Intro to Online Fundraising in 10 Minutes


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I prepared this 10 minute presentation as part of the "Feminist Cyborgs: Actvism, Online Fundraising, and Security" hosted by African Feminist Forum and Association for Progressive Communications. It includes a brief overview of crowdfunding, and 5 quick tips to remember when running a fundraising campaign.

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Intro to Online Fundraising in 10 Minutes

  1. 1. Feminist Cyborgs:Online Fundraising© Spectra Speaks
  2. 2. Brief Outline• Introduction• Overview of Online Fundraising• Popular Crowdfunding Tools• Africans for Africa Campaign Case Study• Online Fundraising Tips• Contact
  3. 3. About Me • Writer, Activist, New Media Consultant • Communication, Culture, and Technology • Focus on Philanthropy: donor engagement, awareness-building, writing for thought leadership, online fundraising • 5+ yrs in software industry implementing tech solutions before non-profit startups • Follow @spectraspeaks, #crowdfunding101
  4. 4. Overview of Crowdfunding • Sometimes referred to as Crowdfunding • “Funding via a networked group” • Using social media networks to raise money for projects • Collective effort of individuals who network and pool their resources • Connects people who have needs to the people who can meet those needsSource:
  5. 5. Popular Crowdfunding Tools
  6. 6. Introduction to Online Fundraising “Using social media networks to raise money for projects”Source:
  7. 7. Things to Remember• Social media = media that is social, period.• Don’t confuse the tools with the task.• Having a Facebook Page doesn’t guarantee you money.• You (a person) must raise funds from your network (multiple people)• The quality of your network = The quality of your relationships with individuals in that network• Typical fundraising principles apply online.
  8. 8. Africans for Africa Project • Independent project training African- women led NGOs to use new media • Raised ~$15,000 in 30 days via online fundraising campaign • Focus on Women, Youth, Gender & Sexuality Issues • South Africa, Namibia, Botswana • One-on-One Consulting and Team Sessions for Organizations • Online Fundraising Workshops (Open to the Public) • Over 400 workshop participants, 60 organizations
  9. 9. Tip 1: Learn to “Ask” The most important element of any campaign is the “ask.” You must ask before you can receive. (Most popular reason cited by people as to why they didn’t give is “No one asked me.”) Africans for Africa: In addition to bulk emails, I sent personal emails, FB messages, text messages, and phone calls to individuals. Tip: Practice and test your with different (trusted) audiences; don’t play with live money.
  10. 10. Tip 2: Know Your Audience You wouldn’t ask your best friend for money in the same way you would ask a professional colleague, would you? Different audiences require different messages. Africans for Africa: “MIT Classmates” received different messaging from “Activists” Tip: Segment your list, create messages and themes for each before you begin sending communications.
  11. 11. Tip 3: Inner Circle Power People ultimately give money because they trust you. Study shows that number one factor influencing trust is recommendation from friends and family. Africans for Africa: Bulk of my donations came from close friends, who encouraged others to contribute as well. Tip: Don’t ignore your family and friends. They’re you’re biggest advocates and can help you raise even more money (if you “ask” them to).
  12. 12. Tip 4: Set (Realistic) Goals Fundraising isn’t about luck. You must set goals to meet. People (yourself included) are more driven to give by public benchmarks. Africans for Africa: I asked 15 people to contribute, every day, to increase chance of meeting goal of 10 donors per day. Tip: Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Make them public. People want to help. And if they see mini-goals as possible, they’re more likely to give.
  13. 13. Tip 5: Recognition There’s a reason you always see “Thank You” on a sales receipt. People need to feel appreciated in order to stay engaged. Africans for Africa: Different perqs came with cool titles such as “Ally”, “Champion” etc. Immediate Thank You and social media shout-out. Tip: Come up with creative ways to recognition, before and after the “ask” in order to nurture repeat-givers and advocates.
  14. 14. Most Important: Be Human Connect with people’s hearts. Facebook doesn’t make campaigns successful; people do. “People connect with people, not campaigns.” - ZerobyZawadi Africans for Africa: My campaign story was about “me”, why “I” wanted this project to succeed, its personal impact. Tip: Reflect on why this project really matters, to you, and to the people you care about.
  15. 15. Contact Info: New Media Consulting Website: Twitter: @spectraspeaks Facebook: /spectraspeaksalot LinkedIn: /user/spectraspeaks