical stressors will be alleviated by popping a pill without even exploring what is the underlying cause of the problem. They usually don't consider the changes they can make in their lives to f eel better. But what if we believed that we could heal ourselves? Ask yourself , are you taking care of your needs? What do you do to practice self -care? I talked about self -care a while back and was reminded of my own self -care practice, when asked about it in an upcoming interview by ACA (see Counseling Today's upcoming August Issue). This made be think beyond what I envision and to what I actually embody. What do I do? Can I heal myself? I know I of ten tell myself what I'm going to do starting tomorrow. I'm sure you told yourself this many times as well. The I will run tomorrow or I will eat healthy tomorrow. Why wait? What can you do now? What can you do today? It is alarming and staggering how many reports about how unhealthy we are these days keep appearng in the media. A new study has indicated that Americans are not getting enough sleep, which can shorten the lif e span. Let's just say, I don't have this problem. I ❤ sleep! But f or so many, sleep is something that is overlooked and neglected. Ask yourself , are you getting enough sleep? At least seven hours each night? Or do you f ind yourself staying up f inishing that last to-do or watching mindless TV? How can you change this for yourself? What about exercise and nutrition! The American Medical Association is now recognizing obesity is now a disease. Whether you agree with the AMA's decision or not, we do know that obesity is a leading cause of heart disease and other health risks. But rather than dwelling over dis- ease, let's move away from it to a more preventative approach--a wellness based approach to our health. John Travis, M.D., is considered one of the original leaders in the wellness movement with his breakthrough theory of the wellness-illness continuum. The continuum, looks at illness (or dis-ease) and wellness on spectrum, always fluid and dynamic . What steps can YOU take to heal your body and improve your overall wellness, aligning yourself more to the right side of the image above? Share your thoughts, comments, and self -care
  2. 2. Photo Credit: Travis Illness-Wellness Continuum practice in the comments below! And stay tuned f or upcoming posts on ways to improve your wellness routine and heal your body!