Most popular and addictive top mobile games


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There are several mobile games that have earned a place in the global market. These top mobile games are highly addictive and offers excellent gaming experience to the users. We would discuss a few of the most popular and highly addictive mobile games in this presentation.

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Most popular and addictive top mobile games

  1. 1. Page 1 Most Popular and Addictive Top Mobile GamesMobile games are becoming part and parcel of our lives with their enjoyable gamingexperience. Mobile game has come a long way over years. It was only after the release ofiPhone that mobile gaming crept into the lives of masses. Today you can see people of all ageand genders tapping their screens spending few quality moments, taking time off their busyschedule.The graphics and processing pace of mobile phones have improved manifold now. The mostpopular top mobile games necessarily are not the ones having most appealing visuals andversatile gameplay. In fact, a few of the popular top mobile games lacks these attributes.In some cases it may offer a highly addictive experience which can be easily played frequently.All these games offer casual gaming experience as opposed to hardcore gaming. More powerful smart phones offered the opportunity to transfer console games to the mobile platform. Most popular games in this genre includes Call of Duty, Fifa, Need for Speed etc. Which are offering more overwhelming experiences on mobile phones. Some of the top mobile games which include top iPhone games, top windows mobile games, top android mobile games etc. are discussed hereafter:Angry BirdsThis game has registered a runaway success on iPhonesand Android. You will find Angry Birds greatly addictive ifyou admire games like Worms. Packed with a physicspuzzle game, it involves launching of birds from catapultto destroy egg-stealing pigs placed in various structures.Developed by Rovio, this game has registered a recorddownload - over 100 million times in all the platforms. Itis a total fun game you would like to play time and again.It gets a full 5 out of 5 in terms of fun which will makeyou enjoy this fun experience for a long time. Most Popular and Addictive Top Mobile Games Author: Harry Spencer
  2. 2. Page 2 Bejeweled This game is quite simple to play but difficult to create. In this game you have to make vertical and horizontal lines by matching gems during timed play that leads to a pressure element. This game has stood the test of time as it is around for several years by dint of its addictive gameplay and appeal. It has been downloaded 150 millions time bringing its rating to 4 out of 5. It can be played and enjoyed by all age groups.Doodle JumpBeing an iPhone classic (also available for Android now),it is simple to play at the same time appealing toeveryone. You will have to manage an alien slanting yourphone and trying to jump to other platforms while beingstruck by evil aliens. It allows you to submit your scoreglobally. Limka Sky is the developer of this game, whichhas been downloaded nearly 5 million times. It can berated at 4 out of 5 for providing with a retro experiencepacked with modern twist. Fruit Ninja If you have a penchant for slicing fruit, Fruit Ninja is the game for you. Just swipe your fingers across the screen and pretend to slice fruit. This activity adds inclusion of bombs and some other elements and leaves you seriously addicted to iPhone game. It is also available for Android now! Developed by Half Bake studios, this game has a record of 20 million times of downloads. It can be rated at 4 out of 5 as it has transformed a dull domestic chore into a popular gaming experience.Above said are a few of the top mobile games popular in 2012, which you can try just to feelthe addiction of gaming experience. Make Your Mobile Dramatic With Lots Of Cheerful Games Get a Free QuoteRelated Article: Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Phone Games Top Popular iOS Games Most Popular and Addictive Top Mobile Games Author: Harry Spencer