IT Channel Partner Program from Siemens Promotes PLM Solutions (Slides)


Published on SUMMARY SLIDES: The Siemens IT channel partner program is focusing on PLM software solutions. The demand for these among SMBs is growing rapidly, Can you benefit? Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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IT Channel Partner Program from Siemens Promotes PLM Solutions (Slides)

  1. 1. IT Channel Partner Program from Siemens Promotes PLM Solutions Courtesy of the Small Business Computer Consulting Blog Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr Dells Official Flickr Page
  2. 2. Sponsored by Goal: To Promote PLM Software Solutions for SMBs Around the World
  3. 3. Sponsored by PLM
  4. 4. Sponsored by PLM Stands for Product Lifecycle Management
  5. 5. Sponsored by Helps Companies Make the Best Use of Manufacturing Processes,
  6. 6. Sponsored by From Planning to After-sales Support
  7. 7. Sponsored by ITChannelPrograms.comSPHomeRun.comVARs and MSPsMay Wish to TakeAdvantage of ThisBy Entering anIT Channel Program
  8. 8. Sponsored by The Siemens Portfolio
  9. 9. Sponsored by Siemens Portfolio of Software for its IT Channel Partners Includes:
  10. 10. Sponsored by • Tecnomatrix for Digital Manufacturing
  11. 11. Sponsored by • Teamcenter TM PLM to Boost Productivity
  12. 12. Sponsored by • MX, a Product Development System
  13. 13. Sponsored by • Velocity Series TM, a Set of Modular PLM Solutions
  14. 14. Sponsored by Margins and Value
  15. 15. Sponsored by Siemens Encourages VARs and MSPs to Join its Program
  16. 16. Sponsored by • Above-average Margins
  17. 17. Sponsored by • Incentives Based on Performance
  18. 18. Sponsored by • Funds for Market Development (MDFs)
  19. 19. Sponsored by • Improvements in Business Value
  20. 20. Sponsored by The Company Also Says it has the Best Customer Renewal Rate in the Industry
  21. 21. Sponsored by Commercial Possibilities
  22. 22. Sponsored by For any VAR or MSP Interested in the Commercial Possibilities of PLM Software,
  23. 23. Sponsored by The Siemens IT Channel Partner Program Could Be Worth a Look
  24. 24. Sponsored by Is Your Company Planning to Become a Siemens IT Channel Partner?
  25. 25. Sponsored by Please Share Your COMMENTS Below
  26. 26. SPHomeRun.comRecommended Reading: 13 IT Channel Partner Programs for Growing Small Business Computer Consulting Firms Download this Free Guide Now at ITChannelPrograms.comCopyright © SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr Dells Official Flickr Page
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