Numis network review is numis network for real


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Numis network review is numis network for real

  1. 1. ==== ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real? ====Numis Network is a fairly new multi level marketing company which was founded to sell silver andgold coins through the multi level marketing vehicle. This critique will provide some very importantinformation about this company. This is information you need to know to make any informeddecisions so dont disregard any of it. You just might be surprised.Numis Network-History and LeadershipThe business home office is located in Tampa, Fl. Ian Cordell is one of the founders and servesas President of Numis Network. His best friend since 3rd grade and business associate since1994 Chris Kent is also a founder. Together they set up International Direct Selling TechnologyCorporation in 2001 which provides technology and software services to the direct selling industry.Jake Kevorkian (not Jack, the killer doctor) is one of the founders and is the Executive Vice-President. His business history shows he has had extensive experience and success in the mlmindustry as a distributor.Numis Network-The ProductsThis is where the contrast shows up in Numis Network. As a reviewer of network marketingcompanies my work is about 90% reviews of nutrition based companies and there is a lot ofcompetition between all of them. Numis Network is a very welcome swap, both for me as areviewer and for the industry itself.The head product of Numis Network is The Silver Coin of the Month Club. As a member you getan MS70, or mint state silver coin from any one of the many government mints from around theworld. There is a large catalog of silver and gold coins from mints of the more constantgovernments globally that you can choose from and collect.There is also a product called The Forever Crystal which you can have engraved with words and apicture commemorating any one of your lifes most memorable occasions. (Wow, Im starting tosound like a salesman, better stop there).Here is something I have to discuss because its virtually unheard of. Numis Network offers a 5year guarantee on their coins. They will buy back any coins at the price you paid for them for 5years. Now thats BIG.A sample of some phrases and sayings that are thrown around amongst the distributors for thecompany are things like "the only network marketing product you WANT to have a garage full of".And in response to the question of "How much will Numis Network pay me for my coins if I decide
  2. 2. to sell them back?" Well, they say, "how nice that we can have that conversation". How manynutrition companies or soap network marketing companies will buy your vitamins or soap backfrom you?Numis Network-Getting Started and The Compensation PlanWell, lets acknowledge the always present question when it comes to mlm and that is "Is NumisNetwork a scam?" The answer of course is a resounding no. You can join Numis Network at the$75.00 level for which you get the Numis Portfolio, Star Builder Training System,,,, Numis BBS and The BackOffice Business Center. The Numis Success System is $75.00 as mentioned plus shipping andtax. Its $9.95 per month to maintain your online tools. If you plan on building a business thoughthis is not the way to go as you wont be eligible for most of the good bonuses.The most potentially lucrative way to join Numis Network would be by buying The Fast TrackCollectors Kit for $420 plus tax and shipping. With it you get all of the above and an MS70 SilverCoin, Graded Coin Attache Collectors Case, the Coins Are Cool DVD Video Training Series,Silver Coin of the Month Club, Free Coin Grading Certificate and a Personally Customized ForeverCrystal.Numis Network uses the binary pay plan and besides retail commissions there are a gang of othermethods to make of money and some of those are Preferred Customer Sales Bonus, $100 FastTrack Collectors Kit Bonus, $10 Fast Track Level Bonus, Rank Advancement Bonus $100 up to$50,000, Matching Rank Advancement Bonus $100 up to $50,000, Binary Pay 10% up to 12%,Matching Bonus on Binary Pay from 5% up to 40%, Matching $100 Legacy Bonus paid to infinity,Matching $50 Foundation Bonus paid to infinity, Matching $20 Satellite Bonus paid to infinity,Shares in Fast Track Leadership Pool, the Silver BMW Executive Automobile Award and LuxuryIncentive Award Trips.Of course if you determine to join Numis Network you will have the opportunity to go over theproducts and compensation plan. Like any other mlm opportunity you will fail if you dont have amarketing plan. You must get connected with a solid attraction marketing system.Read more MLM Company Reviews at my website. Already involved in a primary opportunity?Learn to generate leads for it.I started learning to generate leads before I even chose a primarybusiness. So can you.If youre already involved in an mlm but are not seeing the results you expected then I highlysuggest you use a proven attraction marketing system that teaches you how to brand yourself andcreate leads. A system where you can earn money from prospects who DONT join your primaryopportunity.Article Source:
  3. 3. ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real? ====