Woman At Its Best


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Woman At Its Best

  1. 1. WOMAN
  2. 2. For every strong woman, tired of faking weakness, there is a weak man, tired of faking strength.
  3. 3. For every woman, tired of faking “foolishness”, there is a man tired of having to act as a “model of wisdom”
  4. 4. For each woman tired of being labeled as an “emotional female” there is a man who has been denied the right to cry and be sensitive
  5. 5. For every sportswoman whose femininity is questioned, there is a man forced to compete in order to give testimony of his virility
  6. 6.   For every woman tired of being considered a sexual object, There is a man concerned about his sexual performance
  7. 7. For every woman who has not had access to a dignified salary, there is a man forced to bear the economic responsibility of another human being.
  8. 8. For every woman who ignores the “secrets of car mechanics” there is a man who doesn’t know how to “boil an egg”.
  9. 9. For every woman that steps toward her freedom, there is a man who rediscovers the road to liberty.
  10. 10. The human race is a two-winged bird: -one wing is female, -the other is male. Unless both wings are equally developed The human race will not be able to fly
  11. 11. Now, more than ever, the cause of women is the cause of mankind.
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