How to generate sales leads 21 lead generation ideas you can execute today


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How to generate sales leads 21 lead generation ideas you can execute today

  1. 1. ==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====Theres a lot of misconception and controversy about list building and lead generation. If youre nota guru and dont have an access to one-then you can easily get confused about what works andwhat doesnt when it comes to generating sales leads online. I would like to clear up all the fallacyand give you a list of ideas you can execute to generate targeted leads (free and paid) ASAP.What I share in this post is not a concrete and absolute truth. I can only speak about my ownexperience as an internet marketer. If I say that something doesnt work-it means it didnt work forme. On the other hand, if I say that something does work-dont assume that it will work for you100%. This post is only to get your head moving in the direction of the list building truth. Youshould test what works before you do anything else.1. Streaming Video SyndicationAnyone whos hooked to an internet connection, even if he lives in Zambia or Uganda, knows whatYouTube is. Video sharing networks are a fantastic place to generate sales leads. Videos can beeasily embedded into your website, shared on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networks andhave a much higher perceived value then written text. Many Internet Marketing experts say thatstreaming video is the future and I say that their hunch is just. Video allows you to connect withyour clients even before they meet you, email you or talk with you on the phone. After watchingonly one clip featuring you-they feel instant empathy towards you which multiplies your chances ofclosing the deal on the backend.2. Article MarketingContrary to a huge misconception Article Marketing isnt dead.Amount of sales leads you generate using Article Marketing depends on:* How Good Is Your Headline* Quality Of Your Articles* Author Bio Box Click Trough Rates* Keyword ResearchArticle Marketing is still one of the most popular ways of lead generation online. The reason its stillone of most notorious lead generation approaches is because its free and because it works. Itworks for me, it works for many of my colleagues and it should work for you too (if you dont screwit up).3. Blogging
  2. 2. Blogging is my personal favorite lead generation strategy of all times. I find blogging fun,rewarding and profitable but its a lot harder than it looks. Behind every great blog theres a greatmarketer. Blogging is much harder than any other lead generation method because it takes muchmore then writing quality articles couple of times a week. Dont be scared though, because withhard work comes great pleasure and huge success! Blogging may very well be the only leadgeneration strategy youll ever need (e.g: John Chow, ProBlogger, CopyBlogger). Blogging can bemuch more than a lead generation strategy-it can and should become a separate income streamfor you and your business. Powerful and Influential blog is not a chore-its an asset. The differencebetween a blog and a squeeze page is that a squeeze page on and of itself isnt worth anythingwhile blog does. Through a blog you can setup numerous lead generation sources and utilizethem all at once-without spending a fortune on paid traffic. Besides, blogging is so popular nowthat every major corporation started one. Isnt about time you catch up?4. Joint VenturesJoint Venture is a mutually beneficial agreement that takes place between two parties. Forinstance, if you have a product but dont have a big list, you can approach a person with a list andoffer a JV in a form of giving away 50% commission off every sale to be made. Joint Ventures areactually the number one strategy the gurus use to do big launches. They approach their friendsand colleagues 2-3 weeks prior to launch and personally invite them to do a promotion. The nextthing you know, every marketer on the planet talks about the launch and its a success. If yourejust starting out, you probably dont have a big list or a product (or both) so you might think thatJVs are not for you. This is another misconception. Joint Ventures arent only done on product-list-commission basis. JVs can take many forms: instead of offering a commission you can offer aservice or something of value to that particular party.5. Ad SwapsAn advertisement swap or ad swap is simply an arrangement where you agree to put up someoneelses ad on your site or email newsletter in exchange for them doing the same. This is a perfectstrategy for startupreneurs with small lists, because its all about equality. You can easily find listowners with similar list sizes and exchange promotions.Requirements for a successful Ad Swap:* High Converting Ad Copy. Test your Ad Copy with your own list or paid traffic to develop thehighest converting email template you can use to maximize the results of each Ad Swap.* Equal Traffic And Exposure. Its important to make sure list sizes of both parties are equal orsimilar in size because otherwise the exchange cant be fair.* High Relevancy. Ad Swaps should be done with list owners who are involved in similar orrelevant niches.6. Forum MarketingForums are another great place to generate leads, build authority and generate traffic. Forums canbe used not only to build a list but also for building profitable relationships with other businessowners which can lead to Ad Swaps, Joint Ventures and other profitable activities. Not all forumswere made equal. Choose carefully-some of them arent worth your time. Use these criteria to
