How to Remember a Presentation Without Notes


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These slides are from the Iris Speed Reading Classes & Memory Improvement Courses. Iris is the largest and leading provider of Speed Reading & Memory Improvement Courses in the United States. This course covers memory techniques, including how to remember a presentation without notes.

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How to Remember a Presentation Without Notes

  1. 1. How To Remember aPresentationWithout NotesPresenters:Paul Nowak, Founder & Program DirectorKatya Seberson, Director of Research
  2. 2. Speech Anxiety What is the real reason for it?What about people who like to talk? Talk TALK Talk
  3. 3. Why No Notes? What about Index Cards?Drop Your Notes and Command the Room!
  4. 4. Know Your StuffConfidence Comes along with Knowledge
  5. 5. First Thing To Do When Memorizing the Speech DONT!!! Try to Memorize your Speech
  6. 6. Barrier WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDSWords WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDSWords WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDSWords WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS WorDs WORDSWords WoRdS WorDs WORDS Words WoRdS
  7. 7. Establish Connection Think about what to say nextReact to what the audience is Saying to you
  8. 8. What to Do Instead?Divide up your Speech into SectionsThink through a section in your MindWhen you get Lost, as you willDo NOT Go Back to the Beginning
  9. 9. Why Cant I Go Back and Start FreshMake Yourself Get back to Where you wanted to go!Get Rid of Fear to Get Lost in your Speech
  10. 10. When you do get lost during the presentation.....Instead of : Oh my Gosh!!! How do I get back tomy main point?You say to yourself: Alright, I did this before.Here is another way of getting through.
  11. 11. Nobody Knows Your Original PlanNobody but you knows your original scenario :-) Unless you are reciting Shakespeare
  12. 12. When you DO need to memorizeOnly memorize the first and the last partTip for memorizing paragraphs by heart.When memorizing verse / poetry
  13. 13. Using a Mind MapBegin with the main ideaDefine main ideas, structure of your speechPick the right keywordsUse as many images as you canRe-Draw your Mind Map
  14. 14. Use as Many Images as You Can
  15. 15. Record itFor Auditory LearnersRecord your Speechand Play it backListening to your Own Voice
  16. 16. Journey Technique
  17. 17. How can I begin?Create a journeyMust be very familiar with itCrucial for this systemCould be your roomYour GardenYour Kitchen
  18. 18. Sample JourneysStudent:Trip to your UniversityWalking Around the CampusStudent BarSmall City:Trip around town centerMarket SquareButchers Window
  19. 19. More Sample JourneysComputer Geek:Computer Gamefor business professionals:a trip to work, stop at the coffee shop, subwayor a car
  20. 20. Dressing your JourneyFirst pick your room.Go to the Room physicallyIdentify the room Starting Point ( DefiningFeature)Walk through the objects in your room and lockin the sequence
  21. 21. Example of a Speech1. A story about her birth2. A funny incident at school3. What happened when the family went camping4. Her first date5. How she met her future husband at University6. A joke about husbands and housework. B Living o
  22. 22. Your Route1. Your bedroom2. Your bathroom3. On the stairs4. In the kitchen5. On your front drive6. Outside your neighbours house
  23. 23. In your BedroomHear baby CryingGet DisturbedImagine Vividly
  24. 24. In Your BathroomHeadmistress
  25. 25. On the StairsHuge Tent
  26. 26. In the KitchenHer first Boyfriend
  27. 27. On your Front DriveYour Son-in-Law
  28. 28. Outside your Neighbours House
  29. 29. When you make a speech1. Make the mental journey2. All the important points will spring into your mind3. In the right sequence
  30. 30. Thanks for Attending!Contact Information:Katya Sebersonkatya@irisreading.comPaul