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Wayanad property, Wayanad lands, Wayanad Plots.I would consider working with you to achieve your goals both an honor and a privilege.

We are the No.1 leading Real Estate consultant of wayanad and have been into this business since 2005. Our clients are basically NRIs and employees from different corporate companies who wants to settle have an aletrnative residence here in Wayanad. We are assisting non wayanad people to buy there dream plots in wayanad.

Buying a plot in wayanad is a brilliant idea one can ever have in a lifetime. Now is the best time to invest. Now its buyer’s market. I am here to help you out in making this very important choice for your plot.

I will walk you through the entire buying process, taking time to carefully listen to your real estate wish list. I will present you with options, working in a proactive manner, to enable you to find the property that exactly matches your list of criteria.

We have dedicated team of employees who can do the post sale commitements including but not limted to , looking after plantation , marketing , re-sale, replanting etc.

Now is the time to buy! Real estate prices will not stay suppressed over the long term. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Opportunity knocks only once.

I am available to work with you during the entire real estate buying process, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you. For more information, you can visit our Web site or you can feel free to call me directly. www.wayanadnoticeboard.com

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wayanad realestate Ekit

  1. 1. SANTHOSH KUMAR M.P Wayanad Noticeboard Horizon Building, Kenichira, wayanad, kerala visit us at : www.wayanadnoticeboard.com www.wayanad-tourism.com Mob : 09847509565, Landline : 04936346962Good day Sir,As you probably know Wayanad district just 6 hours journey frombangalore is now an emerging tourist destination in Kerala, is brimmingwith tourists. In wayanad so far 18 resorts and nearly 25 homestays hasrisen up due to this flow of tourists. However there is more chances ofresorts as this district is now a favorite weekened tourist destination.The picturesque hilly district is experiencing unprecedented real estateboom, thanks to the flourishing tourism sector and hospitality industry.We would like to introduce ourselves as the leading propertyconsultants in wayanad in the state of Kerala, India. We WayanadNoticeboard are in the Real Estate market for the last 8 years providingcomplete Real Estate Solutions to our customers. A One Stop Solution
  2. 2. for all your Real Estate needs in Wayanad, popularly known as theNotice Board of Wayanad.We are having some rare plots, estates, resorts, buildings etc. which areclose to the NH 212 and few interior areas , also some are close to thetourist destinations. The cost of land per cent is approximately:Rs.10000 /cent.However if interested in large plots the prices could beas low as Rs. 8-12 Lakhs per acre.We have latest database of properties to offer to all sort of buyers. Wehave 3 advocate groups specialized in scrutinizing land documents andthereby assure a hassle free documentation.As Property Consultants we help you in identifying a suitable propertybased on your requirements i.e Farm Land, Coffee estates, TeaPlantations, Houses, Buildings, Cottages etc. Hence it is a good deal andvalue for your investmentIf u are particularly looking for any areas, or budget constraint pleaselet us know your requirement.Please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you ASAP.For more details kindly visit http://www.wayanadnoticeboard.comWith Best RegardsSanthosh kumar M.P
  3. 3. Before purchasing property in wayanad, pleasego through our guidelines which will helps You.Home/property Legal documents should be scrutinizedBefore buying a land, we have to ensure that the land has a clear and marketable title. The first thing isto find out the tenure, legal right of the holder of the land in government records. The tenure orpossession right could be freehold, leasehold or may be held under a government grant or sanad.Freehold land is always most preferable. The seller should provide all the necessary documents to thebuyer.Title deedsThe first step is to see the title deed of the land which you are going to buy. Confirm whether the landis in the name of the seller and that the full right to sell the land lies with only him and no otherperson. Dont be satisfied with the