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Danielson distinguised tools snapshot petec2014

  1. 1. Domain 1: Planning and Preparation a. Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and c. Educational Online Publications Pedagogy • eSchool News a. Online Lesson Planner • t|h|e journal OnCourse • Education Week • b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students d. RSS Feeds a. Formative Assessments • • PollEverywhere e. Bring in outside resources (community b. Student Interest/Parent Surveys • Google Forms members etc) SurveyMonkey • • a. Online lesson planner d. Student Resource page with possible project • ideas covered and/or project ideas a. Writing Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy • Padlet (formerly WallWisher) f. Designing Student Assessment Dragon Dictation • OnCourse b. Students can give feedback on topics to be c. Setting Instructional Outcomes • Skype with the Expert e. Designing Coherent Instruction c. Shortcut on desktop with student SDI b. Evidence of differentiation Feedly Read the Words a. Students exposed to objectives early in class • d. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources V.A.L. (demonstration to follow) b. Ongoing Assessment a. Online Resources • Mentimeter (similar to PollEverywhere) • Teachers Pay Teachers • edHelper • GooruLearning • Shmoop • GooruLearning • Rubistar • WolframAlpha • Google Docs • Titan Pad c. Reflect on assessment to guide future lessons • planner d. Students contribute to assessment rubrics b. CPE/PLNs • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) • Twitter • LinkedIn Online gradebook OR online lesson  
  2. 2. Domain 2: The Classroom Environment a. Creating an Environment of Respect & Rapport d. Managing Student Behavior a. Sincere interest in students’ lives outside of a. Students act in accordance with expectations school • and rules Social Media tools • b. Two way street of respect between teacher classroom rules (Qrafter is the companion and student reader) c. Students respect and help each other b. Eyes in the back of your head d. Students correct other inappropriate behaviors • in a respectful manner the attention of the entire class a. Teachers express their love of learning and the • importance of the concepts being learned Capture your own learning moments on e. Organizing Physical Space a. Room organized so all students can participate your students in a visual and auditory manner in class b. Everyone can be successful! b. Students help keep the classroom an c. Students work independently and utilize peer organized, safe environment tutoring when necessary Website with student tutorials c. Managing Classroom Procedures a. Small groups work effectively even when not being directly overseen by teacher • ClassDojo b. Seamless transition from one activity to another • V.A.L. c. Clear routines and procedures d. Classroom runs itself • Symbaloo is used for students to find alternative activities as they are finishing their objectives Edmodo Instant Messaging to send private message to student camera (still or video) and share them with • LanSchool software (other alternatives) c. Student correction can happen without drawing b. Establishing a Culture for Learning • QR Codes can be used to communicate •     Worksheets etc can be found on class wiki
  3. 3. Domain 3: Instruction a. Communicating with Students a. Students understand their learning outcomes • Post objectives online as well as within c. Engaging materials and resources • Powtoon • Virtual Field Trips lesson Ø Internet4Classrooms b. Students understand the expectations and Ø Tramline tasks for the lesson and can assist others in understanding Ø Ten of the Best d. Pacing that allows for instruction, learning, • Utilize Edmodo chat as peer tutoring tool assessment, and reflection • Cel.ly as student collaboration tool • c. Teachers embellish their explanations with imagery, metaphors, and real life examples • YouTube examples d. Teachers model the appropriate language and tone for lesson b. Using Questioning & Discussion Techniques a. Backchanneling • Today’s Meet • Backchannel Chat • Chatzy b. VoiceThread c. Engaging Students in Learning a. Activities reinforce objectives and allow students to choose • GoSoapBox b. Variety of grouping strategies for the success of every student • Use results of formative assessment poll V.A.L. d. Using Assessment in Instruction a. Rubric in advance with student input • Slideshare b. Teacher observation & feedback • Online Gradebook c. Students assess themselves based on a set of criteria they established • Google Forms e. Demonstrating Flexibility & Responsiveness a. Adjust “on the fly” to meet the needs of lesson based on student needs or technical issues • Dropbox to access content from anywhere b. Take advantage of those teachable moments • Wiki of “Unintentional Learning” c. Find alternative solutions to help every student learn • Socrative to determine reteaching • AudioBoo for recording audio rather than to create peer tutor groupings writing assignments • Animoto • Voki
  4. 4. Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities b. Speak up for the rights and needs of the students a. Reflecting on Teaching • a. Teachers should give an unbiased reflection allows students to express concerns on their own teaching accompanied with c. Find innovative solutions to problems examples • Online Portfolio • Blogging •   lesson instruction Keep a spreadsheet or online scrapbook of new teaching strategies b. Maintaining Accurate Records a. Google Forms/Online Gradebook b. Check In procedures on website c. Communicating with Families a. Parents’ Corner on Website b. Online Gradebook c. Skype into classroom d. Video Blog “A Day in the Life of ___________” e. Smore f. VolunteerSpot d. Participating in a Professional Community a. Diigo b. Symbaloo e. Growing & Developing Professionally a. Scoop.It b. Instragram c. SpeakPipe d. PLNs f. Showing Professionalism a. Students first! • Live Office Hours for students to contact you at home with questions or issues Donors Choose d. Follow district policy b. Use their reflections to add new strategies to • Moderator for student blog platform that