Q2) how effective is the combination of


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Q2) how effective is the combination of

  1. 1. Billboard ancillary
  2. 2. Magazine ancillary
  3. 3. Q2) How effective is thecombination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  4. 4. Mood BoardI created a mood board of theHollyoaks soap as my soapwould have a similar audience.It also is seen on E4 which isthe institution I have decidedto use for my soap.
  5. 5. Similar Media
  6. 6. Magazine ancillary Cursive feminine font. Looks like lipstick to appeal to target audience Large masthead taking up a fifth of the page Magazine special telling you whats in the magazine Anchoring to the star. Tells you what the star has to do with the magazine Main heading same size as masthead. Feminine as it looks like it has been written in mascara Banner at bottom saying magazine extras
  7. 7. Magazine ancillary Subheading promoting the magazine Website and issue number Eyes a third of the way down the page and looking at audience Simple colour scheme of one or two colours. Star dressed in them colours Intertextuality to add a story behind the picture Subheading to the main story
  8. 8. Magazine ancillary No price or baarcodebecause it is given away free with a paper Subtle colours which go together One main picture with no others. No bubbles as it is a classy magazine Mention of where the star is from ‘Dolled up’ to portray a perfect woman who the audience would ideally want to be Usually one star on the front
  9. 9. Similar Media
  10. 10. Similar MediaTime frame/date ofwhen the soap starts E4 logo which follow the E4 style guide regulations Clear Main characters Banner which appeals to which overlapping in a row and excites the audience
  11. 11. Similar MediaTime frame/date ofwhen the soap starts E4 logo which follow the E4 style guide regulations Clear Main characters Banner which appeals to which overlapping in a row and excites the audience
  12. 12. Branding/Institution I decided to advertise my product with E4. This is because my soap is based around Hollyoaks, an E4 soap. Similar to Hollyoaks I named my soap after the wealthy place it was set. For me this is Aulderly Edge, so we named it The Edge. The Edge The Edge The Edge The EdgeThe Edge After experimenting with fonts I chose to use American The Edge Typewriter as it is typical to E4 shows like skins. I then made it bold so it stood out so it followed the The Edge conventions of the E4 style guide. I then stuck to the The Edge colours of E4 with the purple and white. This means that The Edge my soap will now be associated with popular E4 shows. It is easy to read but and is also eye catching The Edge The Edge The Edge
  13. 13. These are the specifications given in the E4 style guide.I made sure my products conformed to these to createan identity which will appeal to my demographic.
  14. 14. •Double White boarder around E4 logo •Same width keyline •Looks like a sticker
  15. 15. +•Bottom right hand corner •10mm from the edge •Strips of tape overlap
  16. 16. •10mm gap around logo to stop other text encroaching on it
  17. 17. •Same shade of purple used throughout for continuity and to represent the E4 branding
  18. 18. •E4 logo when typed must be a capital and the numerical ‘4’
  19. 19. •Used E4 typewriter for all brand identity
  20. 20. Presenting a regionThe stars are all Mancunian so therefore have ‘manc’accents. This tells the audience that the soap is set inManchester and therefore help to portray stereotypical viewsthat people may have.
  21. 21. GenreMy soap is a Uk soap which is based around realisticproblems so is therefore catharsis. They are there so theaudience dont feel like they are the only ones with thatproblem. However more commonly found in US soap oursoap is based on classy characters and is set in a well offarea. The characters are trashy/tacky and kind of fake. Theytry and come over as classy but are not posh at all. Thecharacters are young adults who have just left college/school.I resembled this genre in my soap, billboard and magazinefront cover.