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Can a flower enhance your well-being and heal your body? Perhaps, let me introduce your to botanical wellness.

Can a flower enhance your well-being and heal your body? Perhaps, let me introduce your to botanical wellness.



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Botanical Wellness (Part 1) @ Document Transcript

  • 1. sarahspiegelhof f .com by Art of Wellness June 27, 2013 Botanical Wellness (Part 1) When I ask people about their self -care and wellness practices, it is not common f or them to talk about gardening. Sometimes, people speak about the benef its of having f resh f lowers in their homes, but this is usually in ref erence to bringing home cut f lowers. There is nothing wrong with having a bouquet of f lowers. Who doesn't want one (feel free to send me some peonies)? But, I encourage you to take it a step f urther and develop your own garden--big or small, indoor or outdoor--make it your own, as a wellness practice. Okay...bef ore you say, "But Sarah I don't have a green thumb!" try this quick activity. Take our your journal (or a notepad, chalkboard, post- it...whatever works f or you) and write down "I don't have a green thumb." Now, cross it out! That's right, cross it out and replace it with a positive message. "I do have a green thumb!" OR "I will succeed in gardening." Remember, you don't have to start with a massive f arm to introduce this wellness practice into your lif e. Maybe start small, with a simple succulent in a pot that doesn't need much water. All you have to do is f ind a window with sun, place the pot there, and water when it dries out. The trick is to pick a plant that doesn't seem overwhelming or would require more time than you have f or in a day. Also, f eel f ree to hang that positive message above your new plant. So why garden? Why botanical wellness? I personally f ound gardening as a simple way f or me to escape from the day to day stressors, the times when I f ind myself spending hours in f ront of my computer without breaks or when I'm getting lost and overwhelmed in my to-do list. Taking care of plants allows me to become grounded with nature. It doesn't take me very long to get up and water some of my orchids. Maybe I will take a moment to trim my bonsai tree. Whatever it is, I f ind that as my plants grown and f lowers bloom, I f ind a sense of accomplishment and they remind me of simple and natural things in lif e. Sure...there are a f ew that didn't survive, but that's alright. It is part of the this on-going developmental process. There are so many benefits for YOU to experience from gardening! Spending time outdoors has been f ound to positively af f ect emotions and create a sense of well-being. Think about it, how many hours a day do you f ind yourself trapped inside? Perhaps in a cubicle, in back to back meetings with colleagues, or even time spent allowing yourself to zone out in f ront of the TV. Getting outside, even f or short periods of time, gets your body moving and provides you with a f ull sensory experience. Do you f eel the warmth of the sun on your skin? Perhaps you notice the tranquil scent coming f rom a blooming bed of lavender. Maybe a cool breeze blows through your hair and f reshens your spirit.
  • 2. Maybe you can't get outside to garden. Perhaps you live in an urban pad that doesn't have outdoor space. Or maybe you are like many of us who can only garden outside a f ew months of the years. That's okay. Bring it indoors! Start small and f ind plants that work well in your home and that brings a smile to your f ace. Maybe you crave soothing scents or want to bring a touch of the tropics inside. Find what works for YOU. For those who have been gardening, share you experiences in the comments below. What benefits do you find from gardening? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor gardening? Do you have a favorite plant to grow? What successes have you had from gardening? How would you describe your botanical aesthetic? Stay tuned f or more in this botanical wellness series. In part 2, you will discover ways to create a therapeutic garden. Photo Credits: My own garden, We Heart It