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This Webinar seeks challenge entrepreneurs to grow their business through focusing on the businesses core strengths.

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  1. 1. ((Audio Starts))Speaker: We had a record breaking number of entrepreneurs registered for this event. I want to thank you and welcome you plus the thousands of others from all around the world. It’s more than we ever expected. When you signed up I promised you rapid product management services. You’ve got to make sure that you stick around for the entire session because at the end I’m going to tell you exactly how you will can get it. Let’s start. You and I both know that you are hear for a reason and I think I know what that reason is. Maybe you are unsure how to get started making money and building your business online or maybe you have started but you are disappointed with our results so far and you are just not sure what you need to do to change that. Maybe you are even doing okay but you know deep down you could be doing much better and you just don’t know what’s missing. What I hear over and over again from online entrepreneurs, people who are trying to get into this business and those who’ve already started is that they are frustrated, they are confused, they are overwhelmed and they are overloaded. For any or all those reasons you are stuck. You have been looking for someone, anyone to tell you in simple terms exactly what you need to do to achieve those things that you want but up until now you haven’t found anyone who’s been up to the task. Because of that, you are stuck and still searching. If that describes your situation, the very first thing I want to tell you is congratulations. You’ve made a great decision to register and more importantly show up. You finally are going to get what you have been searching for. Someone with the experience and knowhow to tell you the real deal about exactly what it takes to succeed online. As you probably already know, I’ve been helping people just like you online for quite a long time. In the last seven years I’ve worked with tens of thousands of
  2. 2. online entrepreneurs and whenever I ask a group of them, what do you really want from your business? Here’s what they tell me.They tell me, I want a business that gives me the freedom to do what I want to do. Travelling, spending time with my family and going out with friends. I want a business that makes me financially free so I no longer have to worry and I can do and buy what I want when I want without having to think about it.I want a business where I feel certain and in control of my future. I want a business where I spend my time working on the things that I’m interested in and passionate about. I want a business that makes me proud and shows the world what I’m capable of.If I then ask these same entrepreneurs to tell me how is it really going? It’s a really different picture. They are not making the money they like if any at all. They’ve spent so much money on false promises and push button solutions that they are embarrassed and concerned.They are worried because if things continue as they are, they will never have what they really want and they are uncertain because they don’t know how to fix their situation. That begs a question, why are so many entrepreneurs struggling? Why aren’t they making the progress they need to reach their goals?What’s missing? What’s the difference between the few entrepreneurs who do succeed and the overwhelming majority that fail. You are going to get the answer to that question because I’m going to tell you exactly what the difference is between having your ideal business and what you have right now and you will see that it’s not what you expected.There are hidden strategies behind every online success, behind every major internet marketing guru. I know because I’ve worked with almost all of them. Some are doing okay when they sort me out but even more where nobody is before we started working together.
  3. 3. It was these hidden strategies, the ones not often talked about that made all the difference. In fact they are very different than what you’ve been both sold on and told to do.Yet they are perhaps the most important key to all of the big successes you see online and before we are through they will be yours to use both to start and grow your business. This approach works no matter how old or young you are. It doesn’t matter if you are retired or you are thinking about retiring or you’re much much younger.It also doesn’t matter where you are starting from, meaning how much or how little tactical marketing business knowledge you currently have because the approach that I’m going to walk you through, the one that has worked for my clients and will work for you requires just a few small shifts in your approach while fully leveraging who you are not a new tactic you need to learn.Whenever I speak at a conference entrepreneurs come up to thank me and they almost always say, I wish I would have known all this earlier. I think you are going to be thinking that too. Therefore I want to tell you what I tell them up front. I want you to know that because you are here because you are here and you made the decision to pay attention and absorb my message.It puts you miles ahead of the overwhelming majority who are attempting to make money online which means you now have an advantage over everyone else who is still stuck in their way of trying to succeed online even though what they are doing doesn’t work and never will.I just want to say to you that I admire, appreciate and respect you for taking the time and reaching out to learn a better approach to building a successful online business. I need to tell you upfront we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. I’m going to go pretty fast. In order for you to get what you came here for, there are three things that I need you to agree and commit to.One, stay actively engaged. That means no multi-tasking. Close any other programs that you have open right now because if you don’t remain focused you are
  4. 4. going to miss important details. Close you other programs push everything else aside right now.Two, take notes. Have a pen and paper right in front of you to capture every insight, every idea and every distinction. Let me know if you have any questions and all you need to do is just submit them there on the right hand side and I’ll do my very best to either answer them during or after the presentation.If you are willing to honor those three small commitments then i want you to go ahead right now and enter ‘I agree’ in the comment box on your right and I’ll take care of the rest. One last point and it’s important.Clarity in all things is the key to success. In your business, clarity causes you to succeed and during this webinar it will greatly increase your payoff. I have a short exercise certain to give you greater clarity and success right now. Take out a pen and piece of paper. I’m going to ask you to answer three simple questions that will give you the clarity you need.Your answers could be a sentence or phrase or even a word, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s true to you. This is the more important than you realize and it’s easy so go ahead and do it.One, write down your reason for being here on this webinar right now. Okay, now let’s take this a step further. Look at the answer you just wrote down and now write your answer to this question. What’s important about that? Remember, it is a phrase, a word or a sentense.What’s important about your first answer? In other words, why is that important to you? Right. You have two answers written down, I want you to look at both of them and write down your answer to this final question.What will having those, meaning your answers to one and two, do for you? Right. You should be more clear now why you are here and you know what we’ll do for you together. Here’s to be a really great thing as we go through this webinar together I want you to run everything I share with you through those answers that you just wrote down.
