Speed Reading Class: How to Make Difficult Reading Easy
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Speed Reading Class: How to Make Difficult Reading Easy



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These slides are from the Iris Speed Reading Classes & Memory Improvement Courses. Iris is the largest and leading provider of Speed Reading & Memory Improvement Courses in the United States. This course covers speed reading and how to make difficult reading easy for speed readers.



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Speed Reading Class: How to Make Difficult Reading Easy Speed Reading Class: How to Make Difficult Reading Easy Presentation Transcript

  • How To Make Difficult Reading Easy Welcome!
  • Gaining Background Knowledge Before ReadingThe more familiar you are with a subject, the easier it will be to read.
  • Multiple Reading Process 1. Preview 2. Overview 3. Read 4. Final Review 5. Recite
  • Consider Doing MRP on Sections Preview Overview ReadThen move on to the next section in the chapter.
  • Read & RecallRead a paragraph, immediately write what it was about (a keyword or 2-3 words max)
  • Dealing with Diagrams, Charts, Formulas, etc.How To Get Maximum Comprehension When You Must Analyze a Diagram, Chart or Forumula
  • How Taking Notes Creatively Makes Reading Easier Taking Notes Strengthens RetentionMind Mapping Helps You Remember Visually
  • Pushing Through the Material How To Avoid Re-Reading When you should re-read
  • Pushing Through the MaterialMaking marks to signify difficult areas
  • Mental Checkpoints To make sure you are focused check to see ifyou are still paying attention after each section.
  • Using Questions To Read Critically What? Why? How?
  • Reading PhilosophyTry to find the question the author is trying to answer
  • 3 Other Ways to Improve Quality of Comprehension1. Reading a wide variety of material2. Discussion3. Testing (Actual Tests or Self-recitation)
  • When To Look Up Unfamiliar Terms After you finish a paragraph
  • Dont Read to Remember, Read to Understand Reading for Understanding is that GoalAfter youve understood the material, you can then focus on trying to remember it.