Social Media #Fails

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What can we learn from mistakes that other organisations have already made in the Social space?

What can we learn from mistakes that other organisations have already made in the Social space?

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  • 1. SocialMedia#fails
  • 2. Global explosion in Social Media usage 1 in every 4.5 minutes online is spent on Social MediaNielsen Australia
  • 3. Social Media reach in AustraliaCountry Unique audience (000) ReachBrazil 28,806 84%Italy 22,766 81%Spain 21,261 79%Japan 48,203 78%France 30,733 77%USA 151,743 77%UK 29,842 74%Australia 10,443 73%Germany 31,115 66%Switzerland 2,627 65%Nielsen Australia
  • 4. What can we learn from others Social Media mistakes?
  • 5. There are two main forms of Social Media Fail, firstly whenorganisations get dragged into a Social issue by a third party,often a customer, and…
  • 6. When an organisation creates a home grown problem throughinappropriate use of the channel or just a good old mistake!
  • 7. First the latter: ‘good ole home grown fails’
  • 8. Social Media users don’t like to be conned and theDanish Tourist Board video misled a number of peopleand left a bad taste (in fact it was arguably in badtaste!)
  • 9. Habitat got the use ofhashtags wrong severalyears ago now…
  • 10. But what was KennethCole’s excuse?
  • 11. GSK gotdragged into the channelwhen 2 high school students found noVitamin C inRTD Ribena 15
  • 12. Nestlés response to Greenpeace as at first …
  • 13. Legal, and then … Call the lawyers!
  • 14. Stupid, and finally…
  • 15. Apologetic!
  • 16. So why would Westpacmake the samemistake?
  • 17. 95 video results on You Tube 0 video responses from Taco Bell2,975 comments to first video alone 0 comments from Taco Bell
  • 18. © Daemon Group
  • 19. Risk = threat x vulnerability x impact
  • 20. Risk = threat x vulnerability x impact engagement
  • 21. © Daemon Group
  • 22. Managing risk in Social MediaRisk = Kohnstamm x reputation x sales Credibility/Thorn Tree
  • 23. Earned media
  • 24. Lessons we have learnt… You can run but you can’t hide! The MAD doctrine (Mutually Assured Destruction) Respondez s’il vous plait He who fails to plan, plans to failLife is what happens when you are busy making other plans