  5. 5. Use your answers as filters so that you can see and hear how what I’m sharing will help you not only get what you came here for today but will be the start of you finally having the answers to succeed online however you define it.Look, I want you to know I value both your time and I value my own time but just like in the movie, the Karate Kid, Daniel didn’t him understand why Mr. Miyagi was having him do what he did. What Daniel didn’t realize is that waxing the car and mopping the floor, painting the fence and all the other chores had a much bigger purpose. Mr. Miyagi was turning him into a karate master.Had Daniel done what he thought was the right way he thought was the right way, he would have never achieved the greatness that he reached. It’s the same here, you might not understand during this webinar why I’m asking you to do certain things, why I’m asking you to do certain exercises or why I’m asking you to write some things down or why I’m covering things.Just like Daniel, if you suspend your judgment until we are through, you will have a breakthrough. You will be on your way to being an entrepreneurial master. For your own sake, you are here, make this time our time together as powerful as it can be.Since there are so many of you here right now and we’ve got lot’s to cover, it’s important that you get the big picture right up front. My sole focus since I started my company, Strategic Profits, has been and still is this single goal. Turning struggling entrepreneurs into successful entrepreneurs. That’s what we do, that’s all we do and we do it all day every day.Here’s now, we help entrepreneurs replace opportunity seeking with strategic thinking and that’s important. In fact, you should write that down right now. Replace opportunity seeking with strategic thinking because the unmatched results that we help our clients achieve, the success stories that have attracted clients from all over the world to seek us out is all based on one simple premise and it is this.
  6. 6. Opportunity seekers struggle and fail while strategic entrepreneurs succeed. Here is why, when you think strategically, when you become a strategic entrepreneur and you look around at the opportunities that are out there, instead of everything being difficult and a struggle, things become remarkably easy.I’m not saying there is not work involved, this is not magic tail wand and I’m not going to sell you a fantasy, this is a real business and when you think strategically you are never distracted or overwhelmed by all the opportunities out there. Instead it’s obvious what your next step is and exactly what to expect from it.I would think most of you know who I am and what I’ve accomplished and helped others accomplish. I’m sure for most of you it’s the reason you are here. I’m not going to run through all these testimonials but there are two that I do want o point out to you because they stress the importance of what I’m going to be sharing with you.The first is from Brian Tracy. What Brian Tracy said was, Bridges Coaching Program has made a bigger difference in the profit margins of high level internet marketers than anyone or anything else, period. The second one is from, Jay Conrad Levinson who is the founder of guerrilla a marketing.What he said was, riches turn more starred up entrepreneurs into seven and eight figure success stories than anyone else I know. Both are powerful statements and the methods I’ve used to deserve those statements are the very same methods I’m going to be showing you during this webinar.In other words, if you get this, if you really get this and put them into action, you will succeed. One last point, I realized I have a reputation of working with the biggest and the best, but when Jay Levinson says start up entrepreneurs he means even those of you who are just starting out with no knowledge, no experience and no marketing skill. Many of today’s top guru’s were that way when they first started working with me too.
  7. 7. For those of you who have already asked that question and believe it or not there’s been a few already, yes, I do work with raw online rookies too and what you are going to learn here applies just as equally to you. I want to share with you my story, how I first failed online and why it’s caused so many success stories and why it will do the same for you. Ever since I was eight years old I wanted to be in business for myself because it’s the surest way to make big money, enjoy the lifestyle most only dream about and have total control of you r future. That’s why I’ve always been obsessed about business. As a kid, I learnt from my dad, a successful business man. In college I got an accounting degree and after that I spent a year in strategic services, the elite strategy consulting division above Authory Anderson and Essential Consulting. At 22 I was finally ready to take the leap. In my very first business it took a failing business that that was losing a million and a half dollars a year and I immediately turned it around, boosting sales to $4.5 million and then a year later transforming it into a $7 million powerhouse all before I was 26 years old. Now as to my second business which has started from scratch. I opened a hypnosis office that grew into a chain of hypnosis centers and in the process grew from zero to $13 million in sales with over 100 employees. I’m not telling you this to brag. In fact it’s the opposite. Even with these two multimillion dollar successes under my best before I was 30 years old, when I first got online I failed I miserably. You would think with my previous successes succeeding online would be a breeze but it wasn’t and it wouldn’t be for you if you followed the method that I followed when I failed and here is what happened. First I got seduced into the concept of the internet lifestyle, that I could check my laptop from the beach for an hour a day and somehow the profits would magically roll in. I tried thoughts and niches, here are some of them and I still didn’t do well. Sins and niches didn’t make the difference, I moved on to marketing tactics and everybody recommended
  8. 8. different ones to start out with and different ways of doing each of themand this just made me more confused, more unsure about what to donext.I relentlessly tried to find the solution that would bring everythingtogether for me and actually worked. I ended up wasting more and moreof my life in front of the computer pulling all nighters all the time whileI’m neglecting my family, my health and pretty much everything else.Not finding what I needed just made me look even more so I lookedfrantically jumping from one site to the next, one guru to the next, onesolution to the next. Pretty much 24/7 my mind was racing around tryingto answer how can I make this work, what was I doing wrong.In a short time I had a severe case of information overload. Everywhereyou turned, I was surrounded by clutter of information. My office, mydesk, my computer desktop, my email box, my bookmarks, everywhere.Sometimes, I would buy an eBook, print it out only to realize I’d alreadybought the eBook before and printed it and I hadn’t gotten to it yet.Everything seemed more difficult and less effective than it was promisedand sold to me. Everything sounded so simple when it was sold to me soI’d buy it but I could never make any of it work. I became moredesperate. I started buying ridiculous things that I knew really deepdown in my heart could never work.I still bought just so I could keep my dream alive kind of similar to theway some people buy lottery tickets just to kind of dream of what they’ddo if they would win. Obviously none of those worked either. Eventually,all of this started to take its toll. Not making any real progress, spendingall of my time in front of my computer, buying products with ridiculouspromises plus everything else I just told you about.I started to really question, what’s wrong with me. I heard about all theseother people doing well and I just didn’t understand why couldn’t I makeit work? I remember so many nights complaining to my wife Debbie,asking her what’s wrong with me. I feel I’m as smart as all these other
