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New Year Flower Roses
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New Year Flower Roses


Published on

Visit Amazing Files @ Spicy Flavours …

Visit Amazing Files @ Spicy Flavours

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  • 1. Every year , A New Year come’s ,but this one is special one… As I am sending you a special New Year Flower Package And reason for sending u these Roses are :: In the rhythm of life sometimes v find R-selves out of tune, but as long as there r people like u 2 provide the melody ---- the music plays on & On & on.
  • 2. The Waterfall and raindrops come from across the distances, But are they less delightful ? So , I am sure that this New Year Flower package too, from Miles Away will be no less heart-warming and delightful to u.
  • 3. Roses Happy New Year For u ,ur Frd's and ur family
  • 4. 1 st For Friendship
  • 5. 2 nd For Love
  • 6. 3rd For Financial Wealth
  • 7. 4 th For Happiness
  • 8. 5 th For Your Success
  • 9. 6 th For Knowledge
  • 10. 7 th For Beauty
  • 11. 8 th For Family
  • 12. 9 th For Honesty
  • 13. 10 th For Long ,Healthy And Prosperous Life
  • 14. And Last one for your Wonderful Smile Sumone somewhere thinks of ur smile n while thinking of u says life is worthwhile. So whenever u r lonely remember it's true, Someone somewhere is alive b'coz of u..
  • 15. It always feels nice to send flowers so … Send these flowers to all the people that you care about …
  • 16. GOOD DAY. Bye and Take Care
  • 17.
    • If you like this file , and look forward to see such more files…visit Amazing Files at
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    • Feel free to download and share this collection to all your dear one’s
    • This collection is sure to energize your nerves, brighten up your face with a smile, lighten up your confused mind and let u ponder and think upon the subtleties and intricacies of the enigma called life. ,as said by special visitors
    • If u have such powerpoint files do submit them to our collection , we will upload them with your name and location:Dont keep them with u only bcoz:
    • Sumone sumwhr thinks of ur smile n while thinking of u says life is worthwhile. So whnever u r lonely remember it's tru, sumone sumwhr is alive b'coz of u..