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17 2 the fight over reconstruction
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17 2 the fight over reconstruction

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  • 1. CHAPTER 17: Reconstruction Section 2:The Fight over Reconstruction
  • 2. VOCABULARY Impeach: To bring charges againsta public official for wrongdoing
  • 3. PRESIDENT JOHNSON Democrat & formerslaveholder Did not believe inequal rights for blacks Wanted lenientreconstruction Gave pardons towealthy Confederateleaders
  • 4. RECONSTRUCTION OVER? Southern statesfollowedlenient plan Johnsonadmitted themback in asstates • Declared reconstruction over
  • 5. BLACK CODES Southern states passed Black Codes • Laws that limited the freedom of African Americans
  • 6. BLACK CODES Could not own property or guns No voting rights If no job, could be arrested andforced to work for no pay
  • 7. “This is a white man’s government, and intended for white men only.” -Benjamin F. Perry (Governor of South Carolina)
  • 8. THE RADICAL REPUBLICANS Radical Republicans – Northernmembers of Congress • Wanted to redo Reconstruction • Much stricter plan on the South
  • 9. CONGRESS TAKES CONTROL OF RECONSTRUCTION Radical Republicans pass twoConstitutional Amendments • 14 th Amendment – Gave full citizenship to African Americans
  • 10. CONGRESS TAKES CONTROL OF RECONSTRUCTION • 15th Amendment – Gave voting rights to African American men
  • 11. CONGRESS TAKES CONTROL OF RECONSTRUCTION Also pass new Reconstruction Acts • Divided the South into 5 military districts • Each one controlled by a Northern military commander • States must support 14 th & 15th Amendments to be readmitted
  • 12. Radical Reconstruction Military Districts
  • 13. JOHNSON DISAGREES WITHRADICAL RECONSTRUCTION Johnson tried to veto the RadicalReconstruction Acts Opposed the Amendments
  • 14. THE PRESIDENT ON TRIAL Congress passed a law that forbidthe President from removing cabinetofficials without Senate approval Johnson then fired Sec. of WarEdwin Stanton Ha ha, they can’t tell You’re Darn fired! me what to do!
  • 15. THE PRESIDENT ON TRIAL Congress voted to impeachJohnson
  • 16. THE PRESIDENT ON TRIAL Johnson then went to the Senatefor a trial • 2/3rds vote would remove him from office
  • 17. TheImpeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson Oh crap!
  • 18. THE PRESIDENT ON TRIAL Johnson is saved by one single vote Whew! That was close.
  • 19. THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 1868 Johnson doesnot run RepublicanUlysses S. Grantwins • He supports Radical Reconstruction