  9. 9. people doing well, why can’t I just connect the dots? Why isn’t thisworking? There must be something wrong with me, what is it?Deep down I was afraid. I was afraid that I wasn’t ever going to figure itout and eventually I’d run out of money, be unable to support my familythe way I always have. I was afraid that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t assmart as I thought I was. I was afraid that maybe my best years werealready behind me. That I might not ever be as successful as I was beforeand at the same time my family was afraid for me and my health, while Iworried about what they thought of me and I was letting them down.Self doubt started to sip in. I started questioning myself more and morewhich fed into this vicious cycle of me spending more and more time infront of the computer, more and more time searching for answers, moreand more time working, more and more stress, less and less happiness,less and less results. That was my life for over a year, almost two years.I was miserable, stressed, insecure and worried about my future. I canhonestly say looking back it was one of the worst periods of my life. I alsorealize not that my story is far from unique. In fact it is the commonexperience for many entrepreneurs when they first get online. No matterhow difficult and miserable though, I never gave up.I thank God for that because you never know when you are going to getthe breakthrough that you have been looking for and every night I wouldjournal, analyzing the issues, trying to understand what were the realproblems. Trying to find the solution and then all of a sudden over thecourse of just one week while writing in my journal I made threediscoveries.The first one was a shocking truth about how certain success traits werenow making me fail. The second was why it was happening, what hadcaused my positive traits to turn toxic. The third was what I need to doabout it. It was this breakthrough that changed everything for me. It alsowill change everything for you too, because that third discover y is whatevery entrepreneur must know if they want to succeed online.
  10. 10. I’m going to go into detail on each of these discoveries in just a bit andshow you how you can use them to change your results. First there ismore to tell you about my story. Within just a few short weeks of thesethree discoveries using what I’ve discovered and making those shifts thatit dictated in my approach, it made all the difference. I finally started togain momentum, my sales started to sky rocket.I started doing less and less and all it took was that moment of claritybecause then I was able to do online what I had done with my offlinebusinesses. It felt like I was finally back to my real self and all thoseissues that I had had had disappeared and they’ve never come back.Soon, more and more of my friends that I had met at the seminars or meton forms who were struggling too, saw how much things had changed forme and they started asking me for help.Since I knew firsthand how devastating my struggles were to me, I had tohelp them. I’d give them advice but that wasn’t enough. Since they didn’thave the business experience that I had, it required a lot more than justtelling them what I’d discovered. Instead I had to walk them througheach step of the process and as soon as they really got it and they wereable to apply it, the results they got was dramatic as mine.As my friends started doing better and better, more and more peopleheard that I had helped them and so friends of friends now startedcontacting me. They offered to pay me to spend time in my office, theyoffered to pay me to coach them, they offered to really do anything that Ifelt could help them. At first I said not but after thinking about the painthat I had and the success that my friends where now having and howmuch I enjoyed helping them. I decided to see what it would be like toactually work with a few people who I didn’t know and that they werepaying me for me to teach them.I decided to do a small coaching program with just 25 clients. Some werebrand new to business, others more advanced. This way I could see iftheir experience made any difference, it didn’t. It made no difference at
  11. 11. all. The ones who didn’t have a business when they started had verysuccessful ones pretty quickly.Check this out. Those 25 clients, they increased their business by $40million in just 18 months. That’s an average of $1.6 million per client.Another way of looking at it is that these 25 entrepreneurs grew theirbusinesses by more than $2 million a month each month, month in,month out for the entire 18 months. Think about that for a second. Thinkabout the impact that that would have if you were one of those original 25entrepreneurs.Whether you have a business right now or not, think about where youwould be right now and it’s no wonder I started receiving such amazingfeedback like Amish Avaol, who said, it was the single best investment Ihave made in my business career life. Or Carlene Banting who reported,in the last 12 months my sales sky rocketed $1.1 million or Mike Filsenwho said he went from $15,000 to $184,000 to $300,000 a month duringthat time.Or Hans Johnson who told me that DGS started an immediate avalanche ofprofits starting from $500,000 a year to $6,000,000 a year in 18 month OrMark McRae who made over $100,000 in just one weekend thought clickbank while putting in less hours than ever before or Leslie Bertrand whoshared that it was the single most influencing factor in turning herstruggles and her ideas towards profits.With success like that, I had even more entrepreneurs wanting to workwith me. I was having more fun helping entrepreneurs grow theirbusiness than anything I’d ever done before. It also felt so good becausefor the first time in my life I got to witness the huge difference I wasmaking in the lives of my clients.I decided to get out of the eBook business that I was in and focuscompletely on coaching entrepreneurs to grow their business. That’swhen I started strategic profits. Our very first month in business Ilaunched my coaching program I releases two free reports. Both went
