Ux team tips from howie chang
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Ux team tips from howie chang

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  • 1. AtticTV UX Team Tips from Howie Chang, RedMart Johnson Goh Founder/CEO, AtticTV ! johnson@attictv.com Skype ID: cellkasthr
  • 2. Hiring UX Designers
  • 3. PolyMath need to deeply understand Business Functions,Engineering and Design COMMUNICATIONS able to communicate ideas in various formats (verbal, wireframes, full comps) clearly and effectively WORKING RELATIONS can work well and closely with Product Manager and CEO and able to communicate and delegate to design team (researchers, UX designers, visual designers)
  • 4. Howie© Hiring Process @Redmart Sourcing not sure how Howie does it, but apparently it’s a long process and it’s hard to find in Singapore Conversation With the PM After applications have been filtered through based on quality of work, PM (sometimes + CEO) has a chat with candidates to gauge ability to think holistically about the business and able to communicate well Making Sure every candidate will speak with at least 3 of his potential future colleagues to ensure that they can work well together. Also, it is better if we could set up meet ups between the candidate with other stakeholders like investors, partners etc. to get their opinion for the candidate (especially Senior positions)
  • 5. The Product Management Function
  • 6. Business Units Customer Service CEO requirements Product Manager Prioritise List Think Tank Requirements Doc Engineering Team Design Team Product Team
  • 7. Prioritise List based on CEO’s vision of that particular period ! delighting customers need to weigh number of people it affects reject what features suggested by the loud ones
  • 8. Think Tank After list is prioritised, PM discusses with CEO and senior management to determine what is going to be built
  • 9. Additional Execution NOTES: Have weekly stand ups for design team to brainstorm ! Let designers and engineers free to solve the problems their own way. Product Manager determines problems, and designers and engineers figure out the “how” ! Product Manager works closely with UX designer ! PM needs to say “no” a lot to prioritise based on data
  • 10. AtticTV UX Team Tips from Howie Chang, RedMart Johnson Goh Founder/CEO, AtticTV ! johnson@attictv.com Skype ID: cellkasthr