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SpeakApps - End of project Leaflet
SpeakApps - End of project Leaflet
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SpeakApps - End of project Leaflet


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Oral production andinteraction in a foreignlanguage throughonline ICT toolsSPEAKAPPS PARTNERSUniversitat Oberta de CatalunyaJagiellonian University in KrakowUniversity of GroningenUniversity of JyväskyläDublin City UniversityThis project has been funded with support from the European Commission.All here provided information and documentation reflects the viewsonly of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible forany use which may be made of the information contained therein.Website: www.speakapps.euPlatform: moddle.speakappsTwitter: @speakappsUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)Office of Learning TechnologiesAv. Tibidabo, 43. 08003 Barcelona. SpainTel.: + 34 93 253 23 00Fax: + 34 93 417 64 95Email: speakapps@uoc.eduDo not hesitate, join the SpeakApps community!SpeakApps isA collaboratively-based repository of supportingactivities and methodologies to be carried out inyour classroom.An online platform to access the tools andorganize your virtual classrooms at your wish.A series of free online tools to enhance oral skillsamong your students. Useful both in face-to-facecourses or online courses.A multilingual European project involving 6languages (English, Catalan, Dutch, Irish, Polishand Swedish) and 5 countries (Spain, Netherlands,Ireland, Poland and Finland).Enter our Moodle platform by creating a free accountand try out our tools and methodologies. Tell us whatyou think.The SpeakApps tools are Open Source. Download andinstall. Help us develop further.Visit our Open Educational Resources repository.Browse, download, upload and comment on existingactivities. You can copy and adapt them to your needsusing the OER editor.Join our community and share your ideas andexperiences on language learning, specially related tooral skills, with other teachers.Help us adapt SpeakApps to other languages or evenother learning contexts.There are several ways to start collaborating with us:Collaborate with us!12345
  • 2. 718061 PilotsUsers50Presentations at national andinternational events20 Slides and other documentation available through SlideShare20New participatinginstitutions withinthe project32Teacher training sessions &Online teacher training programmevisits to the website, with morethan 7.000 unique visitors andnearly 27.000 page views25Videos on YouTube,with more than3.000 viewsOpen educational resources (OER)+ Projects, activities and tasks available for all 6 SpeakApps languages.+ Multiple search criteria possibilities: by type, language, tool, CEF level, etc.+ Useful contents for face-to-face, blended and distance learning, whetherusing SpeakApps tools or not.+ Built within a wiki environment, easily allowing contributions, collabora-tions and feedback.Working environment:+ The online environment to access project tools and resources.+ Available in up to 6 languages.SpeakApps Moodle platform:Community+ Twitter: stay up to date and comment about SpeakApps in140 characters.+ Create a group in the SpeakApps platform and share ideas and experiences.+ Technical Support Blogs for every tool and for the platform.A system to allow your students toconduct videochat sessions, record themand archive them in very few clicks.An application for administering materials tostudents engaged in information gap activities inreal time, either inside or outside the classroomA blog with audio and videofunctionalitiesfor practicing oral production and easilyassess your students.+ These tools are available in all 6 SpeakAppslanguages and open to be adapted to many others.+ There are also InfoBlogs available, withuser-guides and pedagogical guides.Tools12.000up toOrganised as an open source software community: all materials, activitiesand tools are available for download, online use and further development.Open Source Software CommunityMorethan