Jensen Precast StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Presentation


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Jensen Precast is an authorized manufacturer of the StoneTree Concrete Fence Wall System. Learn more about precast fences and walls. This precast concrete fence system is a great option for civil engineers, architects, land developers and even home owners. It installs much quicker than masonry block walls and has an appealing finish. Visit for more details.

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Jensen Precast StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Presentation

  1. 1. Experience the StoneTree® AdvantageThe New Generation of Concrete Fence Walls
  2. 2. StoneTree® DesignsStacked Stone Ashlar Stone Slate Block Split Face Block Coral Stone/Split New Brick Used Brick Coral Stone Face Combination
  3. 3. Applications• Precast Boundary Walls• Decorative Concrete Fences• Sound Barrier Walls• Perimeter Walls• Security Walls• Screen Walls• Custom Architectural Walls• Retaining Walls• Decorative Concrete Columns And many more!
  4. 4. Why StoneTree®• Highly defined textures on both sides of the wall• Formed as a single panel & column integrated in the manufacturing process compared to traditional separate column and panel requiring onsite assembly• Increases speed of construction and provides greater safety factors• Extremely versatile in design and can include features such as lighting and security components• Reflective sound barrier properties• Rigid Footing Support means faster installation, strong footing/wall connection – Can be engineered to meet a wide variety of site conditions – Safer to install with no bracing or grouting required – Self aligns each wall section as it is installed• Ease of repair
  5. 5. StoneTree ® and other systems
  6. 6. Installation StoneTree ® Walls are installed with AFTEC’s proprietary Rigid Footing Support system•The standard footing spacing is 15 foot / 4.5 meters on center.•A rigid structural support is embedded into the footing and protrudes up at least half of the heightof the wall.•Designed for all applicable engineering requirements including wind load, soil and seismicconditions.
  7. 7. InstallationBenefits of the Rigid Support System: NO BRACING OR SHORING during installation. This provides the safest environment and results in the most stable method of installing a precast concrete fence-wall. NO GROUTING of columns and/or footings. In other systems this cannot take place until after the fence columns are set in place, which creates an unstable condition until the grout has cured. STONETREE ® FOOTINGS with Rigid Footing Supports self aligns each wall section as they are set in place which increases the speed of the installation process.
  8. 8. InstallationOnce the footings have The column end is set The wall is then aligned Upon completion of thebeen constructed, the over the I-beam support between the structural installation, caps are fixedcolumn and panel wall while as the same time supports, lowered into in place to seal thesections are brought to interlocking with the position and the rigging is columns. Coloring can bethe fence line to be set in panel end already in removed. applied using concreteplace. place, creating a tongue stains and sealers. and groove intersection.
  9. 9. Finished Projects
  10. 10. Drawings
  11. 11. Drawings
  12. 12. Drawings3ft. Wall with Ornamental Iron
  13. 13. For information on the StoneTree® Fence Wall System contact: Dave Land Business Development Manager (916) 627-5140