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Presentation curriculum in  A Coruna
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Presentation curriculum in A Coruna


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Tuija Sairanen Senior Lecturer in PhysiotherapySavonia University of Applied Sciences(Savonia UAS)Physiotherapy, Bachelor degree,210 ECTS credits
  • 2. General points of Physiotherapy Ecucation inFinland 1/2• The Finnish higher education system consists of two complementary sectors: Universities of applied sciences and universities• Physiotherapists are educated at Universities of Applied sciences• Education is arranged at Bachelor degree, 210 ECTS credits• 3,5-4 years of full-time study• The entry requirement is a certificate from an upper secondary school or the matriculation certificate 2
  • 3. General points of Physiotherapy Ecucation inFinland 2/2• Master of Health Care studies in University of Applied Sciences• The requirements for studies are a Bachelor degree studies and at least three years of work experience• 60-90 ECTS credits, this takes 1,5-2 years• The Master of Health Care is equivalent to a university Master of Science in Health Care in the labour market• A qualified physiotherapist can pursue postgraduate university studies, continuing to a doctorate`s degree in health sciences in Universities .• University of Jyväskylä is only university in Finland where physiotherapy is one subject in Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences 3
  • 4. Physiotherapy Curriculum (2010) in Savonia UAS based• EQF level 6 (Framework for Qualifications of European higher education area)• ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) WHO• Framework of Physiotherapy Elements named by Finnish Association of Physiotherapists (FAP)• National Classification of Physiotherapy Practice• Study outcomes are expressed by short statements of competencies based rather on performing than just knowing• Authentic leaning, experimentation and action• Team Teaching• Cooperative Learning• Each student group has a tutoring teacher
  • 5. Themes for semesters1. Basics of physiotherapy and development into expert 29 credits2. Functioning and Moving in Environment 31 credits3. Active participant in Rehabilitation 29 credits4. Physiotherapy practices to promote health and function 31 credits5. Physiotherapy in different dysfunctions 30 credits6. Physiotherapy in promotion of public welfare and health 30 credits7. Development of Professionalism 30 credits
  • 6. Example: 1st semester Theme:Basics of physiotherapy and development into expert 29 credits - Supporting the learning process in UAS 5 op - Basics of physiotherapy 4 op - Body structure and functions 5 op - Basics of function in physiotherapy 5 op - Growth, development and learning in lifespan 5 op - Guiding and teaching in physiotherapy 5 opStudents practise with authentic clients and different courses share common tasks.
  • 7. Example: 3th semesterTheme :Active participant in rehabilitation 29 op- Rehabilitation 10 op- Councelling in health promotion 6 op- Accessibility and participation 5 op- Applied exercises 3 op- Research as a way to learn and work 5 op Home visits at client´s home, workshops and portfoliointegrate all subjects together
  • 8. Muchas gracias