Friends R Angels


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Friends R Angels

  1. 1. Angels
  2. 2. Have u ever found a friend who makes ur heart grow? Someone who is wonderful, who u’re honored to know, Someone to laugh with & sometimes u cry, Someone who loves u when u don’t know y.
  3. 3. Someone who just seems to understand u, Someone who u love no matter what they do, Someone who u think of day & night, Someone who shows up when the time is just right.
  4. 4. Someone who shares all ur ups & downs, Someone u smile with , replacing ur frowns, Someone who appears whenever there is a need, Surely u must know ,God has planted that seed.
  5. 5. These seeds God has planted here on earth, Cannot be measured by earthly worth, They were planted deeply in ur friend’s heart, By God love placed here from the start.
  6. 6. Value those friendship, honor their decisions, Never try to make their dreams ur revisions, Respect their feelings, never make demands, Hold their live tightly in ur hands.
  7. 7. Never try to angry if u don’t talk to them each day, For a heart can be loving even from far away, Trust in friendship, send a piece of ur heart, This is how friendship was intended from in the start.
  8. 8. Hold their memory in ur heart & mind, Continue to love them all the time, See them for what they really r, True friends r Angels sent by God from a far.
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