Xerox copy of the title deed. Insist on seeing the Original Deed.Sometimes the seller may have taken a loan by pledging the original deed. It also needs checkingwhether the seller has permitted any entry/access to others through this land and whether any otherfact has been suppressed/left undisclosed by the owner of the land. It is better to get the original deedexamined by a lawyer. Along with the title deed, the buyer can also demand to see the previous deedsof the land available with the seller.Tax receipt and billsProperty taxes which are due to the government or municipality are a first charge on the property and,therefore, enquiries must next be made in government and municipal offices to ascertain whether alltaxes have been paid up to date. The owner should also possess the latest tax paid receipts, which youmay inspect. Enquiries should also be made in various departments of the municipality to ascertainwhether any notices or requisitions relating to the property have been issued and are outstanding andnot yet complied with. While inspecting the property tax receipt, it can be noted that there are twocolumns in the tax receipt. Make sure that the name entered in the owners column is correct. Thesecond column will be for the name of the one who paid the tax. Sometime the owner may not havethe tax receipt with him, in such cases, contact the village office with the survey no. of the land andconfirm the original owner of the land. If you are buying a house along with the property, then thehouse tax receipt should also be checked. Also ensure that the electricity and water bills are up-to-dateand if there any is balance payment to be made, ensure that it is made by the seller.Encumbrance Certificate : KUDIKKADA CERTIFICATEBefore buying any land or house, it is important to confirm that the land does not have any legal dues.It is available as a certificate called encumbrance from the sub registrar office where the deed has beenregistered, stating that the said land does not have any legal dues and complaints. The encumbrance
  4. 4. certificate for the past thirteen years should be taken or for more clarification, you could demand 30years encumbrance certificate to be checked. If you still have anymore doubts, you can take aPossession Certificate of the ownership of the particular land, which is available from the villageoffice.Pledged landSome people may have taken loan from the bank by pledging their land. Ensure that the seller has paidback all the amounts due. Dont get satisfied with the receipt of the payment made. A releasecertificate from the bank is necessary to release all the debts over the land legally. You could buy aland without the release certificate. But if you want to take a loan in future, the release certificate is amust.Measuring the landIt is advisable to measure the land before registering the land in your name. Ensure that themeasurements of the plot and its borders are accurate. You can do this with the help of a recognizedsurveyor. This will avoid a lot of problems in the future. You could also take the Survey Sketch of theland from the Survey Department and compare for accuracy.More than one ownerIn some cases, the land will be owned by more than one people. So before registering, check if there ismore than one owner, and if there is, get release certificate from the other people involved.Buying land from NRI land ownersA person staying abroad can also sell his land in India by giving a Power of Attorney to a third personauthorizing him the right to sell the land on his behalf. But in such cases, the power of attorney shouldbe witnessed and duly signed by an officer in the Indian embassy in his province. There is no legalsupport for Power of attorney signed by a notary public.AgreementOnce all the matters, financial/otherwise are settled between the parties, it is better to give an advanceand write an agreement. This ensures that the owner does not change his word regarding the cost aswell as make a sale to someone else who offers more money. The agreement should be written inRs.50 stamp paper. The agreement should state the actual cost, the advance amount, the time spanwithin which the actual sale should take place and how to proceed in case of any default from eitherparties, to cover the loss. The agreement can be prepared by a lawyer and should be signed by both theparties and two witnesses. After signing the agreement if one of the parties make a default, the otherparty can take legal action against him.
