Numis network going from strength to strength


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Numis network going from strength to strength

  1. 1. ==== ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real? ====What is Numis Network? This is a question that plenty of people have been asking in recent times.Most people have never heard of Numis, so I will attempt to answer the question: how it works,and whether it could work for you.Numis Network has attracted some quality people since they started which is always a good sign.People such as Ray Higden and David Wood - Ray Higden as has since gone onto become thenumber 1 earner in Numis.So what is Numis Network? Its a company that is in the numismatics industry, which is about thecollecting of coins. Numis was launched by three industry leaders, including Mike Mezak, Thyelaunched in 2009.In a way Numis is a breath of fresh air when comparing their products to that of typical networkmarketing companies. Whilst other companies might market vitamins, juices, herbal formulas andthe like, Numis markets Silver and Gold - mint State, Graded Silver and Gold Coins.The numismatic coin industry is now a sizable industry. Global sales are in the vicinity of 100billion dollars a year, with the US accounting for more than $10 billion. Interest in gold and silverhas intensified because of heightened fears flowing from the global financial crisis. People arenervous and want to put their money into safe havens.From a timing perspective Numis couldnt have launched at a better time. People want safety, plusthe potential to have their investment increase in value over time, is a big plus.Numis ProductsApart from gold and silver coins, Numis also offers world coins, rare and vintage coins,commemorative coins, and more.Is Numis Successful?Being a network marketing company, the viability of Numis Network will be determined by theirability to recruit more reps. Of course, recruitment is the lifeblood of any networking business.On this point Numis seems to be a well managed business and has attracted thousands of newreps in recent times.Numis Compensation Plan
  2. 2. Numis offers a binary pay plan which has become popular in recent years. A point of differencewith the Numis pay plan is that the mandatory training pack is linked to the pay plan. The fee forthe training pack is commissionable which delivers reps a good upfront commission for selling it.It is important that the company incorporates the training pack into the pay plan because themargins on the coins themselves are tiny.Is Numis a Scam?Numis Network is not a scam - they a legal business.A Warning About Numis NetworkThe company does not promote their products as an investment. However as the companyexpands some reps may be tempted to cross the line. In that event Numis may incur the wrath oftrigger happy regulators.The Wrap UpNumis Network is powering on. Leaders like Ray Higdon and David Wood have cracked the bigbucks - and good for them. The company has also recently launched in the UK. It will beinteresting to see how they go there - The UK is not the most mlm friendly jurisdiction in the world.In difficult times people often put their money into things that will hold their value. And this is whatmakes Numis so interesting. However if the market gets swamped, the value of Numis productsmay weaken in the future.Numis Network is achieving strong growth as a result of attracting quality people, no doubt due tothe vision of the founders, and the attractions of the core proposition.Kim Willis has been making 6 figures from home since he started as an online marketer, in 2006.He now helps other people do the same. It starts with leads - generating plenty of them on a dailybasis. Visit for FREE TRAINING vids.Go to his blog for the full article top mlm companiesArticle Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real? ====