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SpeakApps celebration of the EDL'12 at RUG
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SpeakApps celebration of the EDL'12 at RUG


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. European Day of Languages Introduction to
  • 2. 15.15-15.30 Welcome by Sake Jager 15.30-16.30 David Singleton (Trinity College Dublin) ‘Life rather than age’ Interact through #speakappsEDL 16.30-16.50 Coffee break 16.50-17.45 Demonstration of the tools 17.45-18.00 SpeakApps after
  • 3. About SpeakApps• Life Long Learning Project, 2011-2012• Partners: • Universitat Oberta de Catalunya • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen • University of Jyväskylä • Jagiellonian University Krakow • Dublin City University• Development of tools and tasks for oral production and spoken interaction• Open Educational Resources
  • 4. Relevance for language teaching and learning• Plurilingualism key objective in Europe• Strong demand for languages overall• Dwindling numbers of language students in traditional institutions• Institutions are facing the challenge of “reinventing themselves”• New methods of teaching and learning are needed• Internet technologies as facilitating tools• SpeakApps tools: • Used with large numbers of students in UOC • Provide a way of offering students more and enhanced practice outside the classroom • Based on task-based, communicative approaches to language learning • Compatible with language learning based on CEFR
  • 5. David Singleton, professor of Applied Linguistics (Trinity College Dublin) Video lecture: ‘Life rather than age’ Interact through #speakappsEDL 5
  • 6. Introduction to SpeakApps 6
  • 7. Why this project?Speaking is considered the most difficult skill when learning a second orforeign language•Especially grammar, vocabulary and fluency are difficult•The learner tries to compensate these problems by using synonyms and generalknowledge, guessing and by asking for clarification•Language learners learn to speak by • Talking to other learners or preferably native speakers • Listening to the radio, podcasts et cetera • And by watching films / TV with subtitles in the target languageSpeakApps wants the learner to help practicing and improving their oral skills online
  • 8. 3 online toolsOral production: LANGblog- asynchronous communication- multimediablog with audio en videoOral interaction: Tandem & Videochat- synchronous communication- ‘regulated’ and ‘self-regulated / autonomous’- ‘open’ tasks 8
  • 9. Oral productionLANGblogBlog in wordpressVarious tasksComment with text, audio, videoThrough the website or from the computerPracticeSpontaneous speechNot too longGive students a reason to listen to each otherFeedback 9
  • 10. Oral interactionTandemAutonomous in pairsWith Skype, Adobe Connect, Elluminate and VideochatA cms with an interface for the teacher and studentDifferent tasks like:•Spot the difference•Describe images / objects / direction•Ranking•Guessing•Role-play 10
  • 11. Oral interactionVideochat•1-6 participants•Integrated record and archive•Written chat•Mute and solo•Link to Tandem 11
  • 12. Demonstration 12
  • 13. Results from pilots 2011-2012 Groningen 13
  • 14. Pilots 2011-2012Rijksuniversiteit Groningen•Approximately 120 students•3 tasks in LANGblog•1 / 2 tasks with Videochat•Related to CEFR / course material 14
  • 15. Results Pilots 2011-2012SpeakApps is…Accessible and user-friendly‘Active’ students improve their speaking skills significantlyTasks with feedback are appreciated the mostFeedback from the teacher is preferred the mostStudents appreciate the link between CEFR ( and own recording inLangblog!More video than audioRather tasks that are related to the course materialTeacher-regulated is preferredPracticing takes time 15
  • 16. Teacher trainingOnline SpeakApps docententrainingModule 1 teaching / learning onlineModule 2 oral productionModule 3 oral interactionModule 4 pedagogical design4 weeks (February 2012 online)3 weeks (June-July 2012 Groningen)4 weeks (October 2012 online Nt2 / NVT) 16
  • 17. 5. Online community: delen en downloaden- community voor taalleerders en taaldocenten- kennis delen- materiaal downloaden- materiaal online gebruiken- in Mahara- laatste fase (september – december 2012) 17
  • 18. On 31 December 2012SpeakApps:•Online platform with online ICT-applications and pedagogical framework•Where language learners can practice their oral skills•For language teachers and learnersPlugins for own LMS oraccess to portal OUC
  • 19. Demonstration 19
  • 20. Try it yourself in Groningen Demo at Enrolment key: gdemo269 20
  • 21. Projecte Nr 2010-4210 / 511552-LLP-1-2010-1-ES-KA2-KA2MP-SPKApps