The Speakapps project seeks to offer a way for allforeign language learners and teachers to practice                      ...
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SpeakApps Leaflet - English


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The SpeakApps project focuses on creating a free and open source online platform that gathers ICT-based applications and pedagogies to practice oral skills online. The SpeakApps platform would thus serve a community composed of foreign language teachers and their students

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SpeakApps Leaflet - English

  1. 1. The Speakapps project seeks to offer a way for allforeign language learners and teachers to practice www.speakapps.euand evaluate speaking skills at a distance or beyondthe physical classroom. The activities and toolsprovided in SpeakApps can be used both withinface-to-face courses and as the main speakingactivities for online courses. ´´ Czesc! SV GA NL EN PL Hola! Oral production This project has been funded with support from the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. and interaction in a foreign CA language through online ICT tools
  2. 2. MAIN SPEAKAPPS FEATURES ACTIVITIES AND MATERIALS LEARNING TOOLS A set of activities for oral production and interaction, for A set of tools freely available to download or use within different languages (Catalan, English, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, the platform: Langblog, Videochat, and Tandem. These Oral skills practice and Irish) and levels. Guides for assessment and for tools can be used together, or individually together with try out tools developing new activities. User guides for the tools, as well as other communication tools (e.g Skype). guides for developers who wish to integrate the tools in other virtual environments. Join the speakapps An audioblog for oral production. Makes it easy for community students to make an audio or video recording from the audioblog and fosters interaction amongst students. Bring your Activities students over A videoconferencing tool tailored for the needs of small group work without the presence of the teacher. Its most distinctive features are the absence of moderators, recorder and automatic archiving system of recordings Download Tools within a given environment. useful materials A content manager that facilitates the distribution of Help us to build different but complementary materials to students who are engaged in tasks carried out synchronously. This tool speakapps provide content for tasks designed for oral interaction. Cloud Share your CURRENT SPEAKAPPS PARTNERS knowledge READY TO USE PLATFORM IN OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE COMMUNITY THE CLOUD For teachers who want their students to use these activities, Organised as an open source software materials and tools but do not have or wish to set up the community, all materials, activities and required technological infrastructure and support. tools will be available for download, online use and further development.
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