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  • 1. Dr. Venkata Ramana Rao B.P.T., P.G Dip.(Acu), C.I.E (Sweden) R S I Specialist (Myotherapist & Ergonomist) Stop pain, before I T stops you K E E P S E M P L O Y E E S H E A L T H Y & P R O D U C T I V E Health Care R S I
  • 2. Why This Subject ?
  • 3.
    • How many of you heard about
    • R S I ?
  • 4.
    • Why you should be aware of
    • R S I ?
  • 5.
    • C o m p u t e r U s e r s a r e
    • P r o n e t o d e v e l o p
    • R S I
  • 6.
    • R e p e t i t i v e
    • S t r a i n
    • I n j u r i e s
  • 7. O t h e r N a m e s for R S I
    • Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WHO)
    • Occupational Overused Syndrome (NZ)
    • Cumulative Trauma Disorder (USA)
    • Computer Related Injury (CRI)
  • 8. R S I F a c t s & F i g u r e s
    • OSHA estimate over 700,000 RSI’s occur every year
    • 15-25% of computer users throughout the world may
    • have estimated R S I (Source - BBC)
    • 3 out of 5 office workers in Sweden have symptoms of R S I
    • Every day 6 people in UK leave their jobs due to an R S I
    • (Source - TUC)
  • 9. D i d y o u k n o w ?
    • 75% of Indian Computer Users report pain/numbness
    • Over 30 young Indian IT/ITES Professionals have lost their jobs because of advanced R S I
    • 55% of Indian Computer Users got injured within a year of starting their first job
  • 10.
    • W h y & H o w
    • ?
  • 11. Repetition of job tasks Too much Stress Muscles Tendons Nerves Other soft Tissues O n Causes Leads to R S I
  • 12. T y p e s & C a u s e s of R S I
  • 13. C a r p a l T u n n e l S y n d r o m e
  • 14. C a u s e s.. Wrist Posture
  • 15. Contact Stress
  • 16. B a c k P r o b l e m s
  • 17. C a u s e s..
    • Poor Strength
    • Poor Postures
    • Poor Body Mechanics
  • 18. T h o r a c i c O u t l e t S y n d r o m e
  • 19. C a u s e s..
    • Cradling Telephone
    • Awkward postures
  • 20. T e n d i n i t i s & T e n o s y n o v i t i s
  • 21. C a u s e s.. Extended Arm
  • 22. Poor Alignment
  • 23.  
  • 24.
    • N e c k Strain
    • &
    • Tension H e a d a c h e s
  • 25. C a u s e s.. Neck Posture
  • 26. R o o t C a u s e s of R S I
    • Poor body mechanics
    • Poor Work habits
    • Inappropriate Workstation Setup
  • 27. S y m p t o m s of R S I
    • Pain & Discomfort
    • Unusual sensations like Tingling, Burning,
    • and Numbness.
    • Decreased ROM / Flexibility
    • Muscle weakness, loss of grip strength
  • 28. S t a g e s of R S I
  • 29.
    • S t a g e 1
    • S t a g e 2
    • S t a g e 3
  • 30. S t a g e 3
    • Pain and discomfort
    • Heaviness
    • Pins - needles sensation
    • Numbness
    • It even disturbs sleep
    • Muscle weakness
  • 31. W h a t n o t t o D o
    • Ignore or deny you have a problem
    • Take pain killers
    • Cures the symptoms not the problem
    • Long term effects
    • Join a gym or start weight training
    • Undergo vigorous oil massages
    • Take a vacation hoping the pain will go away with rest
  • 32. W h a t t o D o
    • Seek Professional Medical help
    • Meet Right Specialist for Right Solution
  • 33. T r e a t m e n t
  • 34.
    • Ergonomics
    • Myotherapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Acupuncture
    R X
  • 35.
    • Prevention
    • is better
    • than Cure
  • 36.
    • How can you Prevent
    • R S I ?
  • 37.
    • Proper Workstation Setup
    • Postural Training
    • Good Work habits
  • 38. Workstation
  • 39. Workstation
  • 40. P o s t u r a l T r a i n i n g
    • Neck Posture
    • Sitting Posture
    • Typing Posture
    • Use of Mouse
  • 41. W o r k H a b i t s
    • Take rest breaks
    • Practice good body mechanics
    • Exercise at work – Stretch !
  • 42. S t r e t c h e s
  • 43. Strengthening Exercises
  • 44.
    • R S I
    • may be worse than you think
    • P r e v e n t
    • it before it causes permanent
    • D a m a g e
  • 45. T h a n k Y o u R S I Health Care www.rsihealthcare.org
  • 46.
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