  12. 12. viral and my new coaching program sold out in just a few hours bringingin $3.5 million.In our first 12 months in business we raked in $7.4 million because of theincredible success stories of our clients and we’ve been growing eversince. To this day we are the only company focused on transformingopportunity seekers into strategic entrepreneurs. Fast forward, back tothe here and now. Nowadays I lead a pretty churn life. I live in sunnyBoca Raton, Florida. I’m not going to tell you that I work 15 minutes a dayand I made multiple millions of dollars because of those 15 minutes.What I am going to tell you is that my day is exactly the way I want it tobe. A pretty typical day for me today is I wake up each morning with mybeautiful wife Debbie and enjoy breakfast with my two wonderfuldaughters, Eva and Al. Debbie then takes the girls to school in theMasserati that I bought her for mother’s day and drive to the beach in myPorsche.There I will spend a few hours writing, thinking, strategizing and then I’llhead into the office for a meeting with my team and after that I’ll spendan hour or two at my desk. After that usually around noon, one, comestwo o’clock, my day is done and I have the rest of the day to do whatever Iwant with whoever I want, where I want, however I want. Those hours Ido work, I split my time between helping opportunity seekingentrepreneurs just like you and consulting and working and working withbigger companies like the ones you see here on the screen.I get paid $2,500 to as much as $25,000 for doing just that. In fact, lastyear I was paid $25,0000 to give a one hour presentation to Microsoft,Google, Yahoo and a bunch of other big online companies. It is so muchmore rewarding and fun working with entrepreneurs, because do youknow what happens when you transform an opportunity seeker into astrategic entrepreneur? You create success stories like these.All of these were clients of my coaching program. This is just what I canfit on this slide. There is a lot more names I’m sure you recognize. If
  13. 13. you’ve been online for anytime, anytime at all, some of these namesshould be immediately recognizable to you. There is no other product, noother coach, no other program with such an impressive list like this whichis why we are considered the best at what we do.While it’s exciting to work and share my strategies with the Google’s ofthe world, it’s ten times more rewarding helping an opportunity seekerbecome a strategic entrepreneur and watching them succeed especially ifthey are just starting out and that’s why I’m doing this webinar. It’s forpeople who are struggling, people who haven’t even started. I want tomake sure that I make that difference from you.Now let’s go over the three discoveries that changed everything for me,everything for my friends, everything for my clients and they will do thesame for you. Like I told you earlier, the first discovery that I made wasrealizing that the traits that made me successful were not turning me intoa failure. Here is what happened.One night when I was trying to figure out where it all went wrong andwhat I needed to do to turn things around I made a list of all thosenegative circumstances that I shared with you earlier. Remember theseslides? I had these listed in a a page in my journal trying to figure outhow to change things and I was sitting there, just looking at the list andthinking, maybe I should go back to something else. Maybe I should dosomething totally different because this wasn’t working.All of a sudden a flash came over me and I realized something. Here iswhat I noticed. Each one of those things that I thought was so bad hadbeen driven by the same traits that had actually caused all my earlysuccesses. I know it sounds crazy right? Let me show you what I mean.On the left side you’ll see the negative circumstances I shared with youearlier and on the right side you will see the core success traits that causethe pain because I was following the opportunity seeking strategy.Unsure of which marketing tactics to use shows that you are trying to findand use best practices. Wasting more and more of your time online
  14. 14. displays your willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. Franticallylooking for what works proves you are putting the time to search foranswers.Developing information overload reveals that you take completeresponsibility for your own education. Having everything end up moredifficult than you had hoped exposes your ability to remain optimistic inthe face of adversity. Getting exposed to buying magic pills and get richquick schemes exhibits a willingness to explore new approaches.Never getting the results you hoped for uncovers the ability to createyour own hope. Starting to question what’s wrong with me and taking itall personally, shows you are willing to accept full responsibility for yourresults. Afraid you are disappointing your family means that you aretrying to do the right thing for your family and allowing self doubt to sipin unveils the unique characteristic of being willing to see things as theyare even if it means questioning yourself.Do you see it? How all of these traits are actually as central toentrepreneurial success? Look at that list. Look at that right hand side.Seriously, look at that risk on the right and take it all in. Takingresponsibility for your results and your education, remaining optimisticand generating hope in the face of adversity and being willing to tryingnew approaches and search for best practices. All these things show thatyou have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, it’s just all misdirective right now.You need to realize this. Even if you haven’t gotten the results that youwant so far, you need to get really deep in your bones because this is theanswer to the frustrations, if you just dig it out you have what it takes tobe successful as an online entrepreneur and just keep that in mindbecause I’m going to share with you exactly what that difference isbetween having these traits and failing and having these traits and havingthe success you are after.
  15. 15. It’s a small shift but it makes a world the difference. Get real clear aboutthis. Write it down, stick it on your computer afterwards, tattoo it to yourarm, I don’t care what you do but if you are serious about being successfulas an online entrepreneur, you must get this point. When I was anopportunity seeker, I had all the success traits, all the traits I needed to besuccessful as an online entrepreneur but because I was thinking like anopportunity seeker, I failed.I didn’t just fail I was frustrated and miserable while doing so. Fastforward just a few months after I figured out what I’m about to share withyou, I still have the same success traits, nothing had changed there but Iwas thinking like a strategic entrepreneur and that made all thedifference. That leads to an incredibly important point and you reallyneed it to write it down.It’s not me, it’s my approach. It’s not you it’s your approach and whenyou change your approach, your results will improve dramatically. Mylife went from one of failure and frustration to having the businessworking the way I wanted to having a lifestyle I wanted and a feeling thatthere was more potential there to have exactly the life and business of mydreams. For you here’s the thing to take away from this.You’ve got the success traits, if you’ve come this far, you have to havethem. You wouldn’t have made it this far if you didn’t which means youwill succeed when you make that shift just like I did. Where you go fromthinking like an opportunity seeker to thinking like a strategicentrepreneur and that’s what we are going to be talking about next.I’m sure you are wondering what exactly makes these success traits sodestructive and damaging and that’s what we are going to answer rightnow, right here. As soon as I made my first discovery, I knew that if couldjust figure out why this was happening, what was causing this, I’d havethe answer I was looking for and a few nights later I figured it out.What I did was, I dissected my current approach and I looked at internetbusiness in general and I started to breakdown all the different elements.
