==== ====MLM Tips? Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/get-more-traffic.h...
through their posts until you come to a post that might help someone doing online MLM marketing(including yourself). The p...
give proper credit (such as a link back to their website). Turn whatever raw material you get backfrom your hero into an a...
http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stephanie_Valentine==== ====MLM Tips? Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http...
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MLM Tips? Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ===>


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MLM Tips? Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ===>

  1. 1. ==== ====MLM Tips? Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/get-more-traffic.html==== ====If youre sitting in front of your computer staring at a blank screen, then youre not alone. A lot ofpeople with MLM websites and blogs are at a loss for content. Maybe you know what you want towrite but youre still staring at a blank screen because you dont:- possess enough content to write about- feel you are enough of an expert to write- have the extra facts or ideas you need to spice up your writing- feel you write well enoughOr, theres always my favorite: youre plain stuck and scared!No problem. Most people are stuck and scared when they first begin writing content for the web,whether it be for an MLM website or just a personal blog. After all, the content is going to visible tothe whole world! But dont worry. Remember this advice from futurist and online writer DavidMeerman Scott:"Its OK to be a dork online."Thats right, an expert online writer says that it is OK to be a dork online. Everyone is a dork atsome point. So go ahead and get it over with. Start writing stuff for your MLM blog or website.7 Ways Get Content for Your MLM Blog or WebsiteThe great news is that you dont have to generate totally original content for your MLM blog orwebsite. You simply have to add some original content. Much of what is on the internet is justrehashed and recycled information anyway. The information has just been spun a million differentways. The key is to add something unique to that content that would be useful to someone inMLM. So here are 7 ways you can get content for your MLM website or blog.1. Write Your Own StuffThe best time to write your own stuff is when youre inspired about some facet of your MLMbusiness. If youve just learned a great tip from a MLM training webcast or from your uplinesponsor, write about it. If you are learning a new online MLM marketing skill, write about that. Anytime your creative juices are flowing, write about it. Just be sure that whatever you are writing isgoing to help someone else. As they say in certain programs, share your experience, strength,and hope.2. Comment on Someone Elses StuffIf you currently dont have any personal experiences to share, then go find someone who does.Visit some MLM websites or online marketing blogs, and see what they are writing down. Read
  2. 2. through their posts until you come to a post that might help someone doing online MLM marketing(including yourself). The post might be about how to ask people for business (a necessity for anybusiness on or offline). Or maybe youre inspired by an unusual MLM statistic or even a joke aboutMLM (theyve got plenty about lawyers, why not MLMers?). Whatever inspires you, write about it.You can paraphrase what youve read and then add your own comments. Always give propercredit to the original author, of course, and include a link to the authors website. Some of myfavorite blogs for getting ideas are:- Copyblogger- Best MLM Resources (Michael Lemm)- Brian Solis- Duct Tape Marketing- Be the Voice- Collective Thoughts- Top Rank Blog- Chris BroganThis is just a partial list of my favorites. Also, you can browse Alltop, which is a search engine ofthe top websites and blogs (with emphasis on blogs) on all topics. Its a topical bonanza.3. Moderate a MLM ConflictPeople in MLM can be some of the most hard-headed and stubborn people in the world (if youdont know this then you havent been in this industry long enough). Inevitably, there arises conflictabout all kinds of MLM subjects, ranging from the best way to market MLM online to whethercrossline talking is acceptable. One way to get content for your blog is to write your own views onthe subject. Pull data from all sides and then jump in with your own opinion. If youre not sure youhave an opinion, then just gather data and present an informational blog post about "currentdebates in MLM." The best place to discover these conflicts is in MLM forums and in thecomments sections on MLM blogs. If you need help finding these issues, you can use a servicecalled BackType to search for keywords among blog comments. You can find some great MLMforums on Ryze and Facebook.4. Write a Book Report or an Ebook ReportRead something good recently? Write or blog about it. Whether youve read Ann Siegs latestebook, watched a great YouTube video from Perry Belcher, or delved into John Manns "Go-Giver"book, write about it. Make a list of the things youve learned. Write a pros and cons list of thethings you agree and disagree with in the book. Try out a few of the tips you learned and shareyour experience. You get the idea. Spin the information in your own way, and in your own voice.5. Interview Your Personal MLM HeroWhat are the three burning questions you have about your MLM business? Write them down andthen put them to your favorite MLM hero. This hero could be your direct MLM sponsor or someoneway up in your upline. Your MLM hero might also be someone in a completely different business.Thats no problem. Most successful MLMers are happy to help others. I know this because I havewritten to a few of my major heroes with my questions and have been surprised at how many havewritten back to me with really helpful comments and feedback. So dont be shy. Get on the phoneor type out an email to your hero and ask your questions. Be sure to thank them in advance fortheir consideration. If they do write back to you and you end up using their material, then always
  3. 3. give proper credit (such as a link back to their website). Turn whatever raw material you get backfrom your hero into an article or blog post, or even a series of blog posts. If the information is veryinnovative, you might even compare it to MLM information you read on other blogs and websites.6. Become the King or Queen of ListsIts a well-known fact that people love to read lists. Articles and blog posts that include lists are themost well-read web material out there. Lists are easy to digest and make a quick read. So, writelists. Make top 10 lists of:- best MLM resources- top MLM blogs and website- favorite MLM books- most informative MLM marketing articles- ebooks with the most practical online marketing information- worst MLM prospects- why you should never ________- the best time to ________- surprising things about MLM- your top MLM peeves- amazing MLM niche markets- the weirdest successful MLM builders you know- how you can apply ________to your MLM business- what ________can teach you about MLM- you know youre an MLM addict if ________- the list goes on ...7. Youll Never Believe This ...Storytelling is always a great way to break the ice, especially on the internet. If you have a "Youllnever believe this ..." story, then write about it. I once met an MLM hermit who went to the top ofthe companys compensation plan. He never left his house and did everything by direct mail. Ionce saw a top MLM business builder (well-known throughout the industry) bomb a prospectingcall. I heard a top MLM speaker fart on stage (really!). I wouldnt necessarily write about every oneof these stories, but if I thought the story would help someone with MLM business building or atleast bring a smile to their face, I would write about. Remember, the strange and spectacularattracts attention. The article I wrote about the oddball MLM hermit who made it to the top is one ofthe most well-read articles out there. Amazing.Stephanie Valentine has been a successful network marketer for over a decade. She does herMLM business online and helps others do the same. For tips, tricks, rants, and raves about onlineMLM and small business, visit http://www.gomlmonline.com/blog andhttp://www.gosmallbizblog.comArticle Source:
  4. 4. http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stephanie_Valentine==== ====MLM Tips? Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/get-more-traffic.html==== ====