  3. 3. hand-pick your favorites:* Size-forum needs to be big. A minimum of 2000 active members online at all times. If you cantfind a forum this big, go for the next big thing or start your own forum.* Activity-another important quality for a forum to serve a good lead generation tool. If a forum isntactive-its the same as dead.* Moderation-forum should be strictly moderated by an administrator to keep it clean of SPAM anduseless entries. That way the content stays fresh and has a higher perceived value by the crowd.Use your signature file to drive traffic to your capture page, where you offer some incentive forsigning up. Provide quality content, helpful answers and link to your blog once in a while with ahelpful article that is related to the discussed topic. Dont SPAM! Your forum profile is extremelyimportant. Fill in all the necessary information and add as much descriptive details as possible.Post links to your social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc and dont forget to leave alink back to your blog for the curious once. Did I mention that you shouldnt SPAM?7. Social MediaIts no secret that Social Media is on the rise. Twitter is spreading faster than news about theswine flu. Facebook has grown twice the size of MySpace and has no intention to stop. Use themto grow your business.8. Guest BloggingGuest Blogging is arguably the best way to generate new leads. By guest blogging on other blogsthat are equal or greater in size you increase your marketing reach tremendously. Guest bloggingtraffic is more likely to subscribe because these people conditioned to trust you more than aregular visitor who is defensive about your marketing.9. Reciprocal Link BuildingReciprocal link building is similar to Ad Swaps only instead of email newsletter the partiesexchange links on their site. Party A links to Party B and Party B links to Party A. That way bothparties receive an incoming link and traffic which they can convert into leads. This strategy isextremely popular amongst bloggers, however it is also useful for Thank You and Downloadpages.10. Banner AdsIn his book "Purple Cow" famous Marketer and Author Seth Godin says that banner ads arenteffective. On the other hand, Internet Marketing Guru Frank Kern believes in the total opposite. Myexperience proves that banner ads arent as effective as we want them to be but they generateleads never the less-otherwise you wouldnt see so many of them...everywhere! Banner ads arealso effective (and cheap) because they are placed outside the content area of the website.Usually its either the sidebar or header-either way, no matter where the visitor lands-he can seethem and theres a chance hell click on them. If youre going to use banners (chances are that youare already), make sure to set up some kind of tracking software that will help you in identifyingwhich banners work best, wheres the highest click through rate and how many leads were
  4. 4. generated of each specific unit.11. PPC For SearchPay Per Click is known to be the fastest way for driving targeted traffic to a page if you have themoney to invest. PPC has evolved far beyond Google, Yahoo and MSN. Today you can buy PPCads on Facebook, as well as drive paid traffic to your YouTube videos. I am not an expert in paidtraffic, frankly, because I have never paid for traffic-I used SEO to get my blog on the map.Partially because I didnt have the money and partially because I refused to believe that paying fortraffic is the way to go. My perception shifted since then. I believe that PPC is the way to go. Wesee all the major companies prove it over and over again. Even Google, which is the most visitedsite in the world, uses PPC to advertise Chrome and other related products. Many advertisers areafraid of PPC because of the famous Google Slap. I say, dont listen to those idiots because theydont know how to advertise with Google. Just like any other advertising network, Google has a setof strict rules and guidelines. If youre getting slapped by Google it means that youre breaking therules and Google is simply punishing you for being stupid. Bottom line is-paid traffic works and itdoesnt cost as much as people lead you to believe.12. PPC For ContentBasically it is the same as Google Adwords or Yahoo Paid Search only your ads are displayed onrelevant Google publishers pages instead of the SERPs. Its hard to say which source of paidtraffic is more effective, but if youre not using both-youre definitely leaving leads on the table.13. Search Engine Optimization-SEOSearch Engine Optimization-the silver bullet 99% of internet marketers are after. They used to saythat if youre on page one of