SpiceWorld London 2012 Presentation Matthieu Jaeger


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Eaton's presentation at SpiceWorld London 2012

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  • In case of critical power events, traditionalshutdown software take care of shutting down the systemEATON Intelligent Power Software triggers Live Migration capabilities to transparently move virtual machines from a server affected by a power interruption to an available server on the network => data integrity and zerodowntime !
  • SpiceWorld London 2012 Presentation Matthieu Jaeger

    1. 1. Managing the Power Infrastructurewithin your Virtualized Environments SpiceWorld London – 25 May 2012 Matthieu Jaeger
    2. 2. Agenda • EATON Monitoring tool: Intelligent Power Manager • Virtualization (VM, VA, HA, hypervisors, manager..) • Eaton solutions for virtual infrastructure • Live demo • EATON ePDU new features
    3. 3. Why Power Management Software? • Without communication, a UPS will perform its tasks … but your IT system could still be at risk: – If you are not warned of the remaining battery time in case of an extended power failure, – Or if the UPS gets overloaded for too long. • Communication can: – Provide real time notification of the UPS status … – And let you assign automatic actions to perform in case of power event. – Complete power sequences: • Application and Operating system shutdown after a preset time on battery backup • UPS shutdown • UPS reboot on power restoration after a preset time • Server & operating system and application reboot Critical for systems running unattended at night!
    4. 4. Intelligent Power® ManagerEATON supervision and management software for UPS, ePDU & shutdown applications Shutdown agent: IPP UPS ePDU
    5. 5. What you should look for in a power management software• Monitor and manage power devices over the entire network• Automated Alerts• Auto discovery• Mass upgrade• Mass configuration• Virtualization Centric• Asset management• Useful Information• Definable views• Vendor Neutral See all devices, even globally, from any PC on the network
    6. 6. Today, Virtualization is a reality!• Virtualization drives IT industry as the majority of new server installations are now virtualized
    7. 7. What is virtualization? Physical world Virtualized worldTraditional x86 Architecture Virtualization:• Single OS image per machine • Separation of OS and hardware• Software and hardware tightly • OS and application contained in single coupled file• Multiple applications often conflict • Applications are isolated from one• Underutilized resources another • Hardware independence and flexibility These images are courtesy of VMware.
    8. 8. UPS agent installed into the virtual environmentMulti-host site Single-host site •Approach: •Integrate UPS agent with Hypervisor (single host) or central management server (multi-host) •Report power conditions to single location. Hypervisor/system manager controls VMs •No UPS s/w agent installed on VMs These images are courtesy of VMware.
    9. 9. How IPP is protecting the ESXi server? When shutdown criterias are reached: • VMs will gracefully shutdown • ESXi server will shutdown
    10. 10. Redundancy configuration
    11. 11. Virtual Appliance : VA • A virtual appliance is a pre-integrated, self contained system that is made by combining a software application (e.g., server software) with just enough operating system for it to run optimally on industry standard hardware or a virtual machine
    12. 12. Protecting multiple ESXi ’s serversStep 1: Download & deploy IPMStep 2: Link IPM to vCenterStep 3: scan for devices and virtual nodesStep 4: Set IPM with shutdown criterias and vMotion
    13. 13. Features from the plug-in • Power event notifications are sent to the Alarms tab on the vCenter dashboard (power failure)
    14. 14. HA : High Availability feature• Provides automated restart within minutes for all applications in the event of hardware or operating system failures.• Decrease downtime and improve reliability with business continuity
    15. 15. Migrate – avoid service downtimeMoves applications from server or site facing imminent power disruption toanother one with good power.Performs graceful shutdown of the hypervisor and powers down the physicalserver.
    16. 16. Citrix XenMain features:• Compatible HA• IPM Integration into XenCenter• Hypervisor shutdown remotely via IPM
    17. 17. HyperVMain features:• Agent IPP on each hypervisor• IPM on SCVMM
    18. 18. Mixed virtual environment IPM can managed multiple virtual environment
    19. 19. Demo…
    20. 20. IPM triggers vMotion - VMware
    21. 21. Managed ePDUs: what’s new? Main features: • individual or group outlet monitoring (on/off) • Power consumption per outlet / group (Volt, Amps; Watts) • Monitoring Temperature & Humidity (sensor) Let’s talk about the new features!
    22. 22. Create and manage a group of outletsCreate and set a group:• John Smith is a group with outlets A6 + B4Give access to a group:• Login as ‘John Smith’
    23. 23. Power Schedule – Control outlets / groups automatically Set a power schedule for a specific group: • John Smith’s group will swith off at 8pm and switch back on at 7am everyday
    24. 24. Two more things… • ePDU Energy Wise Compliant (Cisco) • ePDU is fully integrated into Intelligent Power Management (Mass config, Mass upgrade…)
    25. 25. Thank you! Any questions?!