  16. 16. If you are going to try and write this down, you are not going to be able tokeep up. I’m just warning you ahead of time it’s not important for you tocapture all this. There was content, there was list, there was financing,there was technical, there was systems, there was sales, there was traffic,there was client relationships, marketing houses, business building, legaland compliance and affiliate marketing.That’s not all, that’s just some of it because next I broke it down into evenfurther sub groups. I had in content articles, pop products, eBooks,physical books, audio, video, software, content pages, graphics, freereports, and ecourses, ezines, bonuses, podcasts, and blog entries andthere was so much more.In list there was list building activities, list management, you want tomake sure you are white listed. There was segmenting and deliverabilityissues, there was paying affiliates in the finance area, there was handlingmerchant accounts, there was accounts payable, there was vendorsourcing, budgets, taxes, insurance, payroll and accounts receivable.On the technical side there was software development, side maintenance,computer maintenance, tracking, white listing and server maintenanceand it just kept going. There was system development and there wasinternal systems and there was software development requests if youwere trying to build your own business because you want to create yourown software that does the things that are done in your business.In sales there is copy writing. In copy writing there’s sales letters, there isorder pages, there is affiliate recruitment pages, pay per click ads, bannerads, emails, pop-ins, name catchers and testing. Then you can breaktesting down into a much more. In traffic there is SEO, there is linkbuying, there is link building, there’s affiliate recruitment, there’s viralprograms, there paper clip, there’s blogs, there’s buying existing andexpired domains, there’s RSS feeds and there’s banner advertising and somuch more.
  17. 17. In client relationships there is getting testimonials, customer serviceissues, free offers, return processing and fulfillment and it just kept goingand going and in marketing there is market analysis and there’s being aniche detective, there’s surveys, there’s keyword research, there’s askdatabase activities, there’s up sells, there’s bumps.In business building there is the acquisition of related web business,there’s product licensing. In legal and compliance there is FTC, there isspan issues, there is terms of service issues. In affiliate marketing there isscanning the program so that you can be an affiliate and then there’sbuilding separate sites so that you can actually build a list wall fromalready referred and other affiliates.That’s just some of it. That’s just some of the activities that I felt I neededto be doing and you want to know what it all ended up looking like. WhatI saw staring back at me from the pages in my journal? It was this that iswhat it ended up looking like. That is when I started to understand whatwas really going on. Look at that, this was the reason I was workingharder than I’d ever worked in my entire life and yet I was making lessthan I’d ever made in my entire life.This is the reason why my success traits had turned into negativecircumstances. I thought about my retail store and how ridiculous itcould be for me to even source the fabrics, design the clothes, make theclothes, sell the clothes, bring up the register and everything else. Itwould have been just as ridiculous in my hypnosis business too.Remember, this was before social media. While you might not do all socialmedia, there is certainly twitter, there is video marketing, there is socialbook marketing, there is Facebook and so much more that you probablyalready feel like you must do that wasn’t on my map because of the timethat I actually created my map.If you are frustrated with your progress, if you are overwhelmed withyour workload or you are just exhausted is there any wonder why? Evenif you were going outsource it all, don’t you see that you couldn’t even
  18. 18. manage all of the outsourcers that would be required to get all this workdone because the main problem here isn’t a man power problem, it’s astrategy problem. Remember that, write that down, it’s not a manpowerproblem it’s a strategy problem that turns your positive traits intonegative circumstances.Here is the really crazy part. Even though his is the model that mostopportunity seekers are following, do you know what they spend anoverwhelming amount of their time on? Searching for more activities,tactics and tricks to squeeze into that chart and that’s crazy. Here’s thequestion that you really have to ask yourself. Since when is more thesolution to having too much?Why on earth would you spend more time looking for more to do whenyou aren’t even getting done all the stuff or you want to get done done?Think for a second about all the time and all the money you’d save if youstopped buying all of these high price launch products that just dropmore and more tactics that you are not going to get onto your plate.Think about it. How much easier would it be to succeed if you had a lotless to focus on and a lot less to think about while you made more, youworked less and you enjoyed your business and your life more? Make nomistake my friend. This chart is the chart of a person who is sadly lackingin strategy. It screams opportunist. It is the symptom of opportunityseeking and every new tactic that you purchase pulls you further away,further and further away from being strategic and more and more into anopportunity seeker and soon you’ll understand why.It gets even worse because while this was the supposed strategy that Iwas following, here is how I was hoping to execute it all. With anorganizational chart that looks like this. If this is your strategy on theright and you are following the game plan on the left, that’s anopportunity seeker approach and it’s completely the wrong strategy.Here is what I have to say to you, stop, stop.
  19. 19. You will never make the kind of money that you want, you will never havethe lifestyle that you want if you continue down this path, you just won’tand you must believe me on this because almost every opportunityseeker I meet nowadays is so focused on the how, they’ve never spentenough time on the what. In other words, they are so focused about howto this, how to do that but they’ve never thought through, what are theright things in the first place, the fewest things that they should focus onin the first place.The fewest things that will get them to their goal. The fewest things thatthey need to master so that they can have the business that they want.This is absolutely critical. Pay attention here, you need to realize fromthis point forward, another tactic will not and I repeat, will not solveanything for you because there is no magic button that is going to make itall happen for you.That means, a new gimmick that gets visitors to your site will not fix this.It means that a new conversion tactic won’t remedy your challenges. Italso means that a new eBook promising that if you put in on your laptopand under your pillow for three days that you will be a millionaire, that isnot going to work either. If you continue to pursue magic buttons youwill just put yourself further and further behind.It will continue to take everything that is good about you and make it bad.What you need is a strategy. You do not have a strategy until you knowwhat you are not going to do, what you are not going to sell, who you arenot going to sell to, what products you are never going to develop, whattactics you’ll never use, then you’ll have a strategy. All of this leads me tothe third and most important discovery and it’s this.Not only do you need a strategy but since you are your businesses mostimportant asset, you need strategy. One that leverages who you are andwhat you do well. This is what it means to be a strategic entrepreneur.It’s the polar opposite of being an opportunity seeker.
