Numis network review numismatic coins, a new revolution in distributing silver and gold


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Numis network review numismatic coins, a new revolution in distributing silver and gold

  1. 1. ==== ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real? ===="Spice up your Numis Network business" by giving your organization a Gold and Silver sprinkling.This is the best advice I could give you, if youre looking to sell these increasingly trendy Gold andSilver Numismatic coins......Before I continue, its crucial that I tell you that Im not a Numis distributor, and I dont sell theirNumismatic coins, nonetheless, I do coach A LOT of people who do. This third party review will letyou in on some marketing secrets for Numis Network - if youre planning on making it big withNumis and really dominating the online scene. Before you ask, my qualifications for reviewingNumis come from a extensive background in the Network Marketing profession. Within the last 10years Ive built global businesses both on and off the internet, trained with business founders andBillionaires, and currently work with hundreds of individuals who are learning how to marketNumismatic coins and the Numis opportunity in a way that is appealing, fun, and simply WORKS.This review is going to give you some pros and cons to the Numis Network products from aMARKETING standpoint, so you can have realistic expectations when youre setting out to buildyour Numis empire.Here are the MASSIVELY cool pros to the Numis Network Product line:1. "If you are going to collect something, it might as well be money!" This is precisely what NumisNetwork is all about, helping individuals accumulate the most precious and valuable wealth of all:silver and gold numismatic coins. By purchasing and accumulating graded silver and goldnumismatic coins, you can "Create Wealth, Collect Wealth, and Preserve Wealth."2. The market for promoting the Numis product line is large, and constantly growing. This putsyour business in a decent stance to not only sell a product, but to ride a tidal wave oforganizational expansion, as its easier to sell an expanding product line like Numismatic coinsthan it is to promote something in a contracting market.3. Numis has BRILLIANT branding. You get revved up just saying the name Numis NumismaticCoins, dont you? In addition, the packaging is attractive, fun, and simple to promote. If youreadvertising anything, its essential to have an exciting impression, due to the crowd that youreadvertising to.4. When collectors get hooked on these unique coins, they tend to buy A LOT of them, whichmeans additional sales, and more residual income over your entire Numis organization. This isone of the things I like about the business: the potential for massive monthly volume from loyalcustomers.
  2. 2. Thats all well and good, but what about the downsides of Numis Network?From a third party outlook, recognize that a number of objections to any business (includingNumis) are actually valid and based on facts. This isnt to prevent you from joining (as the Numisbusiness is certainly a good company, and Numismatic coins are an exceptional product). Itssimply so you can make an objective, unbiased decision about how youre going to promote yourbusiness. Here are the potential cons to Numismatic coins:1. There is a huge amount of competition globally in the Numismatic gold and silver coins marketfrom huge corporations who would love to put you out of business. There are just a lot ofcompetitors that market Numismatic coins, and even though Numis Network is one of the earlierMLMs to do so, you must decide if you want to participate in such intense competition.2. There is a lot of excitement in regard to selling Numiss Numismatic coins currently, and theexpansion in this market for Numismatic coins IS a trend. Another predicament is that Numismaticcoins is Numis single product line. This may well be a concern when building your business.Thats fine, because if you have a substantial organization in Numis, when the sales forNumismatic coins goes into decline, youll have a loyal sales organization. But what is the nextproduct they can buy? Since Numis is a remarkable company, with visionary leadership andbrilliant branding, hopefully they will develop their product line to be further varied in themarketplace.3. Ive noticed a lot of people in Numis who are trying to "sell" Numismatic coins and "sell" theNumis Network business opportunity using old school marketing methods that dont work very wellin the 21st century. In fact, I heard of the organization initially from someone "jumping" from dealto deal, advising me how fantastic Numis was and why everyone should join it and purchase theNumismatic coins. That kind of thing worked really well 30 years ago, but doesnt work well today.If you would like to make a lot of money selling Numismatic coins, you need to learn how toATTRACT partners into your Numis organization using modern day recruiting techniques that arepitch free.In fact, thats the first of two goals why I put this review together. The first reason is that I wantedpeople to be able to get hold of objective information about the Numis opportunity (instead of justsales pitches) so they could determine whether to join based on truth. The second reason is that Iwanted to train distributors in Numis the sponsoring techniques that will allow them to sponsor 2, 3or 4 people each day without cold calling leads lists, annoying relatives, or going to thousands ofrepetitive, boring meetings.The truth is, there IS a better way to market, and I can really show you how to build yourorganization using real world strategies that are working RIGHT NOW. I want to show you howyou can dominate in Numis or any other company or product you decide on, and how you candominate Numis Network online in a way that is simple, appealing, and fun.To learn more about how you can have dramatic Numis Network success, its important that youlearn everything that you possibly can about the company before you get involved. Visit thefollowing link and youll be taken to YouTube where you can watch our Numis Network Reviews
  3. 3. from an industry expert, Eric Henderson.Article Source: ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real? ====