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  1. 1. Finals Saturday Afternoon Fever © Rituraj Dishant
  2. 2. Dry Round 1 Saturday Afternoon Fever © Rituraj Dishant
  3. 3. GOBI <ul><li>Fairplay(+10 & -5) </li></ul><ul><li>Clockwise </li></ul><ul><li>+10 on a Direct & Pass </li></ul>
  4. 4. Q1 The company was founded by Richard Lesser.It was earlier known as Ahead Softwares.The companies name means “Black” in Italian & “Genius” in Finnish.The company also shares its name with a Roman emperor who was adopted by his great uncle Claudius to become heir to the throne.
  5. 5. THE
  6. 6. ANSWERS IS ....
  7. 7. A1 NERO
  8. 8. With the Tagline 'Gear For Life'.”X” is India's leading Adventure Equipment & Outdoor Gear Company. Based out of Bangalore, runs India's first & largest outdoor-gear retail chain.”X” started in a small garage in the year 1992, to cater to the growing demands for quality adventure sports equipment.”X” has 12 exclusive stores in Bangalore(One In Kormangala), Mysore & Pune apart from 50+ multi brand stores spread across Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, & other key Indian cities.”X” has a strong presence in supplying branded gear to PSU's, Defense forces, MNC's (Indian & International) & other world class institutions.”X” claims its Gear to be Aesthetic, Durable and Functional. Q2
  9. 9. THE
  10. 10. ANSWERS IS ....
  11. 11. A2 WILDCRAFT
  12. 12. Q3 &quot;X&quot; born on October 15, 1949 is an Indian figure. His father is a Bengali and his mother is English. He is founder and the president of &quot;Y&quot;.&quot;X&quot; attended The Doon School, Dehradun and went to Haileybury (UK) for his A-levels. He graduated in Economics from the University of London's Queen Mary College in 1973. He received his Ph.D from the Delhi School of Economics, where he taught for a year.&quot;X&quot; worked as a Chartered Accountant for some time and later joined Price Waterhouse.During 1985-1987, &quot;X&quot; was associated with the Ministry of Finance, Government of India as Economic Advisor.His family is directly related to Marxist Communist party General Secretary Prakash Karat.He is the uncle of the prize winning Indian writer.He is also a member of International Advisory Board a neo conservative globalist think tank council on foreign relations.His salaryin &quot;Y&quot; is Rs 69,24,243 Per month.
  13. 13. THE
  14. 14. ANSWERS IS ....
  15. 15. A3
  16. 16. Q4 Spirit of Ecstacy-Designed by Charles Robinson Sykes, The Spirit of Ecstasy has adorned the top of _____ since 1911. This wonderful mascot was modeled after a young woman who had bewitching beauty, intellect and esprit - but not the social status which might have permitted her to marry the man with whom she had fallen in love.The model was Eleanor Velasco Thornton, whose relationship with John Walter Edward-Scott-Montagu remained a secret for over a decade, principally because both lovers acted with the utmost discretion.The small statue depicted a young woman in fluttering robes having placed one forefinger to her lips. The sculptor had chosen Eleanor Thornton as model for this figurine, which was christened &quot;The Whisper&quot;.The Spirit of Ecstasy was delivered by the Company with every _______.Each was done using the technique which was thousands of years old and known as the lost-wax method.From 1911 to 1914 the Spirit of Ecstasy was silver-plated and thus many thought it a massive piece of precious metal - one reason for the frequent thefts.The founder did not like the Spirit of Ecstasy, which he judged her to be just a fashionable bauble. The order to create the sculpture was given during the chief engineer's illness and had been absent.
  17. 17. THE
  18. 18. ANSWERS IS ....
  19. 19. A4
  20. 20. Q5 Gammon India Limited, which was established by J C Gammon in 1919 as a civil engineering firm and called J C Gammon (Bombay) Pvt Ltd then, carried out the construction of reinforced concrete pile foundations for the _____. It is also said to be the only construction company in India to have been accredited with ISO 9001: 1994 certification in all fields of civil engineering, including design.
  21. 21. THE
  22. 22. ANSWERS IS ....
  23. 23. A5
  24. 24. Q6 “ X” is “Y” new venture in the field of skin care services. The “X” offer scientific, US FDA approved dermatological procedures to enhance appearance of the skin. With the launch of the “X” ,”Y” hopes to move up the value chain in the personal care business through newer products and services in the skin care space. Name “X” & “Y”
  25. 25. THE
  26. 26. ANSWERS IS ....
  28. 28. THE KONNeCT
  29. 29. THE KONNECT <ul><li>Fairplay(+10 & -5) </li></ul><ul><li>Clockwise </li></ul><ul><li>+10 on a Direct & Pass </li></ul>
  30. 31. THE
  31. 32. ANSWERS IS ....
  32. 33. Adobe
  33. 35. THE
  34. 36. ANSWERS IS ....
  35. 37. All Companies are based in Connecticut
  36. 39. THE
  37. 40. ANSWERS IS ....
  38. 41. Samsung
  39. 43. THE
  40. 44. ANSWERS IS ....
  41. 45. Sony Ericsson
  42. 47. THE
  43. 48. ANSWERS IS ....
  44. 49. Marico
  45. 51. THE
  46. 52. ANSWERS IS ....
  47. 53. UCB
  49. 55. LONG VISUAL CONNECT <ul><li>8 VISUALS </li></ul><ul><li>4 SLABS(EACH SLAB 2 VISUALS) </li></ul><ul><li>MAXIMISER EACH VISUAL 3 POINTS </li></ul>
  50. 56. +80 -40
  51. 57. +80 - 40
  52. 58. +80 - 40 GOING FOR THE CONNECT
  53. 59. +60 -30
  54. 60. +60 - 30
  55. 61. +60 - 30 GOING FOR THE CONNECT
  56. 62. +40 -20
  57. 63. +40 -20
  58. 64. +40 -20 GOING FOR THE CONNECT
  59. 65. +20 -10
  60. 66. +20 -10
  61. 67. +20 -10 GOING FOR THE CONNECT
  62. 68. THE
  63. 69. ANSWERS IS ....
  64. 70. HUL
  65. 71. THE
  67. 73. 1
  68. 74. 2
  69. 75. 3
  70. 76. 4
  71. 77. 5
  72. 78. 6
  73. 79. 7
  74. 80. 8
  75. 81. THE
  76. 82. ANSWERS IS ....
  77. 83. CLOSE UP
  78. 84. LIPTON
  79. 85. BRU
  80. 86. DOVE
  81. 87. KISSAN
  82. 88. PONDS
  83. 89. AXE
  84. 90. WHEEL
  85. 91. DRY AGAIN
  86. 92. LETS BEGIN
  87. 93. Q1 The &quot;X&quot; Clock is an octagonal clock in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, with a diameter of 50 feet / 15.24 meter promoted as being the largest clock in the entire world. It is situated in front of the site of the former headquarters of conglomerate &quot;X&quot; which until the 1980s was based out of Jersey City. It is fifty feet in diameter, faces the Hudson river harbor, and is clearly visible from Manhattan's west side.The current &quot;X&quot; Clock was built in 1924 to replace an earlier, smaller clock designed by &quot;X&quot; engineer Warren Day and constructed by the Seth Thomas Clock Company for the centennial of the &quot;X&quot; Company in 1906. That clock, second only in size to its replacement, was relocated to a &quot;X&quot; factory in Clarksville, Indiana, where its future is now unknown as the factory is closing.As of 2005, the &quot;X&quot; Clock stands on an otherwise empty lot; all of the other old buildings in the complex were razed in 1985, when &quot;X&quot; left New Jersey. There are currently plans to move the clock in order to use the lot it stands upon for other purposes. The lot is in the downtown area, and the clock itself is 100 meters away from the Goldman Sachs Tower, the largest skyscraper in the state of New Jersey. The construction of that building in the early 2000s forced a minor relocation of the clock southward to its current location, and a significant reduction in the size of the &quot;X&quot; advertisement attached to it. Goldman Sachs now maintains the clock.
  88. 95. The Colgate Clock
  89. 96. Q2 To satisfy India's foreign ownership regulations, Rupert Murdoch's Star Group has joined forces with a local publishing house, &quot;X&quot; Group, to broadcast its 24-hour Hindi news channel, Star News. Star News India was recently threatened with closure by the Indian authorities, following new rules requiring it to be majority-owned by a local company and have editorial control in Indian hands. To comply with both conditions, the new joint-venture, called Media Content & Communications Services India will now own and operate Star News India. Under the alliance, &quot;X&quot; will take a 74% stake in the augmented paid-up equity share capital of MCCS. Star will take a 26% stake, the maximum foreign ownership allowed under Indian law. With the foreign ownership regulations and editorial conditions satisfied, MCCS will now file a revised application with the Indian government to be able to uplink the news channel from Indian soil.
  90. 98. Anand Bazzar Publications
  91. 99. Q3 The &quot;X&quot; Company has reportedly applied to the country's Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) to launch a wholly-owned &quot;X&quot; Channel in India. According to local reports, the company will invest $10 million in the venture over the next five years. &quot;X&quot; is also said to be in talks with STAR and Sony Entertainment Television for a carriage agreement. According to &quot;X&quot; application, the channel will air a mix of foreign and local productions, with library programming dubbed into Indian languages. &quot;X&quot; is also in talks with Star India and Sony Entertainment Television for distribution of the channel.
  92. 101. Disney Channel
  93. 102. Q4 Harold &quot;X&quot; was the Prime Minister of Britain from 1957-63. &quot;X&quot; was founded in 1843 by Daniel (harold's grandfather) and Alexander &quot;X&quot;, two brothers from the Scottish Isle of Arran. Once owned by the &quot;X&quot; family it is now wholly owned by the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, a German family company. Daniel and Alexander &quot;X&quot;, from Scottish Isle of Arran, formed &quot;X&quot; publishing; 1988 - acquired for $2.5 billion by Robert Maxwell; 1999 - acquired by Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group; June 2004 - acquired Scribner Book Companies for $15 million.
  94. 104. Macmillan
  95. 105. Q5 This word also means a person who introduces a bill in the US Congress.&quot;X&quot; is a tradition that goes back to Ancient Greece where wealthy Athenians would contribute financially to expenses related to culture, defence, the state and sports, in order to make them more accessible to all citizens. In return, the state honoured them by engraving their names on marble tablets. This tribute was a mark of respect, value and high appreciation by the city.
  96. 107. Sponsoring
  97. 108. Q6 The names of this brand is derived from german word of &quot;storage&quot;.Dortmund, Helles, Pilsner are some of its variety drinks.This is a result of bottom fermentation between 5 C to 15 C.Its major ingerdients are Hops,Malted Barely & Water.What Am I Talking About?
  98. 110. Lager
  99. 111. Q7 Before it takes off, the &quot;X&quot; has hit yet another roadblock with the &quot;Y&quot; objecting to the name of the brand claiming trademark violation.The &quot;Y&quot;, which conducts the annual &quot;X&quot; amid much fanfare, saw a trademark violation in the effort by the &quot;Z&quot; to have the brand bearing the same name.According to a report &quot;Y&quot; has recently sent a letter to the &quot;Z&quot;, objecting to the name after &quot;Z&quot; had applied for a Community Trade Mark (CTM) license for the &quot;X&quot; to promote the event worldwide.The &quot;Z&quot; motive was to promote the competition in the United Kingdom with the use of the brand.&quot;Y&quot; has reportedly sent a letter to the &quot;Z&quot; informing them about violation of the use of trademarks of the &quot;X&quot; in the &quot;Y&quot;.
  100. 113. X-Champions Leauge Y-UEFA Z-BCCI
  101. 114. Q8 In 1989 &quot;XY&quot; introduced Primis Custom Publishing -- the first customised publishing system to allow professors to design their own textbooks. Founder James H. &quot;X&quot;, a teacher in upstate New York, began working in publishing in 1884. At the same time, co-founder John A. &quot;Y&quot; was working as an editor at Locomotive Engineer. Over the next fifteen years, the two men pursued their separate careers specialising in technical and trade publications. In 1899, &quot;X&quot; incorporated his publications under the heading of &quot;The &quot;X&quot; Publishing Company;&quot; in 1902, John &quot;Y&quot; followed with &quot;The &quot;Y&quot; Publishing Company.&quot; The book departments of the two publishing companies merged to form the &quot;XY&quot; Book Company. In 1995, &quot;XY&quot; unveiled a new corporate identity campaign and became The &quot;XY&quot; Companies.
  102. 116. Mcgraw Hill
  103. 117. Q9 In November 1902, US President Theodore Roosevelt visited the southern United States to help settle a border dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana. While on the trip, Roosevelt went hunting, but had little luck. Others in his party did find a bear, which, cornered near a water hole, fought with and killed one of the group's hunting dogs. Clifford Berryman, a newspaper cartoonist for the Washington Post, witnessed the incident and turned it into a cartoon.Which product is named after the incident.
  104. 119. Teedy Bear
  105. 120. Q10 The first &quot;X&quot; started on 17 july 1955.&quot;X&quot; over the years has built characterstics of a national institution.&quot;Y&quot; purpose was that everyone should be able to have fun together.The destination ranks on the top list for any tourist or visitor of Western part of USA.It is said that the vision & the dreams were made possible with some canvases,a few sandwiches and sketch pads.&quot;Y&quot; called it the fist skecth of &quot;The Happiest Place on Earth&quot; . The skecth also helped &quot;Y&quot; to built fianancial backing for &quot;X&quot;
  106. 122. X-Disneyland Y-Walt Disney
  107. 123. Q11 &quot;X&quot; is a permanent, intergovernmental organisation, created at the Baghdad Conference in 1960, by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. During the first five years of its existence &quot;X&quot; had its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Later this was moved to Vienna, Austria, on September 1, 1965. The &quot;X&quot; Conference of Ministers meets in ordinary session twice a year, and is responsible for the formulation of the general policy of the organisation.In 1973 &quot;X&quot; transformed into a formidable political force.
  108. 125. Opec
  109. 126. Q12 It might seem like a pushover on today, but twoand-a-half decades back, it was the product which aroused envy, excitement and a sense of achievement. For the middle class, X was the fourth addition to the great Indian dream—roti , kapda, makaan and ‘meri X’ .For those who owned the Product, it was not X, but ‘dinky’ —the small Product, which changed the Sectors landscape. The product which started as a single man’s obsession to launch a people’s prodcut and was caught in the political quagmire, proved its worth with the Government selling its stake and earning handsomely last year.It has lived up to the expectation of thousands of consumers who have owned a X over the last 25 years. It’s been a long journey for a prodcut that in many ways symbolised the change that India has embarked on since the mid-eighties . It’s not just a popular product or a popular brand but a product that has in some ways changed the landscape of the very nation. According former MD of the company, the X has been a great unifier.Owning a X became a status symbol and the product became the cynosure of all neighbourhood conversations.It took a person 3 years of waiting to get the product. It also brought out a sense of competition amongst the middle class which was a rarity considering the socialist environment prevalent in the eighties and early nineties.
  110. 128. Maruti 800
  111. 129. PRINT ADS