  20. 20. Let’s talk about this discovery. The real key to success online is doing lessnot more by developing your own unique strategy. In order to do that,you need to first determine if you are currently an opportunity seeker.Here is how you know if right now, present day you are an opportunityseeker or a strategic entrepreneur. I just want to tell you that whateverthe answer is, if you are an opportunity seeker, don’t worry about itbecause I’m going to solve this for you before this webinar is over.Remember, all those clients who are now doers were opportunity seekersand so was I. One last important point before you answer. Let me tell youmore about being a strategic entrepreneur. When you are strategic, it isabout getting the greatest result from the least amount of effort with theleast amount of resources in the shortest amount of time. In anysituation, a strategic entrepreneur knows how to get the greatest outcome as quickly as possible from the smallest amount of effort and thesmallest amount of resources.Here is how you know when you are thinking this way. At any time, inany day there is one obvious and distinct matched right thing to be doingin order to grow your business. Not five, not ten, not 20, not 32.3 thingsbut one obvious next action which is going to make all the difference inyour business in the next day, in the next week, in the next month and thenext year.Let me ask you, and be brutally honest with yourself, right now at thisvery moment. Do you know the exact steps that you need to take and theright sequence that will take you from where you are right now to whereyou want to end up? Do you know the exact steps you need to take to getto where you want to end up right now?If it takes you more than a second or two to come up with an answer, thenyou are not there yet. Every once in a while though, an opportunityseeker will ask a question and say, but I do have a plan and it lookssomething like this.
  21. 21. Step one, blogging, joint ventures, you name it. Step two is missing andstep three is profit. This is not a plan, this is a dream and while it mightbe funny when you are watching the underpants gnomes on South Park,it’s not funny when you put your time energy and cash in a half bakedplan that could never work in the real world.Let’s be clear, speaking in general terms or not clearly defining why yourcustomers will buy from you , how you will get their attention, what youwill be selling them and how everything in your business will get donemeans that you don’t have a strategy.Also If you haven’t thought though all your options and then eliminatedas many as possible until you are left with your single best game plan thatwill take you exactly where you are now to exactly where you want to endup in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort, then youdon’t have a strategy. The light bulb moment for me was when I relialisedthat the only way I would succeed online was just like I succeeded offline.I needed to develop a strategy that was unique to me, that leveraged whoI was, what I knew and the resources I had. When I had a clothing storefall on any other store strategy would have been an absolute recipe forfailure. Case in point: there are literally hundreds if not thousands ofsuccessful stores in Manhattan that sell children’s clothes.If I would have done that I would have failed because I would not haveany singular advantage. However since I was a club kid, since I knew aclub life, since I went to clubs myself and there wasn’t anyone elsespecializing in club wear, I built my strategy around the club life and oursuccess was legendary. The same goes for hypnosis cranks.It’s even more so online where you have the opportunity to talk tobillions of prospects for free while at the same time competing with everyother business all over the world. That begs the question, what’s yourunique strategy to win online. Remember, online, all your competitorsare just a click away so you need a strategy that sets you apart. One that
  22. 22. makes you the ideal option for a group of customers that can be reachedonline.One that leverages who you are, what you know and what you bring tothe table. Here is the critical takeaway to succeeding online. In order tosucceed you can’t follow anyone else’s’ strategy because if it iscustomized for them, then they’ll always be the best choice for customerswithout even trying. What you need is your own unique strategy.One that allows you to easily win because it leverages who you areinstead of forcing you to be something that you are not, seriously, that isthe only way you can win online. While it might difficult, it’s really notespecially when you have someone experienced showing you the way andthat’s what I’m going to show you right after we cover these four criticaltake always.You discovered that negative circumstances like information overload,overworking, self doubt and the others are signals that you are followingan opportunity seeker approach. You discovered that your currentfrustrations are driven by success traits that when harnessed will actuallycause you to succeed and that success will come quickly. You alsodiscovered that tactics are never the solution. In fact they are a big partof your problem right now.Lastly that to win online you need your own unique strategy that sets youup to win. You must be wondering how do you actually make that shift.What is it going to take to leave behind the struggle of being anopportunity seeker and become the strategic entrepreneur that you needto be with your own unique strategy setting you up to win in the game ofbusiness. The answer is that we first must assess your businessknowledge.Why is that important? In order to craft your own unique winningstrategy and become a strategic entrepreneur, you need to know how tostart build and grow a business to maximize the money you make,accelerate the pleasure you derive and increase the freedom you
  23. 23. experience. Almost every opportunity seeker I meet has either false beliefs or inaccurate knowledge about business and what it takes to succeed. In the next few slides you are about to see how damaging this can be for you. Let me post a few serious questions for you to reflect on. What do you really know about business or more specifically, where did your beliefs about business come from? Did you get them from super successful entrepreneurs or from hyperbolic, overpromising sales leads? Next question, what does owning a business, running a business and operating a business mean to you and what are you basing that on? What is has your life experience taught you about what business is all about and how sure are you that those beliefs are accurate? As long as you hold on to any false beliefs you will never become a strategic entrepreneur and generate the income that you desire.Most people believe that all you need to win in business is common sense and determination and that is wrong, it’s simply not true. It actually takes uncommon sense and the proof is that 96% of small business fail. You’ve probably heard that before. That 80% of small businesses fail within the first five years and that out of that remaining 20% another 80% will fail in the next five years which means in total, 96% of small businesses will fail in the first ten years and only four out of 100 succeed. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact in the next two slides I will tell you why. According to Dunn and Bradstreet which keeps records on over 140 million businesses and has been tracking business for over 167 years, their records show that of the small business that fail, 90 percent do so because of lack of skills and knowledge on the part of their owner. Success and business is not common sense, it’s actually uncommon sense and it’s also uncommon skills. Before we are through, you will not only know what these skills are and what that sense is, you’ll also know the fastest, easiest and most certain way for you do develop them. Just in
