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Government Branding In Second Life®
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Government Branding In Second Life®


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With the right combination of research, marketing, and networking, a Solution Provider can connect with Government and NGO (non government organizations) to find opportunities to secure contracts. …

With the right combination of research, marketing, and networking, a Solution Provider can connect with Government and NGO (non government organizations) to find opportunities to secure contracts. Governments are already looking to leverage this technology and rebrand themselves to better their relationships with citizens. Solution providers can benefit by presenting creative and innovative ideas to government requests.

In this presentation you will learn:

•Key points regarding government “branding”
•Examples of live projects
•How to locate government contract portals

Published in: Business
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  • 1. 22 February2010 Evis Blackflag Aegean Group
  • 2. EEE-Viss Blackflag
    • President – The Aegean Group
      • Second Life Solution Provider Program Member
      • Member, SP Council
      • Technology and marketing communications background
      • Firefighter / EMS / Mediterranean Food Importer
    Skype: Evis.blackflag
  • 3. Consider:
    • Government in Second Life
      • Applications and Roles
      • Barriers and Barrier Breakers
      • Examples
      • Thoughts on Branding
      • Tips for Solution Providers
      • Questions & Answers
  • 4. Applications and Roles
    • Community Engagement
    • Mass Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Training
    • Bridge-Building
    • Diplomacy
    Virtual worlds create an emotional connection between digital citizens and government.
  • 5. Barriers
    • Policy
      • Barely written
    • Budgets
      • Cut
    • Accessibility
      • Hardware and connectivity
      • Physical accessibility
    • Brand Awareness
      • As advertised and looking good?
  • 6. Barrier Breakers
    • Groups are working on policy
    • Governments are investing in technology
    • Hardware and broadband costs are dropping *
    • Governments recognize the need to properly brand their services and communications
    • Virtual Worlds are accessible
    • VW = RW bottom-line benefit
  • 7. Examples
    • Muni GOV
      • MuniGov 2.0 is a coalition of federal/state/local/municipal and international governments focused on exploring the use and principles of Web 2.0 in an effort to improve citizen services and communication via technology.
    • US Navy
      • Naval Undersea Warfare Center - Innovative Application of Virtual World Technologies to Undersea Warfare
    • Humana Military Healthcare
      • TRIWORLD – Multi-branch military healthcare virtual portal
  • 8. Branding
    • Govs are viewed by citizens as one entity
      • Unify the message and simplify the action
    • Ask citizens then provide real substance
    • Establish trust and authenticity
      • Honesty and consistency
    • Appeal to audience standards
    • Use existing focus groups or “fans” to forward goals
  • 9. Branding
    • Communicating with diverse groups
      • Appearance is everything
        • Substance is even more
    • Meet and exceed promises
    • Adapt and improve
  • 10. Tips for Solution Providers
    • Research
    • Network & shake hands
    • Be proactive
    • Seek out government contracts
      • – (Federal Biz Ops) US Contract Portal
      • – Ontario Contract Portal
      • - New Jersey Contracts*
    • Match your services with government needs
    • Provide answers to real problems
    • Quantify the results
    *Notice the need for branding? RFI – Request for Info RFP – Request for Proposal
  • 11. Questions and Answers
    • Please IM your questions to:
      • Patrice Cournoyer