Google for your keyword-youre destined to make tons of sales. Itsounds logical, because when you think about it: a prospect searches for something and finds you.Your social proof and authority rises and now its a matter of time before you close the sale. Thatwould be true if people were stupid, but since people are evolving beings, now its not enough todominate the SERPs, its also important to match that domination with a compelling copy,structure and marketing. I used to work with a client that would generate 150 unique visitors a dayto his travel website using only SEO. He had position #4 for a related term and thought he was theking. His sales stats showed him he was wrong. He hadnt any. Why? His website was bright andshiny, slick design and he even had a call to action. However he failed to generate the muchneeded empathy and connection with his visitors which resulted in astonishing 80% bounce rateand visitor to lead conversion of 0.6%.14. Social BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking is a way for users to store their favorite websites or bookmark them online foreasy reference. You can generate a fair amount of leads using this strategy. If your content makesit to the front page of a major social bookmaking website such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit,StumbleUpon, etc you will get s**t load of visitors in a matter of hours. Social Bookmarking is alsoused for link building purposes to improve SEO rankings, but dont confuse it for a useless methodof link submission. You can get traffic even if you dont get on the first page. Its all about howgood is your content and how many people you can get to support you. Social Bookmarking is like
  5. 5. a huge traffic getting snow ball on a top of a hill. It doesnt present much danger if its motionless,but if you get couple of people and push to over the edge, it will grow in size and pick up speeduntil it hits something. If you want your snow ball to roll down the hill and pick up speed, the firststep is to make the snow ball attractive and worth pushing down. Focus on the content first, andthen assemble a social bookmarking support group to help you push it down the traffic getting hill.15. Rent-a-ListYour list is small, you dont know SEO and youre afraid of approaching PPC. Why not Rent-a-list?There are list brokers that will rent you a list you can market to. I have never used this strategymyself, but there are good responses about it on the forums, so I thought youd like to know.16. WebinarsWebinars are great for lead generation purposes because they have a higher perceived value thena PDF report or an audio recording. For me, webinars proved to convert as high as 50% listener-to-sale, which is outstanding. I believe it happens because on a webinar you share a lot ofinformation and you do it in "person". Its happening live whether the prospects visits or not and itelevates your social status by showing your prospects that they are not alone-there are morepeople who think youre cool too!17. PodcastingPodcasting is similar to online video syndication only its in an audio format and there are differentnetworks of syndication for them. Podcasting is great for doing interviews with experts, gettingthem to spill useful information for your readers in exchange for exposure opportunity. You canalso say that it is similar to webinars only its recorded and posted later as a listenable audio or adownloadable file.18. SafelistsAlthough the name sounds safe, Safelists should be avoided, because they are far from being asafe lead generation strategy. The idea behind a Safelist is getting people to join the Safelist andrefer other people so the Safelist grows into one huge list of people who are interested inpromoting things to each other. Only sometimes things get out of hand and a lawyer receives youroffer, tells you he did not subscribe and sues you.19. Traffic ExchangesTraffic Exchange is a network of website owners who surf each other sites to increase traffic. Theydont work anymore...move on.20. Software and PluginsDeveloping a piece of software or a plugin thats useful is also proven to generate leads (anddonations) effectively. Many WordPress Designers use plugins as a way of attracting visitors totheir websites, make sales and get donations. To become a viral explosion, your software has tosolve a major problem your prospects have. Otherwise its just a useless piece of code no one
  6. 6. gives a damn about.21. Press ReleasesPress Releases are effective in getting you on top of the search engines quickly for a short periodof time. They are used to announce a release of a new product or other breaking news. I am notan expert on Press Releases because Ive never written one in my life, but you can visit JohnCow, he knows Press Releasing inside and out.What now? You should take some time to digest this information and first thing tomorrow-implement at least 3 of the strategies mentioned above!Key is to take action. Feed your stallions, shoot the ponies! Find out what works and capitalize onit!Get More Internet Marketing Tips.Article Source: ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====