  24. 24. case what I just showed you wasn’t enough to get you thinking, here isimportant research from US Bank.In fact 70% of small business failures, a key factor was that the owner didnot recognize or ignore a weakness and not seek help. I want to point outto you three critical facts from this research. Fact number one, neither ofthese studies listed a lack of tactics as a cause for failure.Fact number two, the research proves entrepreneurs fail not becausethey are not working but because they are doing the wrong work, that’swhy they fail and they don’t even realize it which is why when they don’tseek out help or guidance until it’s too late they fail. That is why it takesuncommon sense because it takes uncommon sense to realize that youneed certain skills and you need a unique strategy to succeed.If that thinking and those skills are missing, it leads to fact number threewhich is this. The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs get the exactopposite of what they were hoping and dreaming for when they firststarted their business. Think about that for a second, think about howtragic this is. All the time that have put into your business, all thesacrifices that you made for your business and all the money that youinvest in your business and instead of achieving the lifestyle and freedomthat you desire, the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs end upworse off financially and mentally just because the entrepreneur did notseek out and receive proper training and guidance.Remember if being successful in business was as simple as finding theright tactics and using common sense then there wouldn’t be a 96%failure rate, now this is critical. You have just seen the nasty effects ofoverestimating you business knowledge and skills. You need to get realbefore you’ll ever get rich. Keep that in mind as you do this exercise andrate your business acumen. I’m telling you to rate it based on yourcurrent performance.In other words, what is really happening right now to ensure that it’saccurate? On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your business
  25. 25. knowledge based on your current results? From a score of one meaningthat you studied a lot, done nothing and made no more to a score of twowhere you studied a lot, done a few things but made less than you spent.A score of three means that you studied a lot, tried several approaches,made progress but you are not making any real money as yet.Or you are rating yourself a four, meaning that you have got somethingworking, you are making some money but you are doing it all yourself oryou are rating yourself a five meaning that you’ve got something working,you are making decent money and you have some momentum, you evenhave help too but you are the only one who is actually bringing in themoney.Maybe you’ve got a six, you‘ve got a business, it’s not growing the wayyou like but you are working way too hard for the money that you areactually making. Or you are rating yourself a seven meaning that yourbusiness is growing, you are making good money but you are working 80hours a week and you have no life because of it or you rate yourself aneight meaning that your business is growing, you are making goodmoney, but you’ve got a job but at least you’ve got the weekends off.Nine, your business is growing with little attention from you, it’s bringingin really good money and you’ve still got a few responsibilities but life isgood or finally, ten. Your business is growing without you, you aremaking more than you can spend and you are financially free and you areloving life.Okay, now it’s time to pick your number if you haven’t already. Thinkabout the vision that you had for you r business when you firstconsidered getting started. Imagine it perfect in every way and thinkabout what your score would need to be in order to make that dream areality. If you are being honest with yourself, it’s got to be a nine or a ten,right? If so, you now know the spread between what your business isright now and what it needs to be to become a strategic entrepreneur andhave the life that you really want.
  26. 26. While I know it can be jarring to see the size of the spread, the good newsis that you are getting greater clarity on what you need to do. I said at thebeginning of this presentation that you can make more, a lot more whileat the same time working a lot less than you currently feel that you are orthat you actually are. It is not time for me to show you how it is done andyou will see why no matter where you are right now, this is the path ofgetting everything that you wanted meaning that even if you haven’tstarted yet, this is the path for you.One more important thing I need to point out for you. I want to make surethat you understand that there is a difference between working less whileworking on the right things and simply working less. If you are workingless because you are working on the few things that matter, then you arebeing strategic but if you working less on the same things that you aredoing right now, that is not being strategic, that’s just being lazy.What are those few things? What are those few things that matter most?What are those things that will have you working less making more andbuilding your dream business while enjoying the freedom that comesalong with it? Well it comes down to three powerful pillars. The threepowerful pillars of being a strategic entrepreneur.These three pillars are the building blocks to your business dreams andthey are one, play where you can win. Two, only work on what’s essentialand three, achieve speed of execution. I want you to realize while allthree of these pillars are relatively straightforward and simple to grasp,the odds of you operating this way right now are pretty much slim tonone.In fact, I want you to take a moment right now and be brutally honestwith yourself because it is the only way that change will happen andanswer these three questions. One, right now, are you doing only a fewthings that you are both good at and give you an advantage, yes or no?Question number two, are you absolutely clear about what is trulyessential for you to get the results that you want? In other words, you
  27. 27. know what the least number of steps that you will take to get you towhere you want to be, yes or no?Question number three, are you getting things done quickly with eachpassing day, you are doing things better and faster and therefore yourresults are increasing while your workload is decreasing? Yes or no?See I think if you are being honest with yourself, you can see that rightnow you are not operating in a way a strategic entrepreneur operateswhich is why you are not reaping the results that a strategic entrepreneurreceives.Let’s talk about these three pillars and what you will need to do to shiftyour approach to the strategic side. Pillar number one is the bedrock ofbeing strategic because when you chose correctly, everything is morecertain and easier to achieve but if you get it wrong, it’s almost impossibleto make any real progress and profits.Pillar number one is, play where you can win while doing those thingsthat you do best. One of the biggest problems that opportunity seekerscreate for themselves is playing a game where the odds are stackedagainst them. What I mean by that is that they pick a niche, a targetmarket and create an offer where not only do they not have an advantagebut they are actually at a disadvantage and if that wasn’t bad enough theyalso end up having to do things that they are not good at, ill equipped forand don’t come easy to them and that depresses their results andprogress even more.Here is what it looks like, each day as you put time into your business orinto thinking about your business, it’s challenging because there are somany things you don’t know how to do and even the things you do knowhow to do are not a reflection of your best. Internally it feels like there ismore and more resistance to doing your work because deep down youare not confident in the results or in your ability.It can often feel like you are procrastinating or avoiding what needs to bedone but in reality these are just symptoms of being in the wrong place