  5. 5. RegistrationThe land can be registered in a sub registrar office, after preparing the title deed including all therelevant information. You could get the title deed written by a government licensed Document writer.Even lawyers can prepare the deed, but the document can only be computer printed or typed, nothandwritten. Handwritten documents can be prepared by only those who hold the scribe license. Adraft should be prepared before actually writing the document in stamp paper. Make sure all the detailsmentioned are accurate. If there is incorrectness in the document after registering, a secondarydocument with the correct details has to be registered and depending on the incorrectness, theregistration expenses will be repeated. Make sure that the deed is registered within the time limitmentioned in the agreement. Original title deed, Previous deeds, Property/House Tax receipts, TorencePlan (optional) etc plus two witnesses are needed for registering the property. Torence plan is adetailed plan of the property prepared by a licensed Surveyor which will have accurate details of themeasurements including width, length, borders etc. This plan is needed only in some specific areas.For land costing more than five lakhs, the seller should submit either his Pan card or Form Number 16during registration. The expenses involved during registration include Stamp Duty, registration fees,Document writer’s/ lawyer’s fees etc. The stamp duty will depend on the cost of the property andvaries from Municipality to Corporation to Panchayat. In addition you would be charged as a certainregistration fees. Currently it is 2%. Document writer’s fees also depend on the cost of the propertyand varies with individuals. There is a percentage prescribed by the government as Document writer’sfee and they cannot charge more than the prescribed limit.After registration, the registered document will be received after 2-3 weeks, from the registrar office.Changing the title in Village office: POKKUVARAVUThe whole legal procedure of buying the property will be complete only if the new owners name isadded in the village office records. An application can be made along with the copy of the registereddeed to the Village office to get this done.Any more clarifications please contact wayanadnoticeboardSanthosh kumar M.PWayanad Notice board, Horizon Building, Kenichira, wayanad, keralavisit us at : www.wayanad-tourism.com www.wayanadnoticeboard.comMob : 09847509565,Landline : 04936346962
  6. 6. Reach WayanadNearest Airport : Kozhikode (Calicut - CCJ).Nearest Railway Station : Kozhikode (Calicut - CLT)By road = Sulthan Bathery :Kozhikode : 92 KmKannur : 90 KmOoty : 128 KmMysore : 123 Km,Bangalore : 256 KmTemperature : Min -13°c Max - 32°cAltitude : 700-2100 mts above mean sea level.Climate : Uniform pleasant climate throughout the year.Helpline : 04936-346962 09847509565 - 24 hours
  7. 7. Terms and conditions for the purchase or sale of Property.Based on the Agreement on the Purchase or Sale of Real Estate, WayanadNoticeboard undertakes in exchange for a commission ( as Stated below) toperform the following services:1. Advertise / Market the property.2. Find a suitable buyer and seller and show the property3. Verify the actual status of property (inspection of the property);4. Verify the legal ownership status of the property and possible third partyrights(e.g., in the case of mortgages);5. Provide agent services in negotiations and for the conclusion of agreements;6. Prepare the preliminary sales agreement or agreement on earnest.7. Witness all paymentsAlso Wayanad Noticeboard in return for special payment, undertakes toperform the following services, if they have been expressly requested.a) Draw up the sales agreement or agreement in the form of a notarial protocolwhich is directly enforceable;b) Plot Management – This is to increase the plot value in due course for a re-sale. This includes planting new trees , fencing , security watch , maintenanceetc.c) Re-sale of propertyd) Other services which the Wayanad Noticeboard and Client have expresslyagreed upon.
