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5 3 the crusades

5 3 the crusades






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    5 3 the crusades 5 3 the crusades Presentation Transcript

    • Chapter 5: Europe in the Middle Ages Section 3: The Crusades
    • Vocabulary
      • Pilgrim : A person who journeys to a sacred place
      • Barter : To trade
    • What Were the Crusades?
      • Military expeditions
      • Launched by European Christians
      • The goal was to win back the Holy Land from Muslim control
    • What Were the Crusades?
        • The Holy Land = Jerusalem and the surrounding areas
        • This is where Jesus lived – Sacred land to Christians
    • The Holy Land
    • What Started the Crusades?
      • Muslims had conquered the holy land many years before
      • The Byzantine emperor asked the pope for help – The Seljuk Turks were attacking him
      • Turks would not allow Christian pilgrims to visit the Holy Land
    • Islamic Territory
    • What Started the Crusades?
      • 1095 – Pope Urban II gives a speech at Clermont , France
        • He calls for European knights to go and free the Holy Land from the Muslims
        • He wants the knights to stop fighting each other
        • He promises anyone who goes on the Crusade that all their sins will be forgiven and their entrance into heaven is guaranteed
      What Started the Crusades? Continued
    • A Crusader Knight
    • The People’s Crusade
      • The knights take time to organize their crusade
      • In the meantime, a preacher by the name of Peter the Hermit calls for a “ People’s Crusade ”
    • The People’s Crusade
      • Peter leads the unorganized mob of peasants and serfs towards the Holy Land
      • They loot towns and kill Jews along their journey
    • The People’s Crusade
    • The People’s Crusade
      • The People’s Crusade is ambushed by the Muslim Turks and defeated easily
      • 20,000 Crusaders are executed or sold into slavery
    • The First Crusade
      • Finally the knights get organized and begin their march towards The Holy Land
      • Their journey will last 3 long years
    • The First Crusade
    • Nicaea But the Byzantines make a deal with the Muslims and take control of the city The Crusaders attack and surround the city of Nicaea
    • The First Crusade
    • Edessa Baldwin Baldwin enters the city victorious Crusaders attack and surround the city
    • The First Crusade
    • Antioch The two sieges of Antioch The Holy Lance and Battle outside the city
    • The First Crusade
    • The First Crusade
      • Many battles are fought along the way
      • Finally they surround the walls of Jerusalem
    • The First Crusade Continued
      • 1099 – Jerusalem falls to the Crusaders
      • The Crusaders show no mercy
    • The First Crusade Continued
        • 10,000 inhabitants of Jerusalem are slaughtered
    • The First Crusade Continued
      • Four Crusader Kingdoms are established in the Holy Land
    • The Second Crusade
      • The Muslims counterattack and regain land from the Crusaders
      • King Louis VII of France leads the Second Crusade
      • Second Crusade attacks Damascus and is defeated by the Muslims
    • The Second Crusade
    • The Muslims go on the Offensive
      • The Muslim armies are united under a great new leader named Saladin
      • He calls for a Jihad , or Muslim holy war
    • The Battle of Hattin
    • The Battle of Hattin
    • The Muslims go on the Offensive
      • Saladin defeats the Crusaders at the battle of The Horns of Hattin
    • The Muslims go on the Offensive Continued
      • Then, in 1187, Saladin recaptures Jerusalem for the Muslims
      • He spares the lives of the Crusaders inside the city
    • The ThirdCrusade
      • This time the Crusaders are led by King Richard “The Lion Heart” of England
    • The Third Crusade
    • The ThirdCrusade Continued
      • Richard and Saladin fight to a draw
      • A deal is made:
        • Jerusalem will remain under Muslim control
        • Unarmed Christian pilgrims will be allowed in Jerusalem
    • Other Crusades
    • The Results of the Crusades
      • Increased trade with the East
      • The use of money instead of bartering
      • New ideas and technology from the Muslims brought back to Europe