  28. 28. and doing the wrong things. Even worse, no matter how much you pushyourself and how much you actually do get done, the results don’t seem tobe there. Any content that you put out doesn’t attract the visitors to yoursite and the fans of your work that you had hoped for.Whatever you are offering is not perceive as a must have purchase fromyour prospects. Even though there are billions of people online, you arelucky if even a few make your business a place to visit. Over time boththese internal and external disappointments take their toll. It’s as if yourmental psyche is getting attacked from all sides. You have the increasedfinancial pressure of not getting the results you want while spendingmore and more time trying to achieve them and at the very same time,the work you do is difficult, draining and isolating.The strategic entrepreneur experiences a very different reality. Insteadof feeling any resistance or a desire to procrastinate, imagine you wakeup and you can’t wait to start on your day and work on your businessbecause instead of facing obstacle after obstacle, the time that you spendworking feels like you riding a wave that is putting you towards successand ever closer to your dreams and you did amazing things becauseeverything you were working on, everything on your to-do list werethings that came easy to you and you really enjoyed doing them instead ofconstantly having to do things you weren’t good at and that you had tostruggle through.Imagine, everyone in your market place, in your niche, respects you andyour business for doing great work. Any piece of content you put out getslots of attention and lavished praise and your customers are your biggestfans, spreading your stories all over the web. Imagine feelingunstoppable that you are in the right place at the right time doing theright things that you finally found what you were put on this planet to doand because of that, the money pours in, faster than you ever imagined.In fact, you are surprised each month when you look at your bankstatement and see how quickly your money and your net worth is
  29. 29. growing. While that might sound like a fantasy to you, I assure you it’snot. That’s how I experienced work and so do thousands of otherstrategic entrepreneurs because they are doing what they do best in aniche where they have a huge advantage simply because what they aregood at perfectly aligns with what the market wants. Startling differencebetween the two isn’t it?Yep, it certainly is. Now let me tell you the first two strategic secrets thatwill have you shift from the dismal reality of the opportunity seeker tothe desired reality of the strategic entrepreneur. It starts with strategicsecret number one which gives you a powerful profit advantage with aunique advantage that leverages your personal strengths.In other words, your business grows simply because of who you arealready and what you already bring to the table. It should be obviously toyou that in order to win in business you absolutely, positively must havean advantage. In fact every successful business whether offline or onlinehas some unique advantage they leverage and use to separate themselvesfrom the pack. Because of it they reap the lion’s share of rewards andprofits from their market.Contrast that with that opportunity seekers who never have an advantagebecause they follow the path. They look outside themselves for what theyshould do instead of inside themselves for what they were built to do, sothey end up sacrificing the only thing that will separate them fromeveryone else and that is what’s unique to them. In other words, theirtalents, their strengths, their life experiences and their passions thatallow them to do a better job than any competitor could do.Almost everyone online makes this mistake. Following a strategy ofsameness, thinking that you are going to do the same things as everyoneelse is doing but you are going to work harder or longer than the rest.Just to be clear, that’s not a strategy, that’s insanity!That’s a recipe for diminished results. Depressing activities to do and nounique advantage whatsoever and therefore it almost never ever works.
  30. 30. Instead, what strategic entrepreneurs do is first and foremost, identifytheir strengths.Your strengths are a combination of your inborn talents, what you werebasically prewired to be great at. Your experiences, your education andskills that you have developed over time. These all come together tocreate strength. What strategic entrepreneurs do that opportunityseekers never do is, one, figure out what their strengths are. Two, workon only those things that allow them to leverage those strengths. The netresult of this is, you easily do great work and therefore bigger profits andsuccess.You enjoy your work more and find it very easy to dive into work becauseit doesn’t feel like work. When you are doing those things in yourbusiness that revolve around your strength, you want to do those thingsand you enjoy doing those things, you appreciate the chance to do thosethings and you are richly rewarded for doing those things.Let me give you an example to illustrate what I mean. I play poker, in factI’ve won a few tournaments and I’m quite good. I’m really good at pokerbut I’m just okay at tennis. I had a client named Jean Carlo who was aprofessional tennis player besides being an entrepreneur and he waspretty average in poker.Jean Carlo is much better at tennis than I and I’m much better at pokerthan he is. If we were going to play a game for money, obviously I’d wantus to play poker and Jean Carlo would want us to play tennis. Understandthis, in fact write this down. Business is really the biggest game that youwill play for money. Doesn’t it make sense to make sure that the game issomething that you are good at?Here is the thing, almost every opportunity seeker or strugglingentrepreneur that I meet has this solvable problem, they are playing agame they can’t win or they are getting ready to play a game that theycan’t win. Imagine how difficult it would be for me, if was planning onmaking a living playing tennis against the top pro’s every day, it’s a recipe
  31. 31. for disaster. What about you? Are the things that you are doing or the things that you are planning on doing in your area of strength? If you are like most entrepreneurs I meet, odds are, they are not. You need to correct this as soon as possible. Here is an example of the difference in results that you will get inside and outside your strength. Look at Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is arguably the best basket ball player who ever lived. Obviously you don’t become the best basketball player in the world without being a natural born athlete. He had the inborn talent to be a natural born athlete but his experience, education and skills all revolved around basketball which is why when he switched careers and went into baseball, he could never go very far because his talent hadn’t been refined enough to be a strength to excel in a game where he was playing against other baseball players whose strength was baseball.((Audio Ends))