  8. 8. Commissions1. Regarding Wayanad Noticeboard services in the purchase or sale ofProperty. the Wayanad Noticeboard shall be entitled to a commission in theamount of 5 % of the total contract value . i.e 3 % by the seller + 2 % by thebuyer Prorata commissions to be paid when advance is made.Please note there is NO relaxation of commission amount for what ever reason.3. There will be a marginal fee (vehicle rental fee + Rs.1000) while showingproperties to the prospective buyer. The above expenses should be borne bythe prospective buyer.The seller and buyer hereby agrees to handover the original documents toWayanad Noticeboard until the deal is over and both parties are satisfied withthe payments and documents.Under NO circumstance the buyer and seller agrees to make the deal onceWayanad Noticeboard services are sought . This is due to the fact that manyagents are involved and can land up in lengthy legal issues as WayanadNoticeboard is a registered estate agency. If you are unable to respect theabove terms and conditions, please do not contact us.Who We are ?We are native of Wayanad , residing here since 1950. WAYANAD NOTICEBOARDProperty consultant, have over 8 years experience specialising in Wayanad Real Estatemarket. We are based in Kenichira 15 km away from sulthan bathery the commercialtown in Wayanad. We pride ourselves in offering a speedy professional and efficientservice being in a position to be able to negotiate advantageous terms on behalf ofclients. This has been achieved by excellent management, a highly professionalknowledge of the market and a clear understanding of client needs of sourcing.We understand the Clients need for a Professional, Personal and Efficient service, and
  9. 9. we strive to provide this at all times.Please feel free to browse through our daily updated website. Whatever aspect of theproperty market you are interested in, buying, selling, renting, letting or investing, wewill be delighted to provide sound, sensible and well-informed advice.What We do ?We collect as much as information from the owners, get photographs , get the landdocuments scrutinized by our lawyers etc. This entire process will take about 10-15days. We post same on our web site as well all popular real estate web pages in Indiaalso in our own classified magazine known as “Noticeboard” . Also we will inform theprospective buyers through phone , by Email , SMS etc.Why should I invest in Wayanad why not in others areas?Wayanad , Comprising an area of 2126 sq. kilometers , is emerged as No.1 touristplace in South India.. Thanks to the tourism sector. Wayanad is located at the borderof Kerala , Tamilnadu and Karnataka, more precisely bordered by the NagarholeNational Park, Bandipur National Park and Mudumalai. 2100 meters above sea level.Weather is steady through out the year with a Temp range of 15-28 deg C. The leadingtourist centres of south india like Ooty, Mysore, coorg, Kozhikode (Calicut), and Kannurare around this region. Also well connected by road from Kozhikode (Calicut), Kannur,Ooty and Mysore. Its only in Wayanad , you can get chepest land compared to anyother places in Kerala. Land prices starts from 5 lakhs/acres.Banasugar earth dam which situated in Wayanad is the no.1 in Aisa. There are fewupcoming projects like Beaechanhally Dam , Medical College , Bairakkuppa bridge toconnect Wayand to Mysore , New railway track Nanjankode-Wayanad , KinfraIndustrial Park etc. Also DTPC is investing heavily on tourism sector. Most of theproperties documents are clean and clear of any disputes.The land prizes have goneup 300-400 % within a year of two. The land prices are still growing up steadily.Major projects coming in wayanad Mims hospital - 2012 Ist block inaguration. Cricket Stadium Krishnagiri - 2012.
  10. 10. Sree chithira thirunal Medical centre - On the process of accuring land Karapuzha Dam - Boating service is going to start Banasura sagar Dam – Expansion new projects launching Kabani tourism project - Panamaram. Geological park - Beenachi estate. Food park at Muttil near Variad Airstrip - Looking for land New roads to wayanad from mysore from calicut. Pookode veterinary college expansion. Above all lot of investors are investing in hospitality sector major resorts are on the final stage.Can any one buy property in Wayanad ?Unlike in other parts of India , where a farmer can only buy a agriculture land , there isno restriction in Wayanad. The only exception is for Foreign Nationals.How can I see the property?Please call us to get an appointment to see the property. We will provide youtransport to the location and will facilitate for negotiations with the owner. There willbe nominal fee for Transportation.I am unable to visit Wayanad , how can you help me?If you unable to visit Wayanad, we will provide you with photographs, satellite links,scanned copy of documents, Encumbrance certificate , Sketch and plan by Villageofficer, Evaluation report and land documents scrutiny report from Lawyers. Onfurther request we will provide video’s of property, thus enable the prospectivebuyers to come to a conclusion.
  11. 11. Where do I stay , If I need to stay back for documentation ?We operate 4 home stays, which are near to our head office. You will able to enjoyyour stay in Wayanad.How can I know the legal status of the property?The legality of the property and the title clearance can be verified through a TitleReport. prepared for you by one of our lawyers. A nominal fee will be charged for this.In addition to that we can provide you additional documents like , Encumbrancecertificate, Sketch and plan by Village officer, Evaluation report etc . We want to makesure we sell a property which is free from all legal issues so that there is hassles infuture for both of us. We will investigate to the extend of 14 years to know the legalstatus of these properties. The ultimate aim is make the life easier and simpler for allof us.What happens if I buy a property under dispute ?First of all we will not allow this to happen. All the properties, which we recommend are strictly scrutinized with all possible measures. In general , most of the propertiesin Wayanad are clean and free from any disputes . If it does happen , we will extend allour re-sources for a mutual settlement, if not our Lawyers will take care of the disputefree of charge.How can I know about other facilities available in the area?We will provide you with all the details of services and facilities, like distance frommajor Town , Schools , Colleges , etc in the area. Please give us a call or send a mail.How can I be satisfied with the price?The best way is to get a Valuation Report by a Licensed Valuation Officer. We willundertake to get you a valuation report. The other way is to check the land prices ofthe same locality. We maintain a database on the land prices and we will constantlyupdate the database and be published in our website for your information.What are the regulations and restrictions imposed by the local authoritiesand other government agencies with regard to the construction of
  12. 12. buildings?Regulations and restrictions vary on the location of the property. Regulations andrestrictions imposed by a Municipal Council/Panchayath are differs. All suchinformation will be provided to you once you have decided on a particular property.What is the cost of construction of a house in Wayanad?The table below will give you a general guideline. This will be updated periodically withthe changes in market prices: Cost per square feet Economy Class Semi-Luxury Luxury Super Luxury House Rs. 1000 Rs. 1250 Rs. 1600 Rs.2500How can I purchase this property while I am away?You can appoint someone living in India to be your "attorney" with a Power ofAttorney signed by you. Registration of such a Power of Attorney in India can beundertaken by us once you have decided to purchase the property. Our panel oflawyers will be available for such legal services.What are the government taxes and other costs involved when purchasing aproperty?The government has imposed a different tax and laid down other regulations forbuying real estate in India. Overall cost is 8-12 % of the purchasing price whichincludes tax, registration, and documentation fees).I have a property in Wayanad. Can I advertise in your website and sell it throughyour company and how much it will cost me?Yes. It will cost you nothing. What you have to do is to come to an agreement withWayanadnoticeboard on the terms of selling the property. We undertake to visit theproperty, obtain photographs and prepare a write-up, entering data in our data bankand give the best service to you to sell the property at the highest possible price and atthe earliest possible time. Please contact us for further details.
  13. 13. If I purchase a property while I am away, who will maintain it?This is the most common question everyone ask. Our services does not stop after theland deal is over . We continue to be responsible until the new owner is satisfied. Wehave a team experts who will do the plot management . The first and fore most thingwe do is marking the boundary by fencing , or by boundary wall. We are having astrong team to maintain this plot, and keep on increasing the value of plot by plantingvaluable trees, medicinal plants, Re-planting to cash crops etc.I have further questions, How do I clarify ?you can call us on 04936 346962, 09847509565. Or send an email onmundiyanil@gmail.com, mundiyanil@yahoo.com, You can chat online with the aboveids. We are available online from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday.
  14. 14. Services offered by WAYANAD NOTICEBOARDReal Estate :Select your favorite plots through our website. www.wayanadnoticeboard.com. Wearrange all documentation /formalities.Management/Maintenance/Security of your Plots/villas/house :Service available for NRIs only.Construction :Our In-house construction team which includes Civil Engineers and Architect with allfacilities are well versed in all types of construction.Hotels/ Resorts/ Homestay Bookings :We accept all bookings to major Hotels / Resorts / Homestays. 20-30 % discountwhile you book through us. All Major credit cards accepted.Bed and Breakfast (B&B) arranged at low cost :10 - 30 % discount while you book through us. All Major credit Cards accepted.Check out time 12 NoonSight seeing trips :Sight seeing tours with English / Hindi speaking tourist friendly guides arranged atLow cost.Airport pick up and drop :Kozhikode(Calicut), Cochin, Mysore and BangaloreRent a Car or Bike:On Daily/Weekly rental with or without English/Hindi speeking tourist friendlydrivers.Return taxi service:All return taxi to and from Kozhikode, Kannur, Mysore, Ooty at low cost. Return taxidata updated hourly through sms service.
  15. 15. Adivasi Medicines :We will arrange tribal naturopathy treatment (Adivasi Medicines) for the diseaseswhich is applicable, which includes but not limited to - Tonsillitis, Jaundice, KidneyStone, Snake Bite, Spider Bite, Migraine, Various Skin Diseases, Etc.Travel bookingsAll types of taxies to and fro Wayanad are available with recent rates.Guide Services :English/Hindi speaking tourist friendly Male and female guides are available. Guideservices are limited from 10 am to 5 PM. English/Hindi speaking tourist friendlydrivers/guides/security provided on request.Trekking :Forest trekking arranged on prior request at nominal amountPackage Tours Operation:We operate affordable and custom made tour package in WayanadVisit Temples :We will arrange to visit following temples .Thirunelli Temple , Valliyoorkavu Temple ,Sita Lava-Kusha Temple, Thrissilery Shiva Temple ,, Manikavu Temple, SulthanBathery Jain Temple, Ponkuzhi TempleFlight/Railway tickets :Net bookingHelp for Researchers :We arrange to get Datas and helps to full fill your research criteria.Product launching /Sales promotions :We do all types of advt for sales/business promotions.It includes distribution ofNotices, Brochures, Posters, Banners , Flex Boards, Bulk SMS Services, LCDProjectors, our Free Web portal www.wayanadnotticeboard.com, our FreeClassified magazine “Noticeboard etc. Please call us on 09847509565Purchase and sales :
  16. 16. You can buy and sell your items through our free web portalwww.wayanadnoticeboard.com Also you can use our Free Classified magazine“Noticeboard” which has got a readership over 1.4 Lakhs. We assist you for buyingall items listed in the free webportal www.wayanadnoticeboard.com or FreeClassified magazine “Noticeboard”- No commission required.Bulk SMS service:Bulk SMS sent at cheap rates .Ideal for product launching, Advertisement , Groupmeetings etcTelephone directory enquiry Land line and Mobile :All enquires call us on + 91 4936 210061Laptops /Handycams/LCD-DLP Projectors :All repairs undertaken for Laptops / Handycams / LCD-DLP Projectors with one yearwarranty. Defective spares are air lifted from Singapore. Those who can afford costof AWB need only contact. No ‘time wasters’ please !Seminars :We organize and conduct various education seminars and career guidance seminars. Please call us on 09847509565 or mail at mundiyanil@gmail.com for a free quote.Delivery of Bouguest/Compliments for Dear and Near in Wayanad on specialoccassions : Only for NRIsLaptop/LCD/DLP projector /Wireless broadband:Available on rent Daily/Weekly basis.Computer sales and service:We supply all types of computers and accessories and also undertake AnnualMaintenance Servicing Contract of all machines.Website development :Domain booking, Website designing will be done at reasonable rates.Offset printing : We undertake all types of bulk printing works
  17. 17. Places of tourist interest: • Pookote lake : Pookotte lake is a natural fresh water lake surrounded by evergreen forest and rolling hills. A fresh water aquarium with large variety of fish is an added attraction. Tourists can also avail of boating facilities, childrens park, and a shopping centre for handicrafts and spices. • Banasura sagar dam : Located about 15 km POOKODE LAKE North West of Kalpetta, Banasura Dam is the largest earth Dam in India. A vast expanse of crystal clear water is enclosed by blue hills on all sides, except one. It is an ideal picnic spot. Speed boat service also available. • Thirunelli temple : Thirunelli is situated 29kms north east of Mananthavady under the Brahmagiri hills in the reserve forests. The temple at Thirunelli is often called Thekkan Kasi. It is believed that a bath in the holly water of Papanasini will wipe off all the sins. Apart from the temple, Thirunelli is a place of scenic beauty. • Kuruva island : This is a lovely island on the Kabini river. The relatively untouched island that spans over 900 acres of tropical forest is now a famous tourist spot. Apart from many BANASURA SAGAR DAM rare species of birds, orchids and herbs, one might also find tribal people who row to the island from nearby locations. • Meenmutty waterfalls : only for trekkers, waterfall over more than 300 meters in 3 steps, beautiful view of the valley. • Sentinel Rock Waterfalls (Soochipara): this waterfall (200m) is better accessible, enchanting view of surrounding Mountains and valley. Thirunelli Temple • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: Mutanga this
  18. 18. sanctuary is part of a greater continuum of protected jungle, the others being Nagarahole, Bandipur (both Karnataka) and Mudumalai (Tamil Nadu). Wild elephants, deers, Gaur (Bos gaurus) bisons, you will most likely be able to see during your forest expedition.• Edakkal Caves : cave on the Ambukutty Mountain of prehistoric age and with famous SOOJIPARA water falls rock carvings on the inner cave walls. About 1000 meter above sea-level.• Lakkidi : One of the highest locations in Wayanad, Lakkidi also commands picturesque scenery. Lakkidi, the gateway of Wayanad.The lofty mountain peaks, the gurging stream, luxuriant vegetation and the birds eye view of the deep valley on the south, with its winding roads, are breath taking. The 12 kms. long journey from Adivaram to Lakkidi through ghats road with nine hairpin bends amidst thick forests, is a fascinating experience.• Pakshipathalam : Pakshipathalam, in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli in Wayanad District is an ideal tourist spot. A 17 km trek through the wild forests, brings one to this beautiful place. The deep rock caves are the habitat of a number of rare species of birds and wild animals.• Wayanad Heritage Museum, Ambalavayal: this museum exhibits findings from the regional tribal cultures present and past.
  20. 20. 2 EDAVAKA 2715313 KANJIRANGADU 2359664 MANANTHAVADY 2445705 NALLOORNADU 2445716 PANAMARAM 2220767 PAYYAMPALLY 2158888 PERIYA 2604809 PORUNNANNUR 23197710 THAVINJAL 25675011 THIRUNELLY 21038012 THRISSILERY 25098013 VALAD 26649814 VELLAMUNDA 23197815 CHERUKATTOOR 22209016 THONDERNADU 235967 SULTHAN BATHERY 04936 - 220296 TALUK1 AMBALAVAYAL 2614422 CHEERAL 2623763 IRULAM 2388054 KRISHNAGIRI 2472105 KUPPADI 2273186 NADAVAYAL 2102617 NENMENI 2673128 NOOLPUZHA 270089
  21. 21. 9 PADICHIRA 235510 10 POOTHADI 210260 11 PULPALLY 244272 12 PURAKKADI 249210 13 SULTHAN BATHERY 227320 14 KIDANGANAD 238783 15 THOMATTUCHAL 218167GRAMA PANACHAYATHS IN WAYANAD Mananthavady 04935 code1.Mananthavady 2402532.Vellamunda 2303253. Thirunelli 2504534.Thondarnad 2352355. Edavaka 2403666.Thavinjal 2562367.Panamaram 220772Sulthan Bathery 04936 code8.Meenangdi 2472369. Nenmeni 26731010.Ambalavayal 26042311.Poothadi 21152212.Sulthan Bathery 22024013.Noolpuzha 27063514.Mullankolli 24027315.Pulpally 240221
  22. 22. Kalpetta 04936 code16.Kottathara 28664417.Vengapally 20248118.Vythiri 25522319.Muttil 20241820.Pozhuthana 25525121.Thariyode 25043522.Padinjarethara 27341923.Meppadi 28242224. Kaniyampatta 28669325.Moopainad 217499Important Phone NumbersDIST TOURISM PROMOTION COUNCIL 04936202134SUPDT. OF POLICE 04936202525FIRE FORCE KALPETTA 04936202333DISTRICT HOSPITAL MANANTHAVADY 04935240340GOVT. HOSPITAL KALPETTA 04936202037TALUK HOSPITAL VYTHRI 04936255228TALUK HOSPITAL SULTHAN BATHERY 04936221444DIST INFORMATION OFFICE 04936202529DISTRICT INFORMATICS OFFICE - NIC 04936202763
  24. 24. We are looking forward to be at your service.Our full style is :Wayanad NoticeboardHorizon building, Kenichira, Wayanad, Kerala.Phone: +91 4936 346962; Fax: +91 4936 211668Email : mundiyanil@gmail.com,mundiyanil@yahoo.com, mundiyanil@hotmail.comContact Persons1) : Santhosh Kumar M.P Mob : + 91 98475095652) : Satheesh M.P Mob : + 91 9961702412