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  • 1. Tech-tonic Shifts: Transforming Educational Outcomes through Technology What a HP Grant did for Brookfield HS By Gordon Kubanek with Jeannie Hunter Ottawa, Canada
  • 2. Common goal Presentation Outline I What is the HP grant & why did we want it? II What we did during the grant period III The Impact of the grant on our school IV Lessons learned
  • 3. Part I- The HP Grant
    • HP Compaq Notebook/Tablet PC
    • Digital projector
    • HP digital camera
    • HP Office-jet printer/scanner/copier
    • Photo book provided by HP Snapfish www2.snapfish.com
    • $2,500 in stipends (split between 5 teachers)
    • Customized online professional development
    • $2,655 professional development dollars
    • ISTE membership for 5 teachers
    • Free Software from Microsoft
    • AND MORE
  • 4. Project Proposal Themes
    • Improve teachers’ technology skills
    • Promote student-centered teaching
    • Build a structure of collegial collaboration
  • 5. Cart for tablets
  • 6. The ISTE desire2learn website was the main vehicle for communication and repository of reports https://iste.desire2learn.com/
  • 7. Part II - We did many surveys: eg. Collaborate with teachers and staff in my district to obtain necessary instructional support for technology use in teaching
  • 8. In Music, we've used Technology in the following ways
    • 1. Further communication and global connections
    • *Video Conferencing
    • *Pod casts
    • *release of CD material over the internet
    • *students have used tablets to record interviews with musicians and polititicans they meet at performances
    • 2. Promote arts/careers in the arts
    • *Did interactive plays using video/projector at 'World of Work'
    • *kids used movie maker and drew using tablets at 'World of Work'
    • **World of Work was an event where ALL Grade 7 and 8 Students in our board cycled through a series of careers booths
    • 3. Raise Awareness of global issues
    • *used Tablets/laptops at fair trade fair to provide info in a multi-media format
    • *had members of the 'one laptop' program in to demonstrate technologies in use and being developed for developing countries
    • 4. Improve musicality/performance
    • *we digitally record all performances and put them, along with commentary, on a designated website for each ensemble
    • *we provide professional recordings on the same website so that kids can 'model' sounds
    • *we provide accompaniment and play along tracks on the web
    • *we record rhythm sections for solos so soloists can play along with the website
    • *we use instructional tools on the Vic Firth website for students to practice drum rudiments
  • 9.  
  • 10. Part of a Student Survey
    • 1. I find reading notes easiest when delivered in this manner:
      • a) on the blackboard
      • b) on the overhead
      • c) on a PC
      • d) lecture
      • e) reading from the textbook
    • 2. Teachers should use more computer technology in the classroom.
      • A I strongly agree
      • B I somewhat agree
      • C I feel neutral
      • D I somewhat disagree
      • E I strongly disagree
    • 3. If the teacher uses computer technology in the classroom, it makes learning easier.
      • A I strongly agree
      • B I somewhat agree
      • C I feel neutral
      • D I somewhat disagree
      • E I strongly disagree
    • 4. Electronic pictures should be used to help identify equipment, new words, objects, etc.
      • A. I strongly agree
      • B. I somewhat agree
      • C. I feel neutral
      • D. I somewhat disagree
      • E. I strongly disagree
  • 11. Pics kids websites
  • 12. Using Probeware
  • 13. Accessing Courses Through Desire2Learn
  • 14. Videoconferencing
    • Local: The COBE Project (Connecting Ottawa by Broadband Everywhere) connects us with local schools using ISABEL.
    • National: Connecting with expert mentors gives students direct contact with their expert of choice.
    • International: Odyssey Africa is a Cairo to Capetown expedition featuring videoconferencing, real-time GPS plotting and web blogs.
  • 15.
    • Part III - A BIG Benefit: Spontaneity
    • The equipment has been very effective for spontaneous moments. For example, if a student asks a question about a constellation we can use the program “Starry Night” to project a star map right on the ceiling.
    • If something of interest happens in the news that morning, we can instantly refer to the story, and share relevant information from various sites.
    • If a student asks an interesting question, we can instantly look up answers and relevant information on the internet, and project in on the screen to share it with the class.
  • 16. Learning By Drawing
  • 17. Photos in and the Classroom
  • 18. Part IV – Lesson Learned
    • Excellent support and infrastructure with admin support is essential
    • Go slowly – otherwise you threaten teacher
    • The equipment must be QUICKLY accessible and routinely available
    • We no use the tablets with the kids in entire classes because the pens became broken, wireless rotor problems, they broke through the firewalls and other hardware problems
    • The tablets are now being mostly used by teachers with projectors
  • 19. Leadership & Administration
    • Promoting the HP initiative at our monthly staff meetings and professional development activities has brought technology issues to the forefront.
    • Most teachers have been exposed to the HP tablets and we now have an online booking process which simplifies access.
    • In the future we are hoping for improved access to computer projectors to encourage and enable more use of this technology in our classrooms.
  • 20. Our main goal was to establish an infrastructure for positive change within our school.
    • This was achieved by incorporating structures for teacher collaboration and communication.
    • This year, teacher collaboration has been improved through technology training sessions, full staff discussions, and colleague observations.
    • In future, changes will be made to our school day to promote teacher communication. Training initiatives have been implemented in order to promote student-centered activities, such as real-time experiments, drawing of concept maps and diagrams, and research investigations.
  • 21. - Conclusion 1 & 2
    • A project like this is a catalyst for change
    • Since the project we have moved tablets and projectors across the school
    • Being ‘with it’ w.r.t. technology builds credibility with the students and forces teachers to stay abreast of the latest developments
  • 22. Conclusion 3 : A Common Goal Builds UP Your School Community