7 IT Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want Great SMB Clients (Slides)


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http://ITMarketingIdeas.com SUMMARY SLIDES: How are your IT marketing results? Answer these seven IT marketing questions to test whether you’re attracting the right SMB clients. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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7 IT Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want Great SMB Clients (Slides)

  1. 1. SPHomeRun.com 7 IT Marketing Questions to AskYourself if You Want Great SMB Clients Courtesy of the Small Business Computer Consulting Blog http://blog.sphomerun.com Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr BUILDWindows
  2. 2. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.comWork ThroughThese Seven ShortIT MarketingQuestions to StartYou Thinking
  3. 3. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.comAbout Where theGaps Are in YourMarketingApproach:
  4. 4. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com1. How Much Revenue Does Your Average Small Business IT Client
  5. 5. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com Generate Each Year (Annually)? A. <$5,000 B. $5,000 - $11,999 C. > $12,000
  6. 6. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com2. Do You Have aWritten IT MarketingPlan or Calendar?
  7. 7. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com A. No. I Have Some Target Goals in My Head. B. Yes.
  8. 8. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com3. How Many WaysAre You ReachingPotential ClientsBesides Word-of-Mouth?
  9. 9. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com A. 0 B. 1-3 C. 4+
  10. 10. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com 4. How Well Do You Qualify Your Leads?
  11. 11. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.comA. I Don’t Do Lead Qualification.B. I Kind of Go With My Gut.C. I Have a Standard
  12. 12. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com Set of Questions to Separate the True Prospects From the “No-ways.”
  13. 13. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com5. Do You Have a Written, Step-by-Step Sales Process?
  14. 14. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.comA. No.B. I Just Wing it With Some Basics I Like to Use.C. Yes.
  15. 15. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com6. Do You Follow Up With Prospects Who Don’t Commit During the First Meeting?
  16. 16. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.comA. No, They Must Not Be Interested.
  17. 17. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.comB. When I’m Sure They’re Interested I Think About Calling Later, But Often Forget.
  18. 18. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.comC. Yes, Until They Become Clients or Ask Me to Stop Calling.
  19. 19. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com7. How Many Hours a Week Do You Usually Spend on IT Marketing, Sales,
  20. 20. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com And Business Development? A. < 4 B. 4-8 C. >8
  21. 21. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com If Your Answers Were Mostly “A,” You Are Reacting, Not Acting, and it No Doubt Shows
  22. 22. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com Make a Goal to Move at Least Toward the “B” Answers over the Next Few Months
  23. 23. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com If Your Answers Were Mostly “B,” You’re Probably Good at Winging Your Way Through
  24. 24. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com However, You Can’t Run a Business on the Fly. Try to Move Toward the “C” Approaches
  25. 25. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com If Your Answers Were Mostly “C,” Evaluate Whether Your Well-planned System is Bringing
  26. 26. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com Desired Results & Consistently Attracting Great SMB Clients
  27. 27. Sponsored by ITMarketingIdeas.comSPHomeRun.com If Not, There May Be Times You Should Learn to Wing it!
  28. 28. SPHomeRun.comRecommended Reading:Top 10 IT Marketing Strategies Download this Free Special Report Now at ITMarketingIdeas.comCopyright © SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr BUILDWindows