Showcasing top 10 i phone apps of 2012


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Showcasing top 10 i phone apps of 2012

  1. 1. Showcasing Top 10 iPhone Apps Of 2012Apple has launched its latest iPhone 5 extending the hierarchy of its family to board some ofthe finest quality, paid & free apps. Theres a real challenging task for iOS developers as iPhoneweb development has climbed to its next level. This time for your ultimate pleasure we reveal thebest 10 iPhone apps of 2012. 1. Facebook for iOS 6 : Facebook is currently the biggest social networking site in the world. It has got some latest updates for iOS 6. There are some newly launched features and execution is surprisingly fast. Read More... 2. PhotoSynth :PhotosSynth is wonderful app for creating your ownpanorama with your pictures and sharing them on socialnetworking sites. It has got a new support for the tallerscreen of iPhone 5 and have also fixed various bugsencountered in previous versions. Read More... 3. Dropbox : Dropbox as we know is a quite popular app to store all your images, docs and other files and can be accessed from
  2. 2. any PC, iPhone, iPad and even from Dropbox website. The newer version has got improvedstreaming, support of Italian and spanish language. Password protection for office documents. ReadMore... 4. Skype :Skype is a well-known app for sending messages and forvoice or video call for free. There are no new features addedbut certainly got some critical bugs fixed. Read More... 5. Movies by Flixster : Its the no. 1 app for watching movies reviews, trailors and other shows. It boasts of the most downloaded movie app of all time and also has been listed in the Hall of Fame apps in the App Store. Read More... 6. TonePad :This is app is for you if you are music lover and like tocompose your own music. Tone allows you to create yourown app music score quite easily. Read More... 7. Twitter : Twitter is a well-known social networking site providing support for than 15 languages. It has got some very cool new features to explore for iOS 6. Read More...
  3. 3. 8. Kindle :Kindle is an amazing app for reading ebooks, magazines andnewspapers and so on. It has an easy-to-use interface and there aremore than 1,000,000 books in kindle app store. Now it has gotpublisher font facility to allow the users to read the document inpublishers suggested font. Read More... 9. iBooks : Just like Kindle, iBooks is an amazing source to download and read books. You may find numerous books and bestsellers collection of your choice. Read More... 10. Google Earth :Roll on the planet on your finger tips with the mind blowingapp Google Earth for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With thenew feature 3D imagery you can explore the 3d creationsabove the cities including San Francisco, Boston, Rome andmany others. Read More...Since iPhone 5 has been launched the task of iphone web developers has become quite arduous andchallenging. So now you can have them all, our top 10 iPhone apps of 2012 to make your smartphone stand apart.For more information regarding iPhone web application development services,please log on to :