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A case of MENTAL RETARDATION treated by Homeopathy - Speciality Homeopathic Clinic

A case of MENTAL RETARDATION treated by Homeopathy - Speciality Homeopathic Clinic



A case of MENTAL RETARDATION treated by Homeopathy - Speciality Homeopathic Clinic ...

A case of MENTAL RETARDATION treated by Homeopathy - Speciality Homeopathic Clinic

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    A case of MENTAL RETARDATION treated by Homeopathy - Speciality Homeopathic Clinic A case of MENTAL RETARDATION treated by Homeopathy - Speciality Homeopathic Clinic Presentation Transcript

    • CASE OF MENTAL RETARDATION By Dr. Jawahar Shah M.D.(Hom)
    • NOTE: To protect the patient’s identity, we have used a model’s picture or photographs for the purpose of presentation
    • Boy G.F.15 years, male reported for mental retardation.
    • The patient hardly spoke few words during the whole interview. Mother would constantly answer all the points. The patient was not responding at all. The mother reported that the patient weighed only 4 lbs at birth.
    • His birth was a full term Caesarian operation. Teething started around 6 months, walking around 2 1/2 yrs.
    • The patient was a very slow learner. He has a selective memory, he remembers timings, telephone numbers, songs and pictures.
    • But as far as studies are concerned, he studies everything, works hard but forgets again. Although he is 15 years old he is studying in the 6th standard. Ideally he should have completed schooling.
    • During delivery, the mother’s sac had burst and the discharge was unnoticed for a long time. Later she had to be taken for the Caesarian operation. After birth he cried late.
    • Anger ++ wants to throw things. Mother beats him frequently. So he expresses his anger by shouting.
    • He is stubborn, If he wants something he insists on getting it, once he gets it, he cools down easily, but he will never say sorry. His elder sister is normal, he fights with her, she is dominating.
    • He is scared of crackers. His hobbies are music, swimming, cross words and drawing. Easily mixes with people.
    • He hits small children. He doesn't want to give anything to other people. He is very attached to his mother and prefers to be at home all the time.
    • He takes care of his things. Has a great sense of curiosity, tries to open his toy cars and sees what is inside.
    • When he is in a good mood, he doesn't make many mistakes. He is basically shy+3 by nature. He used to hide behind curtains.
    • Appetite Good, Craving eggs 3 - in any form Sweet+ Aversion - Rice.
    • Thirst +3 - 2 glasses at a time. Perspiration + only while playing. No stains.
    • Urine - Normal Bowel - Constipated occ. Sleep - Only 5-6 hours. Dream - Occ. falling from a plane. Salivation +3- Previously, less since 3 yrs.
    • Thermal : Covering - Seasonal, covers even head. Bath - Hot + Sun - Aggravates + A/c - Doesn't want Fan - Likes Weather - Doesn't understand
    • Family History: Maternal Grandfather - Throat Cancer. Maternal Grandmother - Parkinson's disease. Paternal Grandmother - Hypertension. Strong history of hypertension from father's side. Past History : Jaundice 2 years back.
    • On Examination : Weight - 47 Kgs. Teeth - Caries filling done Throat congestion+ Salivation++ Nose congested
    • Hair growth + Gums Swollen Chest – nothing abnormal found Systolic Murmur B.P. 110/70mmHg
    • As mental retardation: Learning disability, poor grasping abilities, poor academics- failed, oral work better, writing slow and careless. IQ - 50, verbal 40
    • Totality Mental retardation Weakness of memory Angry easily Obstinate Inquisitive Shy
    • Desires eggs Desires sweets Thirsty Salivation profuse
    • After using technically advanced tools from Hompath software we got above mentioned remedies.
    • On cross repertorisation
    • We arrived at remedy by using the world’s largest database homoeopathic software Hompath.
    • Referring baryta carb in Phatak Materia medica
    • TREATMENT- 19/12/93 1. Baryta carb 30, 1 powder 2. SL 1-1-1 for 15 days
    • FOLLOW UP 21/1/94 - Improved + - is able to concentrate. - Continue all for 15 days The patient is kept on Baryta Carb and has improved substantially.
    • LEARNING : 1] Delayed development is one of the expression of Baryta.
    • 2] Once you find right remedy improvement is inevitable. 3] Minimum repetition is required for a right remedy.
    • Clinic No. 2, Cupid Apt., 66-E, Linking Road, Khar(West), Mumbai – 400052, Maharashtra, India. T: +91 22 2604 0527/ 5713 (5:00 PM – 8:30 PM) T: +91 22 61417800 – 99 (100 Lines) E: info@specialtyclinic.com www.speacialtyclinic.com To know more about Dr. Jawahar Shah, click here www.specialityclinic.com/DrJawaharShah