TeamLogic IT Offers Fee-Free Franchises to Veterans (Slides)


Published on SUMMARY SLIDES: If you're a veteran of the United States military, you might qualify to become a TeamLogic IT owner without paying a franchise fee. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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TeamLogic IT Offers Fee-Free Franchises to Veterans (Slides)

  1. 1. TeamLogic IT Offers Fee-Free Franchises to Veterans Courtesy of the Small Business Computer Consulting Blog
  2. 2. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comTeamLogic IT isWaiving its $40,000Fee For Up to 10Veterans By theEnd of 2012
  3. 3. Sponsored by At Least 1 Fee-Free TeamLogic IT Franchise Has Already Been Awarded
  4. 4. Sponsored by What to Expect
  5. 5. Sponsored by TeamLogic IT Focuses on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  6. 6. Sponsored by Services Include
  7. 7. Sponsored by • Data Backup and Recovery
  8. 8. Sponsored by • Server Installation and Support
  9. 9. Sponsored by • Computer Setup and Repair
  10. 10. Sponsored by • and Remote Diagnostics
  11. 11. Sponsored by The Application Process Involves Five Steps
  12. 12. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com1. Your Initial Inquiry
  13. 13. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com2. A Request For Consideration (RFC) Financial Document that You Complete
  14. 14. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com3. Review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) With a Consultant
  15. 15. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com4. A Visit to TeamLogic ITs Corporate Offices To Meet the Executive Team
  16. 16. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.com5. Acceptance as a Franchisee
  17. 17. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comYou Can Hire OtherVeterans asTechnicians via theIT-Ready ApprenticeProgram
  18. 18. Sponsored by Other Investment Required
  19. 19. Sponsored by TeamLogic IT Estimates Range From $45,100 to $68,500 For
  20. 20. Sponsored by • Software Licenses
  21. 21. Sponsored by • An Initial Equipment Package
  22. 22. Sponsored by • Initial Employee Wages
  23. 23. Sponsored by • Utilities & Other Miscellaneous Costs
  24. 24. Sponsored by• As Well as $3,950 For Vehicle Graphics
  25. 25. Sponsored by• and $50,000 of Required Liquidity
  26. 26. Sponsored by Consult Your Attorney & Accountant Before Investing in an IT Franchise
  27. 27. Sponsored by Thinking of Making a Move From Military Service to Owning a Computer Franchise?
  28. 28. Sponsored by Tell Your Story in the Comments
  29. 29. Recommended Reading: 13 Computer Franchises that Start Up and Support Computer Repair, IT Consulting, and Managed Service Provider Businesses Download this Free Special Report Now at ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comCopyright © SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.