7	  Strategies	  for	  Being	  an	  	                 Leader	                 Mary	  Foley	                MaryFoley.com	  
Today’s	  Manager	  Faces	  	                        Tough	  Challenges	                        Time	  to	  be	  Bodacious...
Bodacious	  =	  Posi>ve	  Gutsiness	  MaryFoley.com	                                                     3	  
Strategies	  MaryFoley.com	                      4	  
Strategy	  #	  xx	  Produce	  Results	  	    That	  Ma9er	  
First	  GoFa	  Know	  What	  MaFers!	                              Invaluable	  leaders	  know	  in	                      ...
Ques>on	  to	  Ask	  Yourself	      	  	  	  Do	  I	  know	  what	                  results	  maFer	                  the	...
Strategy	  #	  xx	        Become	  an	  Entrepreneurial	  Leader	  
Essen>al	  Skills	  of	  an	  	                      Entrepreneurial	  Leader	  1.  Know	  thyself	  and	      thy	  team	...
Ques>on	  to	  Ask	  Yourself	      	  	  	  What	  do	  I	  need	                  to	  do	  to	  become	                ...
Strategy	  #	  xx	  Get	  Smart	  About	  	   Office	  PoliBcs	  
That’s	  it	  –	  nothing	  more,	                      nothing	  less,	  nothing	  to	                                   ...
Power	  Bases	  in	  Organiza>ons	                              1. Posi>onal	  Power	                              2. Know...
Ques>on	  to	  Ask	  Yourself	         What	  are	  the	         power	  bases	  in	         my	  organiza>on?	  MaryFoley...
Strategy	  #	  xxx	  Create	  Deliberate	    RelaBonships	  
Who	  Should	  I	  Create	  Deliberate	                  Rela>onships	  With?	                                 People	  i...
Rela>onship	  Building	  Ques>ons	  How	  did	  you	  come	  to	  work	  for…?	  What’s	  involved	  in	  your	  role?	  W...
Ques>on	  to	  Ask	  Yourself	      	  	  	  Who	  are	  the	  2	  or	  3	          people	  in	  my	          organiza>on...
Strategy	  #	  xxx	    Engage	  in	  “Visi-­‐Posure”	  
Ways	  to	  Engage	  in	  Visi-­‐Posure	       •  Join	  a	  special	          project	       •  Recognize	  others	      ...
Ques>on	  to	  Ask	  Yourself	         	  	  	  What	  can	  I	  start	                     doing	  to	  engage	          ...
Strategy	  #	  	  xxx	     Brand	  or	   Be	  Branded	  
What	  is	  Your	  Brand?	         Ask	  6	  people	  you	  work	         with…	        	   “What’s	  the	  one	          ...
Ques>on	  to	  Ask	  Yourself	      	  	  	  What	  is	  MY	                  brand	  in	  my	                  organiza>o...
Strategy	  #	  xxx	    Build	  Your	  Own	  Leadership	  PorKolio	  
Benefits	  to	  You	  &	  Your	  Career	   1.  You	  more	  clearly	       understand	  your	       specific	  talents	  and...
What	  is	  in	  Your	  Leadership	  Pormolio?	                                 Posi>ons	  you	  have	  held	            ...
Ques>on	  to	  Ask	  Yourself	         	  	  	  Do	  I	  have	  a	                     Leadership	                     Por...
One	  Last	  Thought:	                  Knowledge	  is	  NOT	  Power	                 ACTING	  on	  Knowledge	  is	  Power...
What	  will	  you	  DO	  TODAY	                 to	  be	  an	  	                      leader?	  MaryFoley.com	            ...
Get	  More	  Free	  Resources	  for	  	   Your	  Career	  Confidence	  at	  MaryFoley.com	                            Grab	...
About	  Mary	  Foley	                             Mary	  offers	  prac>cal	  advice	  to	  create	  sanity	  for	          ...
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7 Strategies for being an an Invaluable Leader


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Mary Foley shares 7 ideas of of how women can be invaluable leaders in their workplace.

Published in: Business, Education
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7 Strategies for being an an Invaluable Leader

  1. 1. 7  Strategies  for  Being  an     Leader   Mary  Foley   MaryFoley.com  
  2. 2. Today’s  Manager  Faces     Tough  Challenges   Time  to  be  Bodacious!  MaryFoley.com   2  
  3. 3. Bodacious  =  Posi>ve  Gutsiness  MaryFoley.com   3  
  4. 4. Strategies  MaryFoley.com   4  
  5. 5. Strategy  #  xx  Produce  Results     That  Ma9er  
  6. 6. First  GoFa  Know  What  MaFers!   Invaluable  leaders  know  in   detail  the  goals  are  and  why.       Then,  they  direct  their  team   towards  accomplishing   these  goals.       Not    once  a  year.    All  the  >me.  Mary  Foley.com   6  
  7. 7. Ques>on  to  Ask  Yourself        Do  I  know  what   results  maFer   the  most  …now?  MaryFoley.com   7  
  8. 8. Strategy  #  xx   Become  an  Entrepreneurial  Leader  
  9. 9. Essen>al  Skills  of  an     Entrepreneurial  Leader  1.  Know  thyself  and   thy  team  2.  Know  what  to  do   when  3.  Know  how  to   execute  through   people  MaryFoley.com   9  
  10. 10. Ques>on  to  Ask  Yourself        What  do  I  need   to  do  to  become   a  beFer   entrepreneurial   leader?  MaryFoley.com   10  
  11. 11. Strategy  #  xx  Get  Smart  About     Office  PoliBcs  
  12. 12. That’s  it  –  nothing  more,   nothing  less,  nothing  to   ignore.  MaryFoley.com   12  
  13. 13. Power  Bases  in  Organiza>ons   1. Posi>onal  Power   2. Knowledge  Power   3. Crea>ve  Power   4. Rela>onship   Power   5. Personal  Power  MaryFoley.com   13  
  14. 14. Ques>on  to  Ask  Yourself   What  are  the   power  bases  in   my  organiza>on?  MaryFoley.com   14  
  15. 15. Strategy  #  xxx  Create  Deliberate   RelaBonships  
  16. 16. Who  Should  I  Create  Deliberate   Rela>onships  With?    People  in  key   leadership   posi>ons    People  heading  up   important  new   projects    People  you  MaryFoley.com   admire   16  
  17. 17. Rela>onship  Building  Ques>ons  How  did  you  come  to  work  for…?  What’s  involved  in  your  role?  What  are  2  or  3  key  decisions  that  enabled  you  to  get  where  you  are  today?  In  your  experience,  what  are  the  top  characteris>cs  of  an  effec>ve  leader?  You’ve  been  generous  with  your  >me.    Is  there  something  I  can  do  to  help  you?  
  18. 18. Ques>on  to  Ask  Yourself        Who  are  the  2  or  3   people  in  my   organiza>on  that  I   am  going  to  reach   out  to  create   deliberate   rela>onships?  MaryFoley.com   18  
  19. 19. Strategy  #  xxx   Engage  in  “Visi-­‐Posure”  
  20. 20. Ways  to  Engage  in  Visi-­‐Posure   •  Join  a  special   project   •  Recognize  others   •  Write  an  ar>cle  MaryFoley.com   20  
  21. 21. Ques>on  to  Ask  Yourself        What  can  I  start   doing  to  engage   in  visi-­‐posure?  MaryFoley.com   21  
  22. 22. Strategy  #    xxx   Brand  or   Be  Branded  
  23. 23. What  is  Your  Brand?   Ask  6  people  you  work   with…     “What’s  the  one   word  that  comes   to  mind  when  you   think  of  me  and   why?”  MaryFoley.com   23  
  24. 24. Ques>on  to  Ask  Yourself        What  is  MY   brand  in  my   organiza>on?  MaryFoley.com   24  
  25. 25. Strategy  #  xxx   Build  Your  Own  Leadership  PorKolio  
  26. 26. Benefits  to  You  &  Your  Career   1.  You  more  clearly   understand  your   specific  talents  and   how  they  posi>vely   impact  an  organiza>on.   2.  You  start  to  recognize   gaps  that  you  need  to   fill  -­‐  be  it  knowledge,   skills,  or  experience.  Mary  Foley.com   26  
  27. 27. What  is  in  Your  Leadership  Pormolio?    Posi>ons  you  have  held    Qualita>ve  &   Quan>ta>ve  Results    Projects,  CommiFees    Training  &  Educa>on    Awards  &  Recogni>on    Insights  MaryFoley.com   27  
  28. 28. Ques>on  to  Ask  Yourself        Do  I  have  a   Leadership   Pormolio?  MaryFoley.com   28  
  29. 29. One  Last  Thought:   Knowledge  is  NOT  Power   ACTING  on  Knowledge  is  Power  MaryFoley.com   29  
  30. 30. What  will  you  DO  TODAY   to  be  an     leader?  MaryFoley.com   30  
  31. 31. Get  More  Free  Resources  for     Your  Career  Confidence  at  MaryFoley.com   Grab  Your  Free  Sanity,  Confidence   &  Fun  Ac4on  Pack  which  includes…      What  Every  Woman  Must  Know   About  Office  Poli4cs  (eBook)    10  Bodacious®  Career  Builders   for  Women  (eBook)    How  to  Thrive  on  ShiK  &  Change   for  Your  Career  (eBook)  MaryFoley.com   31  
  32. 32. About  Mary  Foley   Mary  offers  prac>cal  advice  to  create  sanity  for   your  life  and  confidence  for  your  career  –  all  while   having  a  bit  of  fun!    Aqer  serng  aside  an   engineering  degree,  she  built  a  10-­‐year  career  at   AOL  during  the  company’s  rocky  rise  to  a  global   brand.    Star>ng  as  an  $8  customer  service  rep,  she   was  promoted  to  manager  within  three  years,  lead   a  call  center  of  250,  and  became  the  company’s   first  head  of  corporate  training.       Today,  Mary  is  the  author  of  three  books  including   Bodacious  Career:    Outrageous  Success  for  Working   Women,  a  popular  na>onal  speaker,  and  former  co-­‐ host  of  the  Girlfriend  We  GoPa  Talk!  radio  show.    MaryFoley.com   32  
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