Laser liposuction – Advantages over traditional liposuction


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Laser Liposuction can give you a slim and attractively contoured profile. The safety and short downtime of laser liposuction surgery makes it popular.

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Laser liposuction – Advantages over traditional liposuction

  1. 1. Ph - 2122652724 Laser liposuction – Advantages over traditional liposuctionLaser Liposuction can give you a slim and attractively contouredprofile. The safety and short downtime of laser liposuctionsurgery makes it popular. Laser liposuction can help you achieve your desired aesthetic results. It is just the solution if diet and exercise aren’t giving you the outcome you want. So many people have taken advantage of this technology and have benefited. So why not you? As long as you approach a professional plastic surgeon who has done the procedure a number of times and successfully, you’ll be able to see yourself with a slimmer and well-shaped profile. Ph - 2122652724
  2. 2. Ph - 2122652724Difference between Laser Liposuction and the TraditionalModeThe new laser mode of liposuction is far more advantageous thanthe traditional form. The traditional mode utilizes a stainless steeltube (cannula) to destroy the fat deposits in the target treatmentregion. An aesthetician would inject a large quantity of anestheticinto this treatment region. The suction force generated by thecannula destroys the fatty tissue and the tissue is melted andsucked out through the tube. Laser liposuction is more accurate.In this method, a small optic fiber is inserted through a small slitmade in the area from which fat has to be removed. The optic fibercauses heat to develop which is adequate to melt the fat. Themelted fat is suctioned out through a tube.The Advantages over Traditional Liposuction Surgery • Can be used to work on more localized regions of fat such as those under the chin, in the upper arm, or in the male breasts • Minimally invasive • Minimal surgical trauma because of precision that helps to prevent overdoing of the fat removal Ph - 2122652724
  3. 3. Ph - 2122652724 • Helps in the development of collagen • Skin tightening capabilities • Local anesthesia • Lower chances of infection • Shorter downtime • The procedure is suitable for male and female patients for the elimination of fat from the face, chin, back, abdomen, male breasts, upper arms, mons pubis, buttocks, ankles, knees, and thighsSmartLipo – New, FDA Approved and Effective Procedure The FDA approved Smartlipo procedure is a relatively new laser liposocution procedure that uses a cautiously calibrated laser to melt fat pockets through the upper layers of skin. The laser used for the process simultaneously zaps fat and closes blood vessels thereby minimizing swelling, bruising, and bleeding. If any fat is reabsorbed Ph - 2122652724
  4. 4. Ph - 2122652724by the body after the procedure, it would be distributed in otherareas of the body. It would not deposit in the earlier treated area.If you approach a plastic surgery center that is abreast with thelatest technological advancements, you’d find the surgeons usingthe Smartlipo Triplex system for liposuction. This Triplex systemuses three wavelengths: • 1064 nm – It provides high peak power and improved blood vessel coagulation. • 1440 nm – The absorption in fatty tissue is 4 times more compared to other wavelengths so fat cells are broken up both mechanically and thermally • 1320 nm – There is affinity between this wavelength and adipose tissue. What’s more, it is perfect for tissue tightening through the process of coagulation.The Smartlipo Triplex system also has three delivery systems thathelp to regulate treatment so that there is no overheating. TheThermaGuide delivery system does away with any necessity ofhandheld thermal cameras. Ph - 2122652724
  5. 5. Ph - 2122652724Though it has been mentioned that laser liposuction surgery canhelp you achieve your desired results, it might take some timebefore the changes are visible. By two months you start seeing thegood results of liposuction. You’ll be able to see the full picture bysix months.Park Avenue Smart Lipo128 Central Park South,New York, NY 10019Phone - 2122652724http://www.parkavenuesmartlipo